Gallic acid and stretching decrease osteoarthritis markers in cartilage cells

Researchers used gallic acid, an antioxidant found in gallnuts, green tea and other plants, and applied a stretching mechanism to human cartilage cells taken from arthritic knees that mimics the stretching that occurs when walking. The combination no.....»»

Category: biomedSource:  sciencedailyDec 22nd, 2021

Developing wet circuits for biology research

You don't have to be an engineer to know that water and electronics don't mix. But if you want to use a sensing circuit to study small-scale features in a community of cells, the electronics must find a way to accommodate the cell's aqueous environme.....»»

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Three chaperones coordinate the breakup of amyloid fibrils in yeast

In a finding that has important ramifications for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, RIKEN researchers have discovered how three chaperone molecules in yeast cells work together to break up beta-sheet-rich fibrillar protein aggr.....»»

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Electrode design paves way for better biofuel cells, electrochemical devices

Enzyme electrodes are useful in a range of applications, including biosensing systems and electrochemical devices. Biofuel cells (BFCs) are especially promising candidates for powering a variety of bioelectronic devices by converting biochemical ener.....»»

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Secret to treating "Achilles" heel" of perovskite alternatives to silicon solar panels revealed

A team of researchers from the UK and Japan has found that the tiny defects which limit the efficiency of perovskites—cheaper alternative materials for solar cells—are also responsible for structural changes in the material that lead to degradati.....»»

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Protein nanoclusters protect cells from stressful forces, and diseases such as muscular dystrophy

Scientists at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences found that emerin responds to harmful mechanical forces on the cell by bunching together to form so-called "nanoclusters.".....»»

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What Does "Protection" against COVID Really Mean?

To answer that question, expanded testing is needed that can determine levels of T immune cells -- Read more on»»

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Turning X chromosome "off and on again" critical for oocyte development

Researchers at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona have identified a potential new diagnostic marker that predicts the successful and efficient development of mammalian egg cells. The findings could pave the way for generating artifi.....»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsMay 23rd, 2022

Small aggregates function as temporary RNA repositories, regulated by neural activity

Cells constantly have to adapt the level of activity of certain genes to specific requirements. This applies particularly to neurons, where synapses have to be repeatedly re-formed, re-wired, and restructured. For these processes—without which lear.....»»

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Rajesh Exports in talks with Indian states to set up AMOLED display fab

Rajesh Exports, a major gold trading company in India without prior experience in electronic manufacturing, is looking to invest in the manufacturing of EV battery cells and AMOLED display......»»

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Apple talks to suppliers to increase manufacturing efforts outside of China

Apple is intending to decrease its reliance on suppliers working in China, a report claims, with the iPhone maker telling some contract manufacturers it wants to expand production outside of the country.The Apple supply chain in China is having to de.....»»

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All-optical phase recovery and quantitative phase imaging performed instantly without a computer

Optical imaging and characterization of weakly scattering phase objects, such as isolated cells, bacteria and thin tissue sections frequently used in biological research and medical applications, have been of significant interest for decades. Due to.....»»

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New study characterizes behavior of human plastins in cells

A family of proteins that have a role in ensuring many types of cells move and maintain their shape may promote disease when they act like workaholics and disrupt the cellular environment, new research suggests......»»

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Three decades of space telescope observations converge on a precise value for the Hubble constant

Completing a nearly 30-year marathon, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has calibrated more than 40 "milepost markers" of space and time to help scientists precisely measure the expansion rate of the universe—a quest with a plot twist......»»

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Molecular surveillance pathway tells cells when they run low on lipids

UT Southwestern researchers have discovered a molecular pathway that allows cells to sense when their lipid supplies become depleted, prompting a flurry of activity that prevents starvation. The findings, reported in Nature, might someday lead to new.....»»

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Extending the lifespan of artificial cell membranes from five days to almost two months

The cell membrane, which contains a hydrophilic exterior and a hydrophobic interior, opens and closes ion channels like a water faucet and converts a physicochemical stimulus into an electrical signal that is then transmitted to cells. Until recently.....»»

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Magnetic nanoparticles in biological vehicles individually characterized for the first time

Imagine a tiny vehicle with a nanomagnetic structure, which can be steered through the human body via external magnetic fields. Arriving at its destination, the vehicle may release a drug, or heat up cancer cells without affecting healthy tissue. Sci.....»»

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Increases in planting density tend to decrease water use efficiency in rubber trees

Rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) are widely known to have high economic and defensive values. However, little is known about how the ecohydrological and coupled processes between the carbon gain and water use efficiency (WUE) of rubber plantations r.....»»

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A new mathematical model of cellular movement

A mathematical model that describes how cells change their shape during movement suggests that the movement is mainly driven by the contraction of the skeletal proteins, called "myosin." The new model developed at Penn State can help researchers to b.....»»

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Study identifies first cellular "chaperone" for zinc

We need zinc: one-tenth of the proteins in our cells require this metal for their normal functions in all aspects of cell metabolism......»»

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Student expenditures decrease at some colleges that receive promise scholarship funds

Two-year colleges that received revenue from community-based college promise programs decreased their spending on instruction by 3.3% and their spending on student services by up to 15%, a recent study found......»»

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