Fractal photonic anomalous Floquet topological insulators to generate multiple quantum chiral edge states

An anomalous Floquet topological insulator (AFTI) is a periodically driven topological insulator (TI with nonzero winding numbers to support topological edge modes, though its standard topological invariants like Chern numbers are zero......»»

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Apple"s 2024 iPad & iPhone chip plan has been detailed in a new leak

A low-profile leaker with a very good track record has spelled out what they believe to be Apple's entire iPad chip plan and what chips they expect to see in the iPhone 16.Using iPad Pro and Apple PencilThe data spans multiple posts and products. Det.....»»

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Scientists make nanoparticles dance to unravel quantum limits

The question of where the boundary between classical and quantum physics lies is one of the longest-standing pursuits of modern scientific research, and in new research published today, scientists demonstrate a novel platform that could help us find.....»»

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Cutting-edge tracking technology proves Australian whale shark tourism leads the world

Using technology akin to a "fitbit" for sharks, a team of researchers has tagged and tracked whale sharks to study the effects of tourism at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia for the first time. In a resounding endorsement of local tourism practices.....»»

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Parents, wealth, race drive girls" chances to play sports

The likelihood that a girl will participate in high school sports in the United States is driven not so much by individual choice, new research suggests. Instead, decisions made by parents, the wealth of one's family and community, and racial dynamic.....»»

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Adobe’s New AI Tools are Designed for Easier Audio Production

Known as "Project Music GenAI Control," the software allows creators to generate music from text prompts. The post Adobe’s New AI Tools are Designed for Easier Audio Production appeared first on Phandroid. As AI continues to grow and.....»»

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T-Mobile expands 5G home internet to Puerto Rico

T-Mobile has been a leader in 5G home internet over the last few years. Now alongside availability to tens of millions of homes in the contiguous 48 states, T-Mobile 5G home internet has launched in the US territory of Puerto Rico. more….....»»

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Radio waves can tune up bacteria to become life-saving medicines

Scientists from Australia and the United States have found a new way to alter the DNA of bacterial cells—a process used to make many vital medicines including insulin—much more efficiently than standard industry techniques......»»

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Printing the future: Tailoring chemistry for inorganic 3D micro-optics

In a recent publication in the journal Trends in Chemistry, researchers from the University of Twente delve into the potential of 3D printing ceramics in micro-optics. These tiny ceramic structures can potentially be used to generate light and store.....»»

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Resonant tunneling: A possible way to probe the minimum length using atomic systems

A research team led by Prof. Dr. Yang Yong from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed a remarkable quantum tunneling phenomenon across double potential barriers. They found that quantum tunneling is.....»»

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When the music changes, so does the dance: Controlling cooperative electronic states in kagome metals

Playing a different soundtrack is, physically speaking, only a minute change of the vibration spectrum, yet its impact on a dance floor is dramatic. People long for this tiny trigger, and as a salsa changes to a tango completely different collective.....»»

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How to fast travel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

You can fast travel to various spots all across Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's multiple regions, but there are some limitations that you should know about......»»

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$30 doorbell cameras have multiple serious security flaws, says Consumer Reports

Models still widely available on e-commerce sites after issues reported. Enlarge / Consumer Reports' investigation suggests that, should this delivery person press and hold the bell button and then pair using Eken's app, he could.....»»

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From edge of extinction to Australia"s croc "paradise"

If you want a snappy death, one expert's advice is to leap into a river near the Australian city of Darwin—within minutes, you'll be in the jaws of one of the hundreds of crocodiles that stalk its murky waters......»»

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How to make a contact group on an iPhone to message multiple people

Making a contact group on your iPhone lets you quickly message multiple people. Here's how the unique feature works, along with tips on managing your group......»»

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Better air quality is linked to reduced suicide rates, study finds

Researchers in the United States and China have discovered a curious link between air pollution and suicide rates that prompts us to reconsider how to approach this issue. China's efforts to reduce air pollution have prevented 46,000 suicide deaths i.....»»

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Researchers develop world-leading microwave photonics chip for high-speed signal processing

A research team led by Professor Wang Cheng from the Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) at City University of Hong Kong (CityUHK) has developed a world-leading microwave photonic chip that is capable of performing ultrafast analog electronic s.....»»

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Nottingham Forest vs Man United live stream: Can you watch for free?

Manchester United take on Nottingham Forest for a spot in the FA Cup quarterfinals today. Here's how to watch a live stream of the match in the United States......»»

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Tsunami on the plains: Researchers find that sea waves once swept Canadian Prairie Provinces

Hundreds of millions of years ago, an earthquake sent a series of massive waves across the ancient sea that covered part of Western Canada and the northern United States......»»

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Imminent DOJ antitrust case against Apple is in final pre-filing phase -- probably

The United States Department of Justice seems to be in its final stages before filing an antitrust suit against Apple.United States Department of JusticeIt has been a long and winding road if you've been following the DOJ's probe into Apple's busines.....»»

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Lake bottom testing shows plastics migrating down into sediment layers

A team of environmentalists, geographers and ecologists affiliated with several institutions in Europe has found that microplastics have migrated into multiple sediment layers in three lakes in Latvia. In their study, published in the journal Science.....»»

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