Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions hit record levels in 2023: IEA

Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose to a record level in 2023, but the growth slowed from previous years thanks to continued expansion of clean technologies, the International Energy Agency said Friday......»»

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How creating less-gassy cows could help fight climate change

A Curtin University study has revealed breeding less-flatulent cows and restoring agricultural land could significantly reduce rising methane emission levels, which play a considerable role in climate change......»»

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A new electrochemical approach could reduce ocean acidity and remove carbon in the process

In the effort to combat the catastrophic impacts of global warming, we must accelerate carbon emissions reduction efforts and rapidly scale strategies to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and the oceans. The technologies for reducing ou.....»»

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Lakes worldwide are facing a slew of health issues that may become chronic

Like humans, lakes are living systems that can suffer from a number of health issues, including circulatory and respiratory problems, infections, nutritional imbalances, and heat-related illnesses. Without treatment, these conditions can become chron.....»»

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From the coast to the deep sea, changing oxygen levels affect marine life in different ways

Earth's atmosphere maintains a constant level of oxygen, whether it is a wintry, rainy day or hot summer. Across the ocean, oxygen concentrations vary enormously between different places and over time. Sometimes oxygen levels change within the course.....»»

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Fisker appoints chief restructuring officer after missing payment to noteholder

Fisker said in its 2023 annual report that it may have to file for bankruptcy protection within 30 days if it does not get relief from its creditors. A forbearance agreement with one noteholder expires May 1......»»

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Light-activated materials perform well in treatment of textile effluent

Photoelectrochemical processes have been considered sustainable alternatives for the remediation of water contaminated by domestic or industrial effluents. Simply put, the strategy consists of using solar energy to degrade organic pollutants......»»

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The big quantum chill: Scientists modify common lab refrigerator to cool faster with less energy

By modifying a refrigerator commonly used in both research and industry, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have drastically reduced the time and energy required to cool materials to within a few degrees above ab.....»»

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Vastly bigger than the Black Summer: 84 million hectares of northern Australia burned in 2023

It may come as a surprise to hear 2023 was Australia's biggest bushfire season in more than a decade. Fires burned across an area eight times as big as the 2019–20 Black Summer bushfires that tore through 10 million hectares in southeast Australia......»»

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Manipulating the geometry of the "electron universe" in magnets

Researchers at Tohoku University and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency have developed fundamental experiments and theories to manipulate the geometry of the "electron universe," which describes the structure of electronic quantum states in a manner math.....»»

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State"s new law involving Puget Sound Energy aspires to set a course for the future

Over the past couple of years, Washington lawmakers have wrestled with a daunting task......»»

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Laser-treated cork absorbs oil for carbon-neutral ocean cleanup

Oil spills are deadly disasters for ocean ecosystems. They can have lasting impacts on fish and marine mammals for decades and wreak havoc on coastal forests, coral reefs, and the surrounding land. Chemical dispersants are often used to break down oi.....»»

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Record electron temperatures for a small-scale, sheared-flow-stabilized Z-pinch fusion device achieved

In the nine decades since humans first produced fusion reactions, only a few fusion technologies have demonstrated the ability to make a thermal fusion plasma with electron temperatures hotter than 10 million degrees Celsius, roughly the temperature.....»»

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Researchers report on mechanisms of gene regulatory divergence between species

Closely related animal species can look physically different, but you might be surprised to learn that those differences can result not only from DNA sequence changes that alter proteins' structure or function, but also because changes in the DNA aff.....»»

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Study shows it"s not too late to save the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

New research has found a "missing piece of the puzzle" of West Antarctic Ice Sheet melt, revealing that the collapse of the ice sheet in the Ross Sea region can be prevented—if we keep to a low-emissions pathway......»»

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Scientists stencil-paint carbon nanotube components for flexible transparent electronics

Researchers from Skoltech, MIPT, and elsewhere have found a fast and inexpensive way to create geometric patterns in carbon nanotube films. The resulting films turned out to have superior properties for manufacturing components for 6G communication d.....»»

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GM posts higher Q1 profit, ups 2024 financial guidance

GM said it raised its full-year earnings guidance and set a first-quarter record for North American revenue......»»

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One of 2023’s best indie games is getting a movie starring LaKeith Stanfield

Di Bonaventure Pictures and LaKeith Stanfield are working on a film adaptation of 2023's excellent horror action indie game El Paso, Elsewhere......»»

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Ford Mustang Mach-E 2024 vs. Mach-E 2023: What’s new in Ford’s electric Mustang?

The Mustang Mach-E is getting some upgrades for 2024 -- but how does the 2024 model compare with the 2023 Mustang Mach-E?.....»»

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Feedback loop that is melting ice shelves in West Antarctica revealed

New research has uncovered a feedback loop that may be accelerating the melting of the floating portions of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, pushing up global sea levels......»»

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MITRE breached by nation-state threat actor via Ivanti zero-days

MITRE has been breached by attackers via two zero-day vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-46805, CVE-2024-21887) in Ivanti’s Connect Secure VPN devices. The attackers have also managed to move laterally and compromise the company network’s VMware i.....»»

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