Eskew Dumez Ripple designs courtyard pavilion for Burden Center in Baton Rouge

New Orleans architecture studio Eskew Dumez Ripple has unveiled plans for a welcome centre at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge that will feature a sloped roof, glass walls and a sunken central courtyard. Read more New Orleans archit.....»»

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Inside Apple Pacific Center: Vancouver"s gorgeous store

Apple Pacific Center is the company's first flagship store in Canada, and its unique design blurs the line between what's inside and outside the building.Apple Pacific Center, VancouverApple originally opened a store in Vancouver's Pacific Center bac.....»»

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Viewpoint: Migrants traveling through Mexico to the US follow news of dangers—but are not deterred

The world awoke one morning in late March 2023 to the news that at least 38 Central and South American migrants had died in a fire in a migrant detention center in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico......»»

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Oppo Find N2 review: Beautiful hardware that Android just can’t deal with

Square-screened Android devices don't play well with the app ecosystem. Enlarge / The inner display of the Oppo Find N2. (credit: Ron Amadeo) One of the more interesting designs we've seen in the wild world of foldable.....»»

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Mysterious dashes revealed in Milky Way"s center

An international team of astrophysicists has discovered something wholly new, hidden in the center of the Milky Way galaxy......»»

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Honor fuels IC design speculations with new Shanghai R&D center

The in-house chip development programs of leading Chinese smartphone makers has been under spotlight. On May 31st, Huawei-spinoff smartphone brand Honor set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Honor Smart Technology Development Co. (temporary trans.....»»

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Intel plans data center lab in South Korea

According to South Korean media Businesskorea, Intel is planning to establish a lab dedicated to data center development in Seoul, South Korea. The company will collaborate with Korean storage manufacturers Samsung and SK Hynix to research server mem.....»»

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Anker launches new and more affordable 100W USB-C Charger alongside 30W adapter [Deal]

Anker today is launching a new pair of USB-C chargers at the lower end of its lineup. Both the new and 30W wall adapters arrive with designs that strike a better balance between must-have features and than many of its other higher-end solutions. N.....»»

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Google Assistant kills off support for third-party note apps

The Google Assistant continues to circle the drain, with yet another feature loss. Enlarge / The lettering "Hey Google" on the Google pavilion at the CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas in 2018. These words activate Goog.....»»

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Android and Wear OS are about to bunch of new features

Google has announced a bunch of updates that they will be pushing out to Android and Wear OS devices, so here’s what you can look forward to. New smartphone designs and new hardware features are reasons to get excited over technology, b.....»»

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iTunes on Windows security flaw allows unauthorized access & data manipulation

Researchers have found a vulnerability in iTunes for Windows that lets users escalate system privileges, and Windows users should update the app.iTunes on Windows has a security flawIn late 2022, the Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC) disc.....»»

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Ars Frontiers recap: What happens to developers when AI can code?

Computers won't put us all out of a job—not yet, at least. Our second AI panel of the day, featuring Georgetown University's Drew Lohn (center) and Luta Security CEO Katie Moussouris (right). Skip to 3:01:12 if the link doesn't tak.....»»

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Garmin challenges the Apple Watch Ultra with new smartwatches

Garmin has announced a new lineup of watches, and their rugged designs and extensive features could make them a serious rival to the Apple Watch Ultra.The Apple Watch Ultra is Apple's latest premium wearable, engineered for intensive activities in ru.....»»

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Mirantis Lens Control Center simplifies secure Kubernetes deployments

Mirantis announced Lens Control Center, to enable large businesses to centrally manage Lens Pro deployments by standardizing configurations, consolidating billing, and enabling control over outbound network connections for greater security. Over 1 mi.....»»

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mRNA technology for vaccines and more: An Ars Frontiers recap

The tech has lots of applications beyond the one we've already been injected with. Enlarge / On May 22, John Timmer (left) moderated a panel featuring Karin Bok (center) and Nathaniel Wang (right) for the Ars Frontiers 2023 sessi.....»»

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It’s prison day for Elizabeth Holmes; 11-year sentence has begun in Texas

Elizabeth Holmes arrived at the minimum-security prison camp in Bryan, Texas. Enlarge / Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos Inc., center, arrives at Federal Prison Camp Bryan in Bryan, Texas, US, on Tuesday, May 30, 2023. (cred.....»»

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OpenAI execs warn of “risk of extinction” from artificial intelligence in new open letter

Strategically vague statement on AI risk prompts critics' response. Enlarge / An AI-generated image of "AI taking over the world." (credit: Stable Diffusion) On Tuesday, the Center for AI Safety (CAIS) released a single-.....»»

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Elizabeth Holmes has reported to prison in Texas to start her 11-year sentence

Elizabeth Holmes arrived at the minimum-security prison camp in Bryan, Texas. Enlarge / Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos Inc., center, arrives at Federal Prison Camp Bryan in Bryan, Texas, US, on Tuesday, May 30, 2023. Holme.....»»

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AI study finds the habit of continuous study was more widespread during lockdown

According to a study by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), the Eurecat technology center and the Autonomous University of Madrid, published in PLOS ONE, students worked more continuously during the pandemic, which led to an improvement in the.....»»

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Nvidia wins US$223 million subsidy from Taiwan to set up AI R&D center

Nvidia has become the second American multinational semiconductor company to receive subsidies from the "Pilot Enterprise R&D Deep Dive Program" launched by the Department of Industrial Technology (DOIT) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).....»»

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TSMC seen as driving force behind recent AMD, Nvidia rise

TSMC is widely regarded as the driving force behind AMD and Nvidia's recent success in eroding Intel's share of the data center processor market......»»

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