Group 1 to acquire UK retail operations of Inchcape

Group 1 Automotive has agreed to buy U.K. dealership group Inchcape. The all-cash deal, announced Monday, is for $439 million and is expected to close in the third quarter......»»

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An SEC mystery: What"s the deal with voluntary filers?

Companies tend not to clamor for more regulatory oversight, as a general rule. One remarkable exception would be the relatively small group of companies that voluntarily file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Although not required to.....»»

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New feather mite species discovered on the endangered Okinawa rail

A research group led by Dr. Tsukasa Waki of Toho University and Professor Satoshi Shimanono of Hosei University have discovered a new mite species, Metanalges agachi, which is thought to clean the feathers of the endangered Okinawa rail, endemic to t.....»»

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Sony Music opts out of AI training for its entire catalog

Music group contacts more than 700 companies to prohibit use of content Enlarge / The Sony Music letter expressly prohibits artificial intelligence developers from using its music — which includes artists such as Beyoncé. (cr.....»»

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Six public franchised dealership groups sweeten 2023 CEO pay with extras as Lithia"s DeBoer sees largest gain

Lithia, AutoNation, Asbury, Penske, Sonic and Group 1 pay a relatively modest base CEO salary but then sweeten compensation with other incentives. DeBoer's 2023 total jumps 73 percent......»»

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Ultra-spicy One Chip Challenge chip contributed to teen’s death, report says

The high dose of capsaicin paired with a heart defect appear to have contributed. Enlarge (credit: Sarah Dussault/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images) An autopsy report of a Massachusetts teen who tragical.....»»

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CallRevu buys TotalCX, aims to dominate dealership calling tech

Private equity firm Serent Capital wants to grow CallRevu into a major player for retail automotive industry call monitoring analytics software......»»

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Ebury botnet compromises 400,000+ Linux servers

ESET researchers released its deep-dive investigation into one of the most advanced server-side malware campaigns. It is still growing and has seen hundreds of thousands of compromised servers in its at least 15-year-long operation. The Ebury group a.....»»

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Penske Automotive looks to sell some CarShop stores in UK, rebrand others

Penske Automotive Group is considering closing one CarShop store in the U.K......»»

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Novel research sheds light on Amazonian birds" thermoregulatory strategies in a changing environment

A pioneering study published in Oikos has revealed novel insights into how a select group of birds in the Amazon rainforest, known as terrestrial insectivores, is coping with the ever-increasing threats posed by global climate change......»»

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Family Car Group to buy Moffitt Automotive

Family Car Group is set to buy Moffitt Automotive, which has Audi, Porsche, Mazda and Volkswagen dealerships in Louisiana......»»

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Research investigates structural evolution and high-temperature sensing performance of polymer-derived SiAlBCN ceramics

Gang Shao's group from Zhengzhou University, China recently investigated the structural evolution of pentagonal polymer-derived SiAlBCN ceramics (PDCs) and outlined PDC-based sensor technology for high-temperature extreme environments. The high-perfo.....»»

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Researchers unlock vital insights into metal-nitrogen-carbon catalysts" reaction mechanism

A team of researchers has made significant strides in understanding metal-nitrogen-carbon (M-N-C) catalysts, offering alternatives to expensive platinum-group-metal (PGM) catalysts and a pathway to a greener future......»»

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Scientists create an "optical conveyor belt" for quasiparticles

Using interference between two lasers, a research group led by scientists from RIKEN and NTT Research have created an "optical conveyor belt" that can move polaritons—a type of light-matter hybrid particle—in semiconductor-based microcavities. Th.....»»

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BLint: Open-source tool to check the security properties of your executables

BLint is a Binary Linter designed to evaluate your executables’ security properties and capabilities, utilizing LIEF for its operations. From version 2, BLint can also produce Software Bill-of-Materials (SBOM) for compatible binaries. BLint fea.....»»

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Apple prepping big move with its Vision Pro headset

Apple has begun training international retail store staff on how to present the Vision Pro to customers, suggesting the device will soon land in new markets......»»

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Black Basta ransomware group is imperiling critical infrastructure, groups warn

Threat group has targeted 500 organizations. One is currently struggling to cope. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Federal agencies, health care associations, and security researchers are warning that a ransomware group tr.....»»

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Honda OK to reject store acquisition by poor-performing dealership, court rules

For the third time, a Honda dealership with one of the lowest retail sales effectiveness scores in Ohio has lost a bid to require American Honda Motor Co. to approve its acquisition of another store......»»

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Apple Store workers in Maryland vote in favor of a strike over working conditions

Two years ago, Apple Store workers in Towson, Maryland voted in favor of unionization, making it the first Apple retail location in the United States to unionize. Now, those Apple Towson Town Center employees have authorized a strike, after “a year.....»»

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Concept imagines Apple Watch X with Ultra-inspired design and FaceTime camera

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about a completely redesigned “Apple Watch X” to be introduced later this year, as the Watch is about to turn 10. We still don’t know for sure what this new Apple Watch X will look like, but a group of desig.....»»

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GenAI enables cybersecurity leaders to hire more entry-level talent

93% of security leaders said public GenAI was in use across their respective organizations, and 91% reported using GenAI specifically for cybersecurity operations, according to Splunk. A total of 1,650 security leaders participated in the global surv.....»»

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