Golden Corral finally admits data breach. Here’s what got exposed.

Buffet chain restaurant Golden Corral experienced an employee data breach in August. A popular U.S. dining institution ran into some data security problems last summer.In a press release issued on Thursday, Golden Corral confirmed a data breach.....»»

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Netwrix 1Secure enhancements accelerate threat detection

Netwrix released a new version of its IT auditing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Netwrix 1Secure. It enables prompt detection of suspicious activities around data across the Microsoft 365 environment, Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), as well as.....»»

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Forcepoint DSPM safeguards sensitive information by examining data context and content

Forcepoint has launched Forcepoint Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), driven by AI to deliver real-time visibility, ease privacy compliance and minimize risks for data stored in multi-clouds and networks, including endpoints. Forcepoint DSPM ha.....»»

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The long nightmare may be over -- iPad could finally Calculator app

The Calculator app could finally make its way to the iPad with iPadOS 18, and we could see the debut of some exciting new features and powerful upgrades in the process.Apple's redesigned Calculator app could make its way to iPad as wellLast week, we.....»»

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Linux can finally run your car’s safety systems and driver-assistance features

Increasingly, our cars will be controlled by a small number of powerful computers. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) There's a new Linux distro on the scene today, and it's a bit specialized. Its development was led by the.....»»

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Recoding Voyager 1—NASA’s interstellar explorer is finally making sense again

"We're pretty much seeing everything we had hoped for, and that's always good news.” Engineers have partially restored a 1970s-era computer on NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft after five months of long-distance troubleshooting, building.....»»

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South Dakota dealership fixes Chevy Impala for free after woman scammed by repair shop

After spending months trying to get her Chevy Impala back from a garage that abruptly closed, a Seattle woman was finally reunited with the car and had the $4,000 repair bill waived......»»

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2 former dealership employees who started new marketing firm settle lawsuit

A Massachusetts dealership has settled a lawsuit that accused two former employees of breach of loyalty, misappropriation of trade secrets and other claims for setting up a competing dealer-to-dealer digital marketing agency......»»

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CMS Collaboration observes new all-heavy quark structures

For over a decade, the CMS Collaboration, a large team of researchers based at different institutes worldwide, has been analyzing data collected at the Compact Muon Solenoid, a general-purpose particle detector at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC)......»»

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We finally know when Apple will announce its 2024 iPads

Next month, Apple will lift the covers from its next-gen slates. The iPad Pro could get an OLED display upgrade, while the mid-tier Air line will expand......»»

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New algorithm solves century-old problem for coral reef scientists

An algorithm developed by a Florida Tech graduate student creates a new ecological survey method that allows scientists to unlock important historical data from a vast trove of coral-reef photographs dating back more than a century......»»

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A first glimpse at our galaxy"s magnetic field in 3D

Thanks to new sophisticated techniques and state-of-the-art facilities, astronomy has entered a new era in which the depth of the sky can finally be accessed. The ingredients of our cosmic home, the Milky Way galaxy—stars, gas, magnetic fields—ca.....»»

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I finally found a gaming laptop utility that’s actually worth using

If you're tired of Asus' Armoury Crate utility, I may have found an alternative worth considering......»»

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Stellar Cyber launches MITRE ATT&CK Coverage Analyzer

Stellar Cyber launched the MITRE ATT&CK Coverage Analyzer, enabling users to visualize the impact of data source changes on their ability to detect threats in their specific environments. With this new tool, free of charge to all existing customers,.....»»

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Veritas enhances cyber resilience with AI-powered solutions

Veritas Technologies announced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered advancements in Veritas 360 Defense. With the self-defending data protection solution, a generative AI-powered operational copilot and new ecosystem partners, organizations can more.....»»

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North Korea is evading sanctions by animating Max and Amazon shows

Thousands of exposed files on North Korean server tell the tale. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty) For almost a decade, Nick Roy has been scanning North Korea’s tiny Internet presence, spotting new websites comin.....»»

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Here are the 5 least expensive EVs in the first quarter

Each of the five least expensive EVs is less than $41,000 with automaker and dealer incentives, according to Cox Automotive data......»»

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Tales of the Shire"s first trailer showcases the cozy life of Hobbits

Private Division has finally unveiled the first trailer for Tales of the Shire: A the Lord of the Rings Game......»»

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People doubt their own ability to spot AI-generated deepfakes

23% of Americans said they recently came across a political deepfake they later discovered to be fake, according to McAfee. The actual number of people exposed to political and other deepfakes is expected to be much higher given many Americans are no.....»»

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Concern grows as bird flu spreads further in US cows: 32 herds in 8 states

Experts say the US is not sharing as much data on the outbreak as it should. Enlarge / Greylag geese sit on a field and rest while a cow passes by in the background. (credit: Getty | Daniel Bockwoldt) Researchers aroun.....»»

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Proton adds detailed dark web monitoring for paid plans

Proton is out with the latest upgrade for its users on a paid tier. Dark web monitoring is here to help you keep your online credentials as safe as possible with alerts when you need to update passwords due to data breaches and more. Here’s how it.....»»

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