GBBN expands historic Pennsylvania residence with metal-clad education facility

US architecture studio GBBN preserved and expanded a 19th-century home in Erie, Pennsylvania into an educational facility with a glass bridge connection and metal-clad, barn-like structure. Read more US architecture studio GBBN preserved a.....»»

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Apple"s Education Store is down ahead of Back to School offers

Apple has taken down its online Education Store, and it is expected to be reopened shortly with the company's latest Back to School gift card deals.Apple has taken down its US Education StoreAs predicted, Apple appears to be preparing to launch its B.....»»

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How to watch the Starliner spacecraft’s historic crewed homecoming

NASA is making preparations for the first crewed flight home involving Boeing Space's Starliner spacecraft, which is currently docked at the ISS......»»

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Students" awareness of their cognitive processes facilitates the learning of math, finds study

The purpose of education is to ensure that students acquire the skills necessary for succeeding in a world that is constantly changing. Self-assessment, or teaching students how to examine and evaluate their own learning and cognitive processes, has.....»»

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Quantum Xchange expands Phio TX platform to offer secure site-to-site and remote access VPN

Quantum Xchange launched version 4.0 of its quantum-safe key delivery platform Phio TX, featuring Phio VPN, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to combine AI-native networking with quantum-safe key management and delivery. The Phio VPN builds on the uniq.....»»

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Insurance companies seek legal protection if dealership group is guilty of overcharging customers

Two insurance companies have sued to limit their liability for defending and indemnifying a Pennsylvania dealership group that faces a potential class-action lawsuit for allegedly overcharging customers of four New Jersey stores for fees......»»

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Strange metal state discovered in hydrogen-rich compound of lanthanum under pressure

Researchers from Skoltech, Jilin University and Beijing HPSTAR in China, and their German colleagues have synthesized and studied a new type of hydrogen-rich superconductor. Technically referred to as an A15-type lanthanum superhydride, with the form.....»»

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US sexual health curriculum could force LGBTQ+ students to seek education outside of school, survey suggests

Children across the United States who identify as LGBTQ+ say the sexual health education curricula they receive is leaving them without essential information to make informed decisions about their sexual health—which could force them to seek potent.....»»

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Study indicates Pennsylvania private forest landowners value fire as tool to manage woodlands

Fire can help shape ecosystems, and after a century of suppressing naturally occurring fire that has thrown forests out balance, some states—including Pennsylvania—are using controlled burns to help manage forests on public lands. Now, a new four.....»»

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Eggs of grapevine-gobbling insect discovered en route to California: Are vineyards at risk?

Eggs of the spotted lanternfly, an invasive species that's wreaked havoc on crops across more than a dozen states, were recently discovered on a metal art installation that was headed to Sonoma County, one of California's most esteemed wine regions......»»

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Wildfire burning near Colorado"s Lake County"s Twin Lakes prompts evacuation, pre-evacuation orders

A wildfire burning on 164 acres of land in the Interlaken Historic District near Twin Lakes—a popular hiking and camping destination about 22 miles southwest of Leadville—prompted multiple evacuation and pre-evacuation orders Tuesday......»»

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Atmospheric sulfur dioxide levels hit historic high in Scotland following Icelandic volcanic eruption

Edinburgh, no stranger to an occasional haze, experienced an unprecedented atmospheric event on 31 May, unlike any seen over the past 30 years. While sea haar from the North Sea often blankets Scotland's capital, the haze observed that Friday felt di.....»»

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iOS 18 will show you what time it is even when your iPhone is dead

iOS 18 further expands on what your iPhone can show you even when it’s dead. Now, even if your iPhone is dead and powered off, you can still see the time on your screen. more….....»»

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Acronis XDR enhances EDR with comprehensive cybersecurity for MSPs

Acronis has introduced Acronis Advanced Security + XDR the newest addition to the company’s security solution portfolio. Easy to deploy, manage, and maintain, Acronis XDR expands on the current endpoint detection and response (EDR) offering and del.....»»

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On-demand courses increase revenue but lower engagement

The online education industry has grown exponentially over the last decade, fueled in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a new study, researchers examined whether online courses provided by online educational platforms should follow a scheduled format.....»»

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Team develops predictive tool for designing complex metal alloys that can withstand extreme environments

Cooks love stainless steel for its durability, rust resistance and even cooking when heated. But few know the secret that makes stainless steel so popular. It's the metal chromium in stainless steel, which reacts with oxygen in the air to form a stab.....»»

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Lithia enters Memphis market, expands in Canada

The Tennessee-based stores represent Lithia's first in the metro Memphis market......»»

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Michael Walsh’s Solo Exhibition is now Open at the Mirus Gallery

Michael Walsh was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is currently based in Oakland, California. The artist's utilization of metal fabrication/casting, CAD, Virtual Reality modeling, and 3D printing create a unique approach to sculpture making......»»

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Researchers suggest inclusive education improves students" socio-emotional skills

A study featuring more than 3,500 Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) students and 294 teachers reveals that teachers' commitment to inclusive education favors their students' socio-emotional skills. The findings are published in the journal Learnin.....»»

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Climate misinformation overshadows record floods worldwide

Climate skeptics are scapegoating a weather modification technique known as cloud seeding to deny the role of global warming in historic floods that have recently devastated countries from Brazil to Kenya......»»

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How to customize and use the all-new Control Center in iOS 18

iOS 18 brings a major update to Control Center that expands both capabilities and customization. The quick access controls go from a single page to multiple ones that you can smoothly slide through, third-party integration, and more. Here’s how to.....»»

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