Gene Variant May Have Helped Ancient Humans Survive Starvation

When there’s no food, it pays to be small -- Read more on»»

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A fire brigade against mosquitoes: New technology can protect against the spread of tropical diseases

The warm season in Europe marks the beginning of the high season for mosquitoes. While they and their larvae serve as prey for many animals and thus play an important role in the ecosystem, humans find the small bloodsuckers rather annoying. Meanwhil.....»»

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Newly discovered stone tools drag dawn of Greek archaeology back by a quarter-million years

Deep in an open coal mine in southern Greece, researchers have discovered the antiquities-rich country's oldest archaeological site, which dates to 700,000 years ago and is associated with modern humans' hominin ancestors......»»

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Woman walking on California beach finds ancient mastodon tooth

A woman taking a Memorial Day weekend stroll on a California beach found something unusual sticking out of the sand: a tooth from an ancient mastodon......»»

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Honey bee colony aggression linked to gene regulatory networks

Collective behaviors are present across many different animal groups: schools of fish swimming in a swirling pattern together, large flocks of birds migrating through the night, groups of bees coordinating their behavior to defend their hive......»»

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Ancient viruses discovered in coral symbionts" DNA

An international team of marine biologists has discovered the remnants of ancient RNA viruses embedded in the DNA of symbiotic organisms living inside reef-building corals......»»

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Using a gene-editing tool to improve productivity in rice crops

As global food insecurity climbed to a perilous high in 2022, scientists ramped up their efforts to perfect best practices for protecting the yields of major crops that are essential in combating this issue. And, while rice makes up a small portion o.....»»

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It is written: why France holds to analysing handwriting

Caroline de la Tournelle says her ability to decipher handwriting has influenced whether hundreds of people got jobs, helped police track death threats and even saved a child that was being abused......»»

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X-ray analysis identifies mystery ancient marine reptile from Svalbard

X-ray examination has enabled the classification of a previously-unidentified marine reptile fossil from Edgeøya, Svalbard, and the technique could provide future unique insights into ancient life here, according to a study published May 31, 2023 in.....»»

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Building human body parts

A lab at University College London is helping humans who lose body parts to repair their bodies the way a newt would if it lost its tail -- by growing another......»»

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Shell beads discovery sheds light on Stone Age seafaring

Stone Age humans may have made extended maritime voyages on the Caspian Sea, according to a new study published in the journal Open Archaeology......»»

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Humans have lost half of primate ancestors" gut bacteria, finds new study

A new study finds that hundreds of bacterial groups have evolved in the guts of primate species over millions of years, but humans have lost close to half of these symbiotic bacteria......»»

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AI could make humans extinct, say top experts and CEOs in stark warning

There have been conflicting views on the risks to humanity posed by artificial intelligence, with some even going as far as suggesting that AI could make humans extinct. Surprisingly, however, that latter view is shared by many leading experts in ar.....»»

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A smart scale changed my life; here’s why you should get one too

If you’re trying to lose weight and track your progress, then a smart scale might be a good idea, especially since it helped me tremendously. I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was in college. During high school, I was actual.....»»

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Humans evolved to walk with an extra spring in our step, shows foot arch study

A new study has shown that humans may have evolved a spring-like arch to help us walk on two feet. Researchers studying the evolution of bipedal walking have long assumed that the raised arch of the foot helps us walk by acting as a lever which prope.....»»

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Australian shelters, pounds kill 50,000 healthy cats and kittens a year: Research suggests there"s a way to prevent it

Stray cats are a longstanding problem in Australian towns and cities. Common complaints about roaming cats include nuisance (fighting and urinating), disease risks to humans and other animals, and predation of native wildlife. The huge numbers of cat.....»»

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How to fool a mouse: "Chemical camouflage" can hide crops and cut losses by over 60%

For as long as humans have grown our own food, we have battled pest animals that destroy crops and take food for themselves......»»

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Egypt unveils recently discovered ancient workshops, tombs in Saqqara necropolis

Egyptian antiquities authorities Saturday unveiled ancient workshops and tombs they say were discovered recently at a Pharaonic necropolis just outside the capital Cairo......»»

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Then and now: 70 years of Everest

Seventy years ago, New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Nepali Tenzing Norgay Sherpa became the first humans to summit Everest on May 29, 1953......»»

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Kanchha Sherpa: The last of the first on Everest

Nonagenarian Kanchha Sherpa is the last surviving member of the 1953 expedition that saw Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa become the first humans to summit the world's highest mountain......»»

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How cake and Q-cards help a dealer increase employee retention

Raymond Chevrolet and Raymond Kia, both in Antioch, Ill., believe cash bonuses and cake for exemplary employee behavior have helped keep the stores' average dealership turnover percentage lower than the industry average......»»

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