Engineering customizable bio-adhesives for personalized medical repair

Traditional medical adhesives used in surgical applications often have limited bio-absorbability, high toxicity and a lack of customizability, leading to suboptimal surgical outcomes. Recent advances in synthetic biology offer a promising alternative.....»»

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New York City ranks safest among big US cities for gun violence, new research reveals

New York City ranks in the top 15% safest of more than 800 U.S. cities, according to a pioneering new analysis from researchers at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, suggesting the effectiveness of the city's efforts to mitigate homicides there......»»

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Investigating cell killers: An advanced system for size-dependent cytotoxicity analysis of silica

Metal nanomaterials have become an indispensable part of industrial and medical fields due to their unique and versatile properties. Their size, which imparts them with the desired physiochemical properties, is also the reason for environmental and h.....»»

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1 Thing We"re Talking About: Targeting young people for collision repair careers

The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair — I-CAR for short — has a new digital advertising campaign to lure young people to consider a career in the industry. It is estimated that 100,000 skilled collision repair technicians are cur.....»»

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With space travel comes motion sickness. These engineers want to help

In a corner room of the Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building at CU Boulder, Torin Clark is about to go for a ride......»»

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Molecular mechanism of transmembrane bilirubin transport by human ABCC2 transporter revealed

The metabolic process of bilirubin has been a focus of medical research since the abnormal accumulation of bilirubin has been found to be associated with a variety of diseases. Bilirubin is a substance produced by the breakdown of aging or damaged re.....»»

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Apple’s self service repair program now includes M3 MacBook Pro and iMac

Apple today expanded its Self Service Repair Program to include the latest Mac models, the M3 MacBook Pro and M3 iMac introduced in October 2023. This allows customers to order Apple-certified parts and conduct repairs on these machines themselves, w.....»»

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Apple Music launches new personal ‘Heavy Rotation’ mix, updated daily

Apple Music has launched a new personalized playlist feature today, with users noticing a new ‘Heavy Rotation’ mix in their Made for You section. Heavy Rotation features the songs you are listening to a lot, and the mix is a great way to blast.....»»

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Apple"s Self Service Repair expanding to M3 Macs

New support documents suggest Apple's Self Service Repair program will soon expand to M3-equipped iMacs and MacBooks.Apple Self Service RepairThe Self Service Repair program launched in 2022 for iPhones then expanded to select Macs in 2023. While eve.....»»

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Novel non-destructive inspection technique reconstructs inner hidden composition and structure of inspection targets

A research group at Chuo University, Japan, led by Assistant Professor Kou Li (Faculty of Science and Engineering), in collaboration with National Institute of Informatics, have developed a novel non-destructive inspection technique by effectively co.....»»

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Researchers develop world-leading microwave photonics chip for high-speed signal processing

A research team led by Professor Wang Cheng from the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) at City University of Hong Kong (CityUHK) has developed a world-leading microwave photonic chip that is capable of performing ultrafast analog electronic s.....»»

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Korean researchers create an electrostatic environment that simulates the moon"s surface

Continuous research is being conducted globally on using the moon as an advanced base for deep space exploration, and Korea is no exception in these efforts. The Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) successfully impleme.....»»

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New molecules, inspired by space shuttles, advance lipid nanoparticle delivery for weight control

Inspired by the design of space shuttles, Penn Engineering researchers have invented a new way to synthesize a key component of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), the revolutionary delivery vehicle for mRNA treatments including the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moder.....»»

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Accelerator-on-a-chip advance steers and accelerates electrons at the microchip scale

Stanford researchers are getting closer to building a tiny electron accelerator based on "accelerator-on-a-chip" technology with broad potential applications in studying physics as well as medical and industrial uses......»»

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Silicon Valley EV startup plans $10M engineering center in Southeast Michigan

Electric vehicle startup Lucid Motors is planning to invest $10 million and create 250 jobs at a new engineering research and development center in metro Detroit......»»

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Generative AI can accelerate study time, research shows

Time plays a crucial role in higher education learning and influences learning progress and the achievement of academic goals. Shortening learning time through AI-supported, personalized approaches can help to reduce drop-out rates and increase enrol.....»»

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New technique for sorting micro-particles uses sound waves

Thanks to the rapid progress in tiny tech, we've been mainly using microfluidics to sort tiny particles by size. But now, there's a new way to sort them by shape, which could be a big deal for medical tests and chemistry. A recent study introduces a.....»»

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How to fix joystick drift on a PS5 controller

If you're noticing issues with your DualSense joysticks, there are a few methods you can try to repair it yourself. Here's how to fix joystick drift on PS5......»»

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Starving mosquitoes for science

Researcher Jiayue (Gabriel) Yan is part of the Medical Entomology Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His recent study appears in Communications Biology. In this article, he describes his work......»»

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Stem cells "migrate" to repair damaged lung cells, study shows

A new Yale-led study has found that stem cells migrate to help repair damaged lung cells caused by injuries such as viral or bacterial infections......»»

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Neanderthals" usage of complex adhesives reveals higher cognitive abilities, scientists discover

Neanderthals created stone tools held together by a multi-component adhesive, a team of scientists has discovered. Its findings, which are the earliest evidence of a complex adhesive in Europe, suggest these predecessors to modern humans had a higher.....»»

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