How Chinese netizens swamped China’s Internet controls

Citizens protesting zero-COVID policies proved smartphones can help fuel mass action. Enlarge / Demonstrators cover their faces with sheets of blank paper while protesting China's zero-COVID policy in Hong Kong on November 28, 20.....»»

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Apple reverses course on death of Progressive Web Apps in EU

After a few weeks of internet drama, Apple has responded to complaints about the death of Progressive Web Apps in the European Union and is restoring them to how they worked in iOS 17.3 and before.Progressive Web Apps aren't getting changed in the EU.....»»

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A software engineer wore Apple Vision Pro to his wedding, much to his new bride"s chagrin

A new viral image circulating the internet shows a young man wearing the Apple Vision Pro in his wedding pictures, after his new bride explicitly asked him not to.image Credit: Jacob WrightFor most people, a wedding is a time of excitement, new begin.....»»

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Ultra-compact head-mounted fluorescence microscopes for neuroscience studies

Research groups led by Prof. Bi Guoqiang, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), and Prof. Zhou Pengcheng from Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Chinese proposed a design for ultra-compact head-mounted fl.....»»

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How to use the Google Home app on a computer

Want to add Google Home's smart controls to your computer? While there's no desktop app, you can try one of these workarounds to get Google Home on your PC......»»

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T-Mobile expands 5G home internet to Puerto Rico

T-Mobile has been a leader in 5G home internet over the last few years. Now alongside availability to tens of millions of homes in the contiguous 48 states, T-Mobile 5G home internet has launched in the US territory of Puerto Rico. more….....»»

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CenturyLink left customers without Internet for 39 days—until Ars stepped in

After over a month with no fix, service restored hours after Ars contacted ISP. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) When a severe winter storm hit Oregon on January 13, Nicholas Brown's CenturyLink fiber Inter.....»»

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Study elucidates regulation mechanism for electrocatalytic nitrate reduction

A research team led by Prof. Zhang Haimin from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has conducted a systematic study on the regulation mechanism of heterostructure bimetallic phosphide electrocatalysts to improv.....»»

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Becoming human: An ancient genome perspective

Writing a commentary in the 50th anniversary issue of Cell, Fu Qiaomei and E. Andrew Bennett, both of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, explored the contribution of paleogenomics.....»»

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How nitrogen has been underestimated in lake ecosystems

An ecological imbalance in a lake can usually be attributed to increased nutrient inputs. This results in increased phytoplankton growth, oxygen deficiency, toxic cyanobacterial blooms and fish deaths. Until now, controls in lake management have focu.....»»

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Antimicrobial-resistant E. coli found in dogs with diarrhea

A team of Chinese veterinary researchers has found high levels of antimicrobial-resistant Escherichia coli in dogs with diarrhea. In their study, published in the open access journal PLOS ONE, the group tested fecal samples from 185 dogs with diarrhe.....»»

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Resonant tunneling: A possible way to probe the minimum length using atomic systems

A research team led by Prof. Dr. Yang Yong from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed a remarkable quantum tunneling phenomenon across double potential barriers. They found that quantum tunneling is.....»»

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Steep iPhone discounts being offered in China to counter weak demand

A new report today says that there is increasing evidence of steep iPhone discounts being used in China in an attempt to counter weak demand. It gives the example of the iPhone 15 Pro Max being offered at a $180 discount on the official price, whi.....»»

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U.S. to investigate national security risks posed by Chinese connected vehicle technology

The U.S. has launched a regulatory process to gather information from industry stakeholders as it considers potential rules or other actions that govern the use of certain information and communications technology in vehicles from China......»»

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China"s annual spring iPhone sales are here, and the discount isn"t as steep as it"s been

In what has become an annual tradition, two of China's biggest iPhone resellers are offering discounts on Apple's higher-end iPhone models.iPhone 15 Pro MaxThe iPhone 15 series has not been as successful in China as its predecessors, although Tim Coo.....»»

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How organizations can navigate identity security risks in 2024

Managing IAM challenges in hybrid IT environments requires a holistic approach, integrating solutions and automating processes to ensure effective access controls and operational efficiency. In this Help Net Security interview, Deepak Taneja, CEO of.....»»

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Infosec products of the month: February 2024

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past month, featuring releases from: Appdome, BackBox, Center for Internet Security, Cisco, CompliancePro Solutions, Cyberhaven, LOKKER, ManageEngine, Metomic, OPSWAT, Pindrop, ProcessUnity, Q.....»»

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Better air quality is linked to reduced suicide rates, study finds

Researchers in the United States and China have discovered a curious link between air pollution and suicide rates that prompts us to reconsider how to approach this issue. China's efforts to reduce air pollution have prevented 46,000 suicide deaths i.....»»

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Who owns prehistory? How debate over fossils in China shaped the relationship between science and sovereignty

Many museums and other cultural institutions in the West have faced, in recent years, demands for artistic repatriation. The Elgin Marbles, currently housed in the British Museum, are perhaps the most prominent subject of this charge, with numerous a.....»»

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Medicinal plant research unveils the genetic blueprint of Chaenomeles speciosa

Chaenomeles speciosa (2n=34), a diploid species within the Rosaceae family, has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for its various health benefits. To date, the lack of genomic sequence and genetic studies has impeded efforts to improve its.....»»

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State-sponsored hackers know enterprise VPN appliances inside out

Suspected Chinese state-sponsored hackers leveraging Ivanti Connect Secure VPN flaws to breach a variety of organizations have demonstrated “a nuanced understanding of the appliance”, according to Mandiant incident responders and threat h.....»»

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