eDNA explained: Unlocking nature"s hidden biodiversity

Environmental DNA—or eDNA for short—is DNA left behind in the environment like fingerprints at a crime scene......»»

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"Dune: Part Two" ending explained: What comes next for Paul and Chani?

"Dune: Part Two" ends on a somber note of holy war, oncoming oppression, and a tragic split between Paul (Timothée Chalamet) and Chani (Zendaya). Explainer. After the tremendous three hours of spice, sandworms, and Sardaukar that is Dune: Part.....»»

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It"s not only opposites that attract: New study shows like-charged particles can come together

"Opposites charges attract; like charges repel" is a fundamental principle of basic physics. But a new study from Oxford University, published today in Nature Nanotechnology, has demonstrated that similarly charged particles in solution can in fact a.....»»

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Hatch watch is underway at a California bald eagle nest monitored by a popular online camera feed

Hatch watch is underway in Southern California mountains. Three bald eagle chicks could emerge this week from eggs laid in a nest monitored by nature lovers via a popular online camera feed......»»

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The hidden driver of the ride-sharing economy

When Greg Buchak was a graduate student at the University of Chicago, Uber and Lyft were just beginning to spread across the country. Since he didn't own a car, he found the ride-sharing apps convenient for short and long trips. Yet as a financial ec.....»»

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Unlocking the mechanism of pineapple internal browning

Internal browning (IB) is a significant post-harvest issue in pineapples, impacting fruit quality and leading to substantial losses, yet its mechanism remains poorly understood. Studies have shown that the accumulation of phenolic compounds plays a k.....»»

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Silencing a gene could lower cholesterol

Durable repression of a gene that has a role in controlling cholesterol levels, achieved without permanent genome editing, has been demonstrated in a mouse study published in Nature this week......»»

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Unlocking the secrets of geraniol: A key to enhanced disease resistance in tea plants

Geraniol contributes to the floral scent of tea (Camellia sinensis) and is abundant in tea plants, yet its biosynthesis and role in stress responses remain unclear......»»

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Novel non-destructive inspection technique reconstructs inner hidden composition and structure of inspection targets

A research group at Chuo University, Japan, led by Assistant Professor Kou Li (Faculty of Science and Engineering), in collaboration with National Institute of Informatics, have developed a novel non-destructive inspection technique by effectively co.....»»

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Counting rays: Aerial surveys reveal ample populations in southeast Florida

The whitespotted eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari) and the giant manta ray (Mobula birostris) are rapidly declining globally. Both species are classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as endangered worldwide, and the giant manta.....»»

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Nature"s sonar: Scientists reveal how Japanese horseshoe bats perceive moving objects

Unlike most animals that rely on visual senses, bats navigate and locate prey or obstacles through echolocation. By emitting sounds and comparing them to the reflected echoes, bats can "visualize" movement in the environment. When sound waves encount.....»»

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Overcrowding increases tree mortality, perhaps explaining higher biodiversity in tropical forests

When a tree is surrounded by many similar individuals, its mortality increases, which is probably caused by specialized pathogens or herbivores. This effect occurs in forests all over the world, but is more pronounced in rare tropical tree species, w.....»»

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Extinctions could result as fish change foraging behavior in response to rising temperatures

Fish are changing how they search for and consume prey in warmer waters, with models suggesting that extinctions will become more likely due to this behavior change, according to a new study published in Nature Climate Change......»»

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New Atomic Stealer malware variant harder to detect in macOS

The Atomic Stealer malware still relies on users installing fake software with a payload hidden in the .dmg file, but it is evolving to get harder to detect.Atomic Stealer infects macOS via illegitimate softwareAtomic Stealer hides in illegitimate so.....»»

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Meta plans to prevent disinformation and AI-generated content from influencing voters

Meta, the company that owns some of the biggest social networks in use today, has explained how it means to tackle disinformation related to the upcoming EU Parliament elections, with a special emphasis on how it plans to treat AI-generated content t.....»»

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Researchers observe the structural heterogeneity of a lipid scramblase

Researchers from Nano Life Science Institute (WPI-NanoLSI), Kanazawa University report in Nature Communications that TMEM16F, a transmembrane protein that facilitates the passive movement of phospholipids and ions across membranes, explores a larger.....»»

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Unlocking the heat in mosquito modeling: Exploring disease transmission under climate change

Thermal adaptation is the ability of organisms to adjust their life history traits as the temperature changes. In the case of mosquitoes, these traits can determine their risk of transmitting mosquito-borne diseases and how this risk might change in.....»»

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Enhancing electrogenerated chemiluminescence of an iridium complex

Electrogenerated chemiluminescence (ECL) cells, characterized by their self-emissive nature, have gathered significant interest for prospective display applications due to their uncomplicated structure and straightforward fabrication process. These c.....»»

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Unlocking the color code: The role of VvBBX44 and VvMYBA1 in regulating grape anthocyanin biosynthesis

Anthocyanins significantly influence grape quality and color, with transcription factors HY5 and MYBA1 playing pivotal roles in their biosynthesis. Recent findings show that VvBBX44, a B-box protein, inhibits anthocyanin production in grapes by suppr.....»»

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Unlocking the potential of protease inhibitors for enhanced pest resistance in tea plants

Protease inhibitors are a promising strategy for enhancing herbivore resistance in plants, which is crucial for addressing the significant yield losses in crops such as tea plants due to insect herbivores. Serine protease inhibitors (SERPIN) are one.....»»

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Apple blocking web apps in Europe looks set to lead to antitrust investigation

We first spotted signs of Apple blocking web apps in iOS 17.4 within Europe, a move which was later confirmed and explained by the company. But while Apple argues that it made the move in order to comply with antitrust legislation, it may instead.....»»

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