How to speed flip in Rocket League

This is one of the most valuable moves in the game. Before you get behind the wheel again, check out exactly how to pull off the speed flip in Rocket League......»»

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Early stone tools were not rocket science

Archaeologically excavated stone tools—some as much as 2.6 million years old—have been hailed as evidence for an early cultural heritage in human evolution. But are these tools proof that our ancestors were already becoming human, both mentally a.....»»

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5G penetration speed faster than 4G by 2 years, says Ericsson

The penetration of 5G is rising faster than 4G, and the number of global 5G users will top one billion by the end of 2022, two years faster than the corresponding pace for 4G, according to an estimate from Ericsson......»»

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Molicel powers McMurtry Speirling to ultra-high speed

Taiwan-based E-One Moli Energy (Molicel) has signed a strategic technical partnership with hypercar brand McMurtry Automotive to supply ternary lithium batteries for high-end electric vehicles......»»

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Rocket League Sideswipe enters Season 4 with a new arena and ‘Mutator Madness’ mode

Epic Games first brought Rocket League to mobile devices last year with “Sideswipe,” and now the game is entering Season 4 with a bunch of new perks for players. more… The post Rocket League Sideswipe enters Season 4 with a new arena and ‘M.....»»

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Check out the 33 Raptor engines on SpaceX’s next-gen rocket

SpaceX has shared an image showing the 33 Raptor engines installed at the base of its next-gen Super Heavy rocket ahead of the booster's first orbital flight......»»

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Specific chip segments poised to embrace strong 3Q22

Despite chip demand for consumer electronics showing no signs of recovery, vendors of quite a few chip segments such as server ICs, automotive chips, high-speed transmission ICs, and networking chips will still be able to experience robust shipments.....»»

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The hawk has landed: braking mid-air to prioritize safety over energy or speed

Researchers at the University of Oxford have found that hawks control their flight to ensure the safest landing conditions when perching, even if it takes longer and more energy to do so. Understanding how birds optimise their landing manoeuvres thro.....»»

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NASA’s next-generation rocket returns to assembly building today

NASA's next-generation rocket, the Space Launch System, will return to its home at the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida today......»»

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Virgin Orbit rocket launches 7 US defense satellites

A Virgin Orbit rocket carrying seven U.S. Defense Department satellites was launched from a special Boeing 747 flying off the Southern California coast and streaked toward space Friday night......»»

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WirelessCar aims to speed development of connected-vehicle features

WirelessCar's ongoing work with Polestar showcases trip-specific and fleet-wide use cases of new features that rely on connected-vehicle data......»»

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Nvidia RTX 4090 could shatter GPU speed records — but at a big cost

Nvidia's RTX 40-series will offer a massive jump in performance, but a new report states that these GPUs will be even better than previously believed......»»

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How globalization could be making human parasites more virulent

Parasites that cause severe diarrhea are likely to become more virulent because of the speed at which they are exchanging their DNA and evolving—according to new research from the University of East Anglia......»»

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6 ways Samsung can make cheap (and good) folding phones

Rumor has it that Samsung is making cheaper versions of the Z Fold and Z Flip. Here's how we think that might happen......»»

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Arm X3 CPU gets a 25% speed boost, should still be slower than a 2021 iPhone

Arm's new chips completely drop 32-bit support, which might cause problems. Enlarge / The Arm Cortex X3 brings some modest improvements. (credit: Arms) Fresh off a dramatic journey of not being bought by Nvidia, Arm announce.....»»

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The best tech accessories for bicyclists and motorcyclists

Having the right gear can make all the difference in getting a good workout on a bike. Here are the best tech accessories for cyclists.BicycleCycling isn't all about health, though. Tracking metrics such as speed and distance and keeping track of the.....»»

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Watch Rocket Lab launch NASA’s CAPSTONE satellite to the moon

NASA and Rocket Lab have successfully launched the CAPSTONE satellite to space. The satellite will test a lunar orbit for future crewed missions......»»

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The best co-op games on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is home to a bunch of great co-op games. From TMNT: Shredder's Revenge and Minecraft to Rocket League and Streets of Rage 4, here are the best......»»

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NASA aims to launch the SLS rocket in just 2 months

"We made incredible progress last week." Enlarge / The Space Launch System rocket will be back to the Vehicle Assembly Building this week. (credit: Trevor Mahlmann) The US space agency has spent a long, long time designing, de.....»»

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Improving hydrogen peroxide production through sustainable photocatalysis

Hydrogen peroxide is used in many industries for a variety of purposes, including bleaching, sewage treatment, sterilization, and even as rocket fuel. Because hydrogen peroxide's byproduct is water, it has been lauded as a "green," environmentally fr.....»»

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Sabrent’s New Rocket 4 Plus Destroyer 2 Delivers 64TB of PCIe 4.0 Storage

When the expansion card is fully loaded, it can hit sequential speeds over 28GB/s. The post Sabrent’s New Rocket 4 Plus Destroyer 2 Delivers 64TB of PCIe 4.0 Storage appeared first on ExtremeTech......»»

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