Hippos recognize each other"s voices, respond differently to calls of strangers

Hippopotamuses are rather vocal animals. Their "wheeze honk" calls can be heard over long distances, leading researchers to suspect the calls play an important role in maintaining social groups. Now, a study in the journal Current Biology on January.....»»

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Why gun control laws don"t pass Congress, despite majority public support and repeated outrage over mass shootings

With the carnage in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York in May 2022, calls have begun again for Congress to enact gun control. Since the 2012 massacre of 20 children and four staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, leg.....»»

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Iris Clarity hands-on review: Your personal cone of silence

Iris Clarity has one job to do, and that's block out ambient noise during video calls, which it does well......»»

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Microsoft plans to recognize Call of Duty devs’ new union

Phil Spencer said Microsoft will recognize Raven Software's union once its deal with Activision Blizzard closes next year......»»

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How to join a clan in V Rising

V Rising works differently than you might be used to when partying up in other titles. Here's everything you need to know about how to create and join clans......»»

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Female avatar sexually assaulted in Meta VR platform, campaigners say

Campaigners join calls by some Meta shareholders for an assessment of on potential harms users face......»»

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While the fetal clock develops, mom"s behavior tells the time

During fetal development, before the biological clock starts ticking on its own, genes within the fetus's developing clock respond to rhythmic behavior in the mother, according to a new study publishing May 24th in the open-access journal PLOS Biolog.....»»

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Five facts about the gruesome beauty of solitary wasps

Most people recognize a wasp as those stripy insects who ruin our summer picnics. They live in huge societies, much the same as the honeybee; you might even have a nest in your loft or shed. But there's a lot more to wasps than these socialites. In f.....»»

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Future Apple Pencil may feature full touch-sensitive controls

Alongside the existing double-tap feature, Apple Pencil may gain the ability to recognize gestures such as swiping, via a more comprehensive touch-sensitive control.Detail from the patent describing how gestures could be received using a touch-sensit.....»»

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How to delete apps on your phone

It could do your smartphone a lot of good to delete apps you no longer need. Apps are the lifeblood of our mobile devices. They allow us to play games, receive calls, text, view calendars, take photographs, and much more. There are so many apps vying.....»»

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RansomHouse: Bug bounty hunters gone rogue?

A new cybercrime outfit that calls itself RansomHouse is attempting to carve out a niche of the cyber extortion market for itself by hitting organizations, stealing their data, and offering to delete it and provide a full report on how and what vulne.....»»

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DeepSqueak tool identifies marine mammal calls

Lurking beneath the ocean's surface, marine mammals use sound for navigation, prey detection, and a wide range of natural behaviors. Passive acoustic data from underwater environments can provide valuable information on these animals, such as their p.....»»

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It’s a bad time to be an LG user on T-Mobile right now

It seems that users of LG devices on T-Mobile’s network are experiencing a weird but severe bug that essentially renders their phones unable to make calls. The post It’s a bad time to be an LG user on T-Mobile right now first appeared on Phandroi.....»»

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Apple Music celebrates great albums in new "Essential Anniversaries" feature

It's been 25 years since Radiohead released "OK Computer," and now that album is showcased along with many other classics in a special Apple Music collection called "Essential Anniversaries."Apple Music has long had collections of music that it calls.....»»

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FairEmail Developer Calls It Quits After Google Falsely Flags App As Spyware

"The developer of the open source email client FairEmail pulled all of his applications from Google Play and announced that he would stop development," reports gHacks. The announcement comes shortly after the developer received an email from Google s.....»»

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How to answer calls to your iPhone on macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15

Thanks to Apple's Continuity, users can easily make and receive cellular phone calls on Mac, iPad, and iPod touch. Here's how to do it.There are plenty of reasons that you'd want to use your iPad or Mac for a cellular call — though most likely, it'.....»»

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Researchers study YouTube videos to learn more about how wild elephants react to death

A team of researchers at the Indian Institute of Science, has analyzed YouTube videos captured by amateur elephant enthusiasts to learn more about how the animals respond when one of their herd members dies. Their paper is published in the journal Ro.....»»

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Apple responds to open letter about improving usage and reputation of Final Cut Pro in filmmaking industry

In April, a large group of Final Cut editors signed their name to an open letter asking Apple to do more to promote the use of Final Cut in the TV and film industry, in addition to closing long-running feature requests. Today, Apple publicly respond.....»»

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Tesla fans implore Elon Musk to halt political attacks, Twitter deal

The calls come as Tesla's stock price plummets with the rest of the market and the controversial CEO steps up his criticism of Democrats, liberals and Twitter executives......»»

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Biden warns of "another tough hurricane season" this year

President Joe Biden warned Wednesday that the country will likely see "another tough hurricane season" this year, and he pledged that his administration was prepared to respond to the storms and help Americans recover from them......»»

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Pee pals: Dolphins use taste of urine to recognize friends

Think about people you know, and how you could tell they were around even if you couldn't see them: their voice, perhaps, or even a favored deodorant......»»

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