How to mount in Diablo 4

It will take a long time before you can actually mount up after finding the first stable. Here's everything you need to do in order to get a mount in Diablo 4......»»

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Logitech"s new Reach webcam raises presentations to a higher level

Logitech has taken its 1080p StreamCam and placed it on a fully adjustable mount for the best presentations possible......»»

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Japan"s Mount Fuji "screaming" from too many tourists

With its millions of visitors every year and the buses, supply trucks, noodle shops and fridge magnets, Japan's Mount Fuji is no longer the peaceful pilgrimage site it once was......»»

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Scientists unlock secrets of red blood cell transporter, potentially paving the way for new drugs

Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have identified the structure of a special transporter found in red blood cells and how it interacts with drugs. Details on the findings, which were reported in the September 7 issue of Natur.....»»

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Half of Earth"s glaciers could vanish with 1.5 degrees of warming, study warns

In the Himalayas, not far from the base of Mount Everest, lies the Imja-Lhotse Shar Glacier, where David Rounce conducted his doctoral research. From 2013 to 2017, Rounce and his team visited Nepal to measure the glacier as it rapidly receded—and a.....»»

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iPhone 15: New ‘FineWoven’ cases once again rumored to replace leather

Evidence continues to mount that the iPhone 15 will mark the end of Apple’s selection of leather cases. A new rumor posted to Twitter this weekend once again suggests that the replacement for the leather cases will be a new lineup of fabric cases b.....»»

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Scientists discover a previously unknown way cells break down proteins

Short-lived proteins control gene expression in cells to carry out a number of vital tasks, from helping the brain form connections to helping the body mount an immune defense. These proteins are made in the nucleus and are quickly destroyed once the.....»»

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Researchers find Asian Americans to have significantly higher exposure to "toxic forever" chemicals

Asian Americans have significantly higher exposure than other ethnic or racial groups to PFAS, a family of thousands of synthetic chemicals also known as "toxic forever" chemicals, Mount Sinai-led researchers report......»»

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How to mount in Wayfinder

If you're looking to get a mount to ride around the open areas of Wayfinder, you may be disappointed to hear that there's only one way to do so – for now......»»

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Diablo 4 Season of Blood announced with new gory vampiric trailer

Blizzard has announced Diablo 4's Season of Blood which includes new powers, new questlines, and weapons launching in October......»»

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More Colorado communities take "forever chemical" makers to court as contamination costs mount

They stand at least 30 feet tall and 10 feet across, eight giant baby blue tanks filled with what is this fast-growing town's best defense against a glut of industrial cancer-causing chemicals that have been accumulating and percolating for half a ce.....»»

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Internet Archive’s legal woes mount as record labels sue for $400M

The Internet Archive also reached a confidential settlement with book publishers. Enlarge (credit: Kinga Krzeminska | Moment) Major record labels are suing the Internet Archive, accusing the nonprofit of "massive" and "b.....»»

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Etna eruption forces closure of Sicily"s Catania airport

The airport at Catania in Sicily, a top Italian tourist destination, has halted all flights after a new eruption at nearby Mount Etna, its operator said Monday......»»

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Researchers characterize tardigrade species richness in Denmark

They're found on Mount Everest, in the deep seas, aboard the International Space Station and thousands of them have even crash landed and been spilled onto the moon. The microscopic water bear has a nearly unfathomable ability to survive in the most.....»»

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Curiosity rover battles up a 23-degree slope in its exploration of Mars

The Curiosity rover is slowing making its way up Mount Sharp, a 3-mile-tall mountain on Mars. But heaving up a mountain can be tricky for a little rover......»»

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ESR launches first 15W multi-device MagSafe charging stands alongside new car mount [Deal]

ESR today is expanding its lineup of MagSafe accessories with some of its very first offerings that pack true 15W charging speeds for iPhone 14 and the rest of your Apple kit. Well timed to debut ahead of all the new Apple smartphones next month, the.....»»

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Ovarian cancer: New biological markers found that may predict which patients won"t respond to chemotherapy

Using a novel proteogenomic strategy and a variety of machine learning tools, investigators from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and colleagues have identified a 64-protein signature that may predict a subset of ovarian cancer patients wh.....»»

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Diablo 4 Sorcerer and Barbarian buffs are coming, says Blizzard

In yet another fireside chat with senior members of the Diablo 4 development team, the group covers the biggest issues arising from Patch 1.1.0......»»

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Rocket Report: Starbase comes alive again; China launches four times

Maybe the next Starship launch isn't all that far off. Enlarge / The Super Heavy booster for SpaceX's next Starship test flight is raised onto its launch mount at the Starbase facility in South Texas. (credit: SpaceX) We.....»»

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New lipid nanoparticle-mRNA therapy combats melanoma in mouse models

Investigators at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have designed an innovative RNA-based strategy to activate dendritic cells—which play a key role in immune response—that eradicated tumors and prevented their recurrence in mouse models.....»»

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iPhone 15 rumored to mount upgraded camera lens & wider aperture

The iPhone 15 lineup may be one of the first smartphones to use a new hybrid camera lens that uses glass and plastic components to capture better photos.iPhone 15 camera to get a few upgradesA recent rumor from "RGcloudS" on Twitter, a prolific leake.....»»

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