Elements Lux tiles by Ceramiche Keope

Dezeen Showroom: Italian tile brand Ceramiche Keope has added two new colours to its Elements Lux tile collection, which combine pure white backgrounds with marble-like veining. Read more Dezeen Showroom: Italian tile brand Ceramiche Keope h.....»»

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Leaks from Valve’s Deadlock look like a pressed sandwich of every game around

Is there something new underneath a whole bunch of familiar game elements? Enlarge / Valve has its own canon of games full of artifacts and concepts worth emulating, as seen in a 2018 tour of its offices. (credit: Sam Machkovech).....»»

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Exploring interface phenomena for more durable and effective nickel–tungsten alloys

Alloying is a key process in creating new materials. By combining metals with desirable traits, scientists can produce alloys with suitable properties. For example, stainless steel, formed by combining iron with chromium, nickel, and other elements i.....»»

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Researchers identify nutrient enrichment driven by canopy rainfall redistribution

Precipitation deeply couples with nutrient cycling through its interactions with atmospheric deposition and canopy interception, which alters its own chemical properties. Throughfall and stemflow carry numerous elements into the soil, not only affect.....»»

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Researchers elucidate ultrafast laser-induced solid-to-overdense-plasma transitions

The interaction of solids with high-intensity ultra-short laser pulses has enabled major technological breakthroughs over the past half-century. On the one hand, laser ablation of solids offers micromachining and miniaturization of elements in medica.....»»

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Novel hybrid scheme speeds the way to simulating nuclear reactions on quantum computers

The nuclear reactions that power the stars and forge the elements emerge from the interactions of the quantum mechanical particles, protons and neutrons. Explaining these processes is one of the most challenging unsolved problems in computational phy.....»»

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RenAIssance: How Apple will drag Siri into the modern era

Apple's digital assistant Siri is poised to receive a considerable upgrade in the near future, involving an awful lot of generative AI and machine learning changes.Siri already has AI elements, but it can be betterSiri was once considered a great int.....»»

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Astronomers propose a new stellar theory to explain the origin of phosphorus

Astronomers have proposed a new theory to explain the origin of phosphorus, one of the elements important for life on Earth. The theory suggests a type of stellar explosion known as "ONe novae" as a major source of phosphorus......»»

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First Dream Chaser spaceplane needs more work when it gets to launch site

The rest of Dream Chaser's heat shield tiles will be installed at Kennedy Space Center. Enlarge / Sierra Space's Dream Chaser spaceplane inside a NASA test chamber in Ohio. (credit: Sierra Space) There is still some work.....»»

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Windows 11 may bring Live Tiles back from the dead — sort of

Start Menu Companions seem to behave like the now discontinued Live TIles feature from Windows 8......»»

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Get up to $3,000 off Samsung’s ‘Terrace’ outdoor TVs

The Samsung The Terrace QLED 4K TV, an outdoor TV that's designed to withstand the elements, is currently on sale from Samsung with discounts of up to $3,000......»»

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5 Key Elements of a Successful Project Plan

 Intro: Forgetting or neglecting an essential element of a project plan can cause the whole thing to derail. For those on the cusp of launching something big, here are the key pillars you need to be laser focused on and set firmly in place, so the w.....»»

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Researchers establish commercially viable process for manufacturing with promising new class of metals

Nanostructured high entropy alloys—metals made from a chaotic mix of several different elements—show a lot of promise for use in industries such as aerospace and automotive because of their strength and stability at high temperatures compared wit.....»»

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Collaboration identifies rare nuclear decay in long-lived potassium isotope

Some nuclei of certain elements decay radioactively into nuclei of different elements. These decays can be useful or annoying depending on the context. This is especially true for potassium-40. This isotope usually decays to calcium-40, but about 10%.....»»

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Mobile genetic elements can inadvertently suppress bacterial immune systems, research reveals

Bacterial restriction-modification systems are responsible for protecting cells from foreign genetic material, for example, bacteriophages and plasmids. Immune systems require strict regulation, as bacteria, like humans, can have autoimmune reactions.....»»

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Adobe Express mobile app for iOS ships with Firefly generative AI smarts

The Adobe Express mobile app is now out of beta, with iOS Creative Cloud users now able to access the design tool with Firefly generative AI elements.Adobe Express on iPhone gets FireflyAdobe Express is the creative suite's simplified design tool tha.....»»

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Global study reveals health impacts of airborne trace elements

As anyone with seasonal allergies knows, unseen airborne particles can really wreck a person's day. Like the tree pollen that might be plaguing you this spring, small concentrations of trace elements in the air can have significant negative impacts o.....»»

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The XPS 16 is fighting an uphill battle against the MacBook Pro

The Dell XPS 16 is an excellent laptop, albeit with some controversial design elements. But the Apple MacBook Pro 16 won't be taken down easily......»»

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Researchers find cryptic genetic element in the human gut that could serve as a sensitive biomarker

A component of the human intestinal flora that has been little studied to date is the focus of a new study from Germany. Plasmids are small extrachromosomal genetic elements that frequently occur in bacterial cells and can influence microbial lifesty.....»»

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Why figuring out how potassium is destroyed in stars is important to understanding the universe

If you want to know where elements come from, look to the stars. Almost every element heavier than helium is formed through nuclear reactions in stars. But which stellar processes are responsible for these elements? Can we find patterns in how much o.....»»

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A supernova caused the BOAT gamma ray burst, JWST data confirms

But astronomers puzzled by the lack of signatures of expected heavy elements. Enlarge / Artist's visualization of GRB 221009A showing the narrow relativistic jets—emerging from a central black hole—that gave rise to the brig.....»»

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