GM battery materials investment in Quebec to top $1 billion

General Motors and South Korea's Posco Future M said they will invest more to expand the production capacity at their chemical battery materials facility in Canada, taking their estimated total investment in the plant to over US$1 billion......»»

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The OnePlus “Glacier Battery” tech sounds quite exciting

It seems that OnePlus is working on a new battery tech they’re calling “Glacier Battery” that could bring about some improvements. The post The OnePlus “Glacier Battery” tech sounds quite exciting appeared first on Phandroid. The.....»»

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Ford CMO Lisa Materazzo on using her finance background in automotive

Ex-Toyota marketer Lisa Materazzo, who was once an investment broker, discusses Ford’s ad priorities on the "Marketer’s Brief" podcast......»»

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The design of a photonic alloy with topological properties

Photonic alloys, alloy-like materials combining two or more photonic crystals, are promising candidates for the development of structures that control the propagation of electromagnetic waves, also known as waveguides. Despite their potential, these.....»»

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Study explores how local firms should adopt market, nonmarket strategies in the face of foreign direct investment

Studies have shown how inward foreign direct investment (FDI) increases the productivity or innovation of local firms in emerging markets, but little research has explored how local firms have to strategically cope with this competition......»»

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Researchers: AI can make African elections more efficient, but trust must be built and proper rules put in place

Time magazine has dubbed 2024 a "super election year". An astonishing 4 billion people are eligible to vote in countries across the world this year. Many are on the African continent, where presidential, parliamentary and general elections have alrea.....»»

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Samsung is about to go all-in on GPUs

Samsung's key executives including board of directors, have reportedly decided on a major GPU investment......»»

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Solid-state battery with 100x energy density could be used in Apple devices

Apple battery supplier TDK has announced the development of a technology it says could be used in next-gen solid-state batteries to offer one hundred times the energy density of existing ones … more….....»»

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Review: Beats Solo Buds set the standard with 18-hour battery life, a compact design, and low price

Ever since they were announced in April, I’ve been eager to get my hands . With 18 hours of battery life and a $79 price tag, they are one of the most intriguing new products from Beats in a long time. Beats Solo Buds officially hit store shelve.....»»

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5 surprises from Tesla"s high-stakes shareholders meeting

Tesla shareholders voted for Elon Musk's $56 billion payout by a surprising margin. And there were other surprises at the meeting: surging Cybertruck production, a robot future and Donald Trump's phone calls......»»

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Collaborative approaches improve materials informatics workforce training

A wide range of innovative products, from biomedical implants to aerospace composites, come from research in materials informatics (MI)—the combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence and computational methodologies with materials scie.....»»

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Researchers film energy materials as they form

Shooting a movie in the lab requires special equipment. Especially when the actors are molecules—invisible to the naked eye—reacting with each other......»»

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New technique achieves visualization of instantaneous states of materials in high-speed devices

Researchers at University of Tsukuba have developed an ultrafast time-resolved scanning electron microscopy instrument by integrating a scanning electron microscope with a femtosecond laser. This innovative system facilitates the observation of the i.....»»

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New method enhances X-ray microscopy for detecting tiny defects

X-ray microscopes are essential for examining components and materials because they can be used to detect changes and details in the material. Until now, however, it has been difficult to detect small cracks or tiny inclusions in the images......»»

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Researchers observe a large anomalous Hall effect triggered by spin-fluctuating devil"s staircase

A research group from University of Tsukuba has discovered that fluctuations of electron spins in magnetic materials trigger a large anomalous Hall effect during phase transition known as the devil's staircase magnetic transition......»»

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Beats Solo Buds review: Apple"s best wireless audio bargain yet

The Beats Solo Buds are the cheapest wireless earphones Apple produces, yet still offer outstanding battery life and an astoundingly small case.Beats Studio budsIf you want to buy some wireless earphones made by Apple, you have a fairly decent select.....»»

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"We love Elon": Tesla shareholders bask in CEO"s presence

Tesla fans at the company's shareholder meeting congratulated Musk on the $56 billion pay package they just approved and thanked him for helping humanity......»»

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Banks Are Finally Realizing What Climate Change Will Do to Housing

Extreme weather threatens the investment value of many properties, but financing for climate mitigation efforts are only just getting going......»»

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TDK claims insane energy density in solid-state battery breakthrough

Apple supplier says new tech has 100 times the capacity of its current batteries. Enlarge / TDK says its new ceramic materials for batteries will improve the performance of small consumer electronics devices such as smartwatches.....»»

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Black holes formed quasars less than a billion years after Big Bang

A surprisingly normal looking quasar when the Universe was 750 million years old. Enlarge (credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, Joseph Olmsted (STScI)) Supermassive black holes appear to be present at the center of every galaxy, goin.....»»

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UAW workers at GM battery plant joint venture in Ohio ratify contract deal

UAW members at Ultium Cells in Lordstown, Ohio, voted 98 percent in favor of ratifying a contract that increases worker wages and improves health and safety measures......»»

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