Foxlink to see revenue boost from offshore wind projects: shareholder meeting

Foxlink (or Cheng Uei Precision Industry) is looking at the same revenue numbers as 2022, but with better gross margin and gross profit. It is also increasing its non-China-based production to up to 20% in the coming three years, said Tai-Chiang "T.C.....»»

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Eddy Cue believes Apple can reinvent sports broadcasting with Apple TV+

Apple's move into live sports broadcasting is a strategic play to diversify its revenue and engage a broader audience, and it's been primarily driven by executive Eddy Cue.Apple exec talks sports in new interviewEddy Cue, a longtime Apple executive a.....»»

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Unity makes major changes to controversial install-fee program

No fees for Personal tier or old/current projects, new 2.5% revenue cap, and more. Enlarge / Unity is hoping you will see this logo in a better light after today. Unity has made major changes to the per-install Runtime.....»»

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Experience The Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023 Factory Safari

This year, Maker Faire Shenzhen has an insightful tour of local manufacturing facilities and it looks like it will be incredible! The post Experience The Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023 Factory Safari appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Ma.....»»

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Was the freak "medicane" storm that devastated Libya a glimpse of North Africa"s future?

Storm Daniel landed on the Libyan coastal town of Toukrah in the early hours of September 10 and started moving east. Soon the wind was rising and heavy rain falling, forcing people to stay indoors. By afternoon the rain was clearly out of the ordina.....»»

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Study analyzes strategies for airlines to boost on-time performance

Airlines have long competed to enhance their on-time performance, and new research from the University at Buffalo School of Management reveals the most effective strategies for improving rankings in this key indicator of punctuality and service relia.....»»

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Gold nanoclusters can improve electrochemical water splitting to produce hydrogen

As energy demand continues to rise, research into new, efficient renewable and clean energy sources is an urgent priority. Currently, renewable energy sources like solar, wind, tide, and geothermal make up less than 40% of the current energy demand......»»

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Re-wetting is key for boosting carbon dioxide storage in southern peatlands, finds study

Maintaining a water level between 20 and 30 centimeters below the local water table will boost southern peatlands' carbon storage and reduce the amount of climate-warming carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane they release back into the atmosphere during d.....»»

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Review: Monokei Standard Keyboard

We took the Monokei Standard for a test drive. Join us while we share our thoughts. The post Review: Monokei Standard Keyboard appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Traffic tickets can be profitable, and fairness isn"t the bottom line in city courts where judges impose the fines

When city governments spend more money than they take in, officials often search for ways to generate revenue. One increasingly common source of money is traffic tickets. And research shows police officers issue more traffic tickets when cities are f.....»»

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Using "spent" coffee and tea to boost shelf life and nutritional value of cakes

On a crisp fall afternoon, there are few pairings better than a hot beverage and a sweet pastry. But what if you could use the left-over tea leaves or coffee grounds from the drink to make that tasty treat a healthier one, too? Researchers reporting.....»»

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Amazon’s Eero Max 7 router is ridiculously expensive

Amazon's new Eero Max 7 router promises a huge boost in speeds, but it comes in at an insane price that many won't be able to afford......»»

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Wing Security releases SaaS protection tier for mid-market companies

Wing Security launched its new SSPM for Compliance tier, enabling midmarket companies to adopt SaaS solutions while meeting a base level of security required by compliance frameworks. Customers who are seeking a comprehensive 24×7 posture manage.....»»

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Renewable energy is now cheap—what’s next?

Ars will be at the UN's Climate Week to help find out—watch live. Enlarge (credit: wera Rodsawang) A decade ago, our present renewable energy situation was unimaginable. Most projections had wind and solar as niche.....»»

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Reviewers say there"s no need to upgrade to Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2

Across all of the first reviews of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, both models are praised, their new features are welcomed, but neither has enough to warrant upgrading.The new Apple Watch brings a performance boost and greater Find.....»»

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WhatsApp adds rival in-app payment options in India commerce push

WhatsApp said on Wednesday that it will offer credit card payments and services from rival digital payment providers within its app in India, the latest bet by the Meta-owned service to boost commerce offerings in its biggest market......»»

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Security concerns and outages elevate observability from IT niche to business essential

Enterprises that leverage observability increase operational efficiency and grow revenue, according to SolarWinds. The report explores how enterprises can act proactively to maximise the advantages of their observability solutions, integrate best pra.....»»

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Environmental assessments should factor in ecological connectivity, say researchers

There is a growing call among researchers, funding bodies and developers to integrate considerations of ecological connectivity in environmental assessments (EAs) of proposed development projects. This refers to the degree to which a natural landscap.....»»

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Shops and restaurants can help blur class lines, but interactions may not be meaningful enough to boost social mobility

"Titanic," James Cameron's 1997 multi-Oscar-winning movie, focused on the tragic love story of itinerant artist Jack and upper-class socialite Rose. Among their other on-board adventures, they dined in the first-class section of the ship before joini.....»»

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Projects provide fresh insights into what it takes for communities to accept different religious and world views

Ann Trappers harnessed a shock in her native Belgium to help heal social wounds across Europe......»»

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Quick Hacks And Upgrades Give Old Printers A New Speed

A quick firmware update, or a cheap accessory can breathe new life into those aging 3D Printers. Speed will change your world. The post Quick Hacks And Upgrades Give Old Printers A New Speed appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.....»»

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