How to safely overclock your Intel or AMD CPU

Knowing how to overclock your CPU is essential for any PC enthusiast. We've gathered step-by-step instructions for AMD and Intel so you can overclock your CPU......»»

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Crisis communication saves lives—but people with disability often aren"t given the message

In a pandemic, bushfire or flood, people need high quality safety and crisis information. Getting emergency messages quickly can help people know how to prepare, what rules to follow, where dangers are, where to gather safely and when help is on the.....»»

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BMC flaw left unchecked for 6 years hits Intel and Lenovo servers

BMC flaw left unchecked for 6 years hits Intel and Lenovo servers.....»»

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Hackable Intel and Lenovo hardware that went undetected for 5 years won’t ever be fixed

Multiple links in the supply chain failed for years to identify an unfixed vulnerability. Enlarge (credit: Intel) Hardware sold for years by the likes of Intel and Lenovo contains a remotely exploitable vulnerability tha.....»»

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Intel’s “Gaudi 3” AI accelerator chip may give Nvidia’s H100 a run for its money

Intel claims 50% more speed when running AI language models vs. the market leader. Enlarge / An Intel handout photo of the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator. (credit: Intel) On Tuesday, Intel revealed a new AI accelerator chip call.....»»

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It just became the perfect time to buy a last-gen Intel CPU

Intel made an unexpected decision regarding its 13th generation of processors, which is why now is a good time to buy a Raptor Lake CPU......»»

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I tested Intel’s XeSS against AMD FSR — and the results speak for themselves

In a lot of modern games, you'll have the choice between AMD FSR and Intel XeSS, and there are some significant differences between them......»»

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Cohesity teams up with Intel to integrate confidential computing into Data Cloud Services

Cohesity has announced it is collaborating with Intel to bring Intel’s confidential computing capabilities to the Cohesity Data Cloud. Leveraged with Fort Knox, Cohesity’s cyber vault service, this data-in-use encryption innovation will be the fi.....»»

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Intel is investigating game crashes on top-end Core i9 desktop CPUs

Crashes may be related to CPUs running above their specified power limits. Enlarge / Intel's high-end Core i9-13900K and 14900K are reportedly having crashing problems in some games. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) If you ow.....»»

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Intel may fire the first shots in the next-gen GPU war

Intel's Arc Battlemage graphics cards might be closer to launch than we think, and Intel might release them at the perfect time to steal some sales......»»

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Intel is oddly enthusiastic about AI replacing everyone’s jobs

Intel launched the new Gaudi 3 AI chip at Vision 2024, and it's oddly enthusiastic about the AI agents it will power and that will take over people's jobs......»»

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Star Wars Outlaws: release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

If you're ready to take on the role of an outlaw in the grimy Outer Rim, you'll need some intel. Here's everything we know about the new Star Wars Outlaws......»»

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Kids and "bad" news: How can parents safely introduce their children to news and current affairs?

While much attention has been drawn to the detrimental impact of violent video games on children's developing brains, there has been relatively little discussion regarding the negative effects of news and current affair programs children are exposed.....»»

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Gamers are reportedly returning Intel Core i9 CPUs in droves

An increasing number of customers are reporting issues with Intel's latest Core i9 CPUs, and the company is finally looking into the problem......»»

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Total solar eclipse: NASA’s most important piece of advice

The next total solar eclipse is just hours away. NASA wants everyone to enjoy it, but has some important advice on how to do it safely......»»

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Intel’s new CPU feature boosted my performance by 26% — but it still needs work

Intel's unique APO feature showed some big improvements in our testing, but it still needs some big changes before it's a selling point for Intel CPUs......»»

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Intel Battlemage graphics cards: release date speculation, price, specs, and more

We've known about Intel's Battlemage graphics cards for a few years, but in 2024, details are starting to emerge about the release date, specs, and performance......»»

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There’s an unexpected, new competitor in PC gaming

Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite chip was just benchmarked, and it looks like Apple, Intel, and AMD have a serious competitor coming right up......»»

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Apple, Google fail in legal challenge against patent review rule

Apple, Google, and a number of other tech companies have failed to convince a court that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's rule denying some inter partes reviews of patents is illegal.A gavel [Pexels]Apple, along with Google, Cisco, Intel, and E.....»»

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US, UK ink AI pact modeled on intel sharing agreements

Bilateral AI agreement seeks to assess, regulate risks from emerging technology. Enlarge (credit: LagartoFilm/Dreamstime) The US and UK have signed a landmark agreement on artificial intelligence, as the allies become t.....»»

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Intel’s next-gen GPU might be right around the corner

We've seen leaks for Intel's Battlemage GPUs for over a year now, but some shipping documentation hints that a launch is right around the corner......»»

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