FluBot banking malware is spreading like wildfire over SMS

The FluBot malware is once again being distributed by text messages to Android smartphones in Finland......»»

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This dangerous malware can even survive a drive reformatting

The only way to remove MoonBounce malware is to replace the motherboard, or re-flash SPI memory......»»

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Making Central Bank Digital Currencies bulletproof with business process intelligence

Accelerating the growth of Central Bank Digital Currencies offers the possibility for a foolproof payment and banking system of the future. Accelerating the growth of Central Bank Digital Currencies offers the possibility for a foolproof payment.....»»

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Google Drive starts warning users about suspicious files

Google has announced on Thursday that it has started warning users when they open potentially suspicious or dangerous files hosted on Google Drive. “We will display a warning banner to help protect [users] and their organization from malware, p.....»»

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Google Hires PayPal Vet to Reset Strategy After Its Banking Retreat

Alphabet's Google has hired former PayPal executive Arnold Goldberg to run its payments division and set a new course for the business after it scrapped a push into banking. Bloomberg reports: The move is part of a broader strategy to team up with a.....»»

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Google Pay resets strategy again with new leader, might get into crypto

After a botched app rollout, employee exodus, and canceled banking plans, now what? Enlarge / Google Pay continues to circle the drain. (credit: Aurich Lawson / Ars Technica) Google is bringing on a new executive who it hopes.....»»

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Apple says proposed antitrust bills would make iPhone users the targets of ‘malware, ransomware, and scams’

Just earlier today, a report detailed how Apple CEO Tim Cook has been personally lobbying members of the Senate Judiciary Committee as antitrust legislation looms in the United States. Now, Apple has fired back in a new letter sent to Senators Dick.....»»

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SysJoker shows that even Mac malware runs natively on M1 Macs now

We may still be waiting for some developers to update their apps to run natively on M1 Macs, but the developer of SysJoker Mac malware is already on the case. Security researcher Patrick Wardle points to what he says is the first Mac malware of 202.....»»

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US plans $50B wildfire fight where forests meet suburbia

The Biden administration plans to significantly expand efforts to stave off catastrophic wildfires that have torched areas of the U.S. West by more aggressively thinning forests around areas called "hotspots" where nature and neighborhoods collide......»»

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Linux Malware Sees 35% Growth During 2021

The number of malware infections targeting Linux devices rose by 35% in 2021, most commonly to recruit IoT devices for DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. BleepingComputer reports: A Crowdstrike report looking into the attack data from 2021.....»»

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Omicron Surge Shows Signs of Easing in States Hit Early by the Fast-spreading Variant

Following weeks of soaring infections, the latest Covid surge is showing signs of slowing in a handful of areas hit earliest by the omicron variant -- offering a glimmer of hope that this wave is starting to ease. From a report: The U.S. has reported.....»»

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Malware targeting Linux systems hit a new high in 2021

IoT and cloud growth paints a huge target on Linux's back......»»

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Microsoft Detects Lurking Malware On Ukrainian Computers

"Microsoft warned on Saturday evening that it had detected a highly destructive form of malware in dozens of government and private computer networks in Ukraine," reports the New York Times, "that appeared to be waiting to be triggered by an unknown.....»»

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Backdoor RAT for Windows, macOS, and Linux went undetected until now

Never-before-seen, cross-platform SysJoker came from an "advanced threat actor." Enlarge (credit: Jeremy Brooks / Flickr) Researchers have uncovered a never-before-seen backdoor malware written from scratch for systems running.....»»

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Microsoft discloses malware attack on Ukraine govt networks

In this undated handout photo released by Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Press Service, the building of Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is seen during snowfall in Kyiv, Ukraine. Ukrainian officials and media reports say a number of government websites in Ukra.....»»

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Bird flu outbreak claims over 500,000 chickens in Burkina Faso

At least half a million chickens have been either killed by a bird flu outbreak in Burkina Faso or culled to prevent the virus spreading, the West African country announced Saturday......»»

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Cloud apps were the biggest source of malware in 2021

Cloud storage apps such as Google Drive are being constantly abused to deliver malicious payloads to unsuspecting victims......»»

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Raspberry Pi Can Detect Malware By Scanning For Electromagnetic Waves

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: A team of researchers at France's Research Institute of Computer Science and Random Systems created an anti-malware system centered around a Raspberry Pi that scans devices for electromagnetic waves......»»

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Chrome Will Limit Access To Private Networks, Citing Security Reasons

Google says that its Chrome browser will soon block internet websites from querying and interacting with devices and servers located inside local private networks, citing security reasons and past abuse from malware operations. From a report: The cha.....»»

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Installing gaming drivers might leave your PC vulnerable to cyberattacks

Threat actors are using a technique called Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver to infect Windows PCs with malware......»»

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Omicron May Infect Half of Europeans Within Weeks, WHO Says

Image Credit:CIPhotos via Getty Images More than half of Europe's population could become infected with omicron within weeks at current transmission speeds, a World Health Organization official said.The fast-spreading variant represents a "west-.....»»

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