Is Buying a Used Car Safe for My Family?

Buying a brand-new vehicle ensures that no one else has used and abused it. But, many parents don’t have the funds to afford a new car for their family when they’re also paying for many other expenses. Is it safe for families to buy a used car th.....»»

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Apple launches iPhone trade in promotion, get boosted credit for a new iPhone for a limited time

Apple has launched a limited time promotion, offering boosted trade in values when buying a new iPhone. From now until June 3, customers trading in their iPhone 11 or newer at the Apple Store can get extra credit towards the purchase of their new pho.....»»

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Study decodes dimerization and antidepressant recognition at noradrenaline transporter

The noradrenaline transporter, also known as the norepinephrine transporter (NET), is a member of the monoamine transporters (MATs) family, which also includes serotonin transporter (SERT) and dopamine transporter (DAT). These transporters collective.....»»

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Best Memorial Day portable power station deals: Save on Bluetti, EcoFlow, and more

Buying a new portable power station can be overwhelming with all the options, which is why we've collected our favorite Memorial Day power station deals for you......»»

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Genetic drift, not natural selection, identified as main factor driving speciation in endangered pupfish species

Scientists have identified a new member on the genetic family tree of an endangered pupfish native to south-central New Mexico......»»

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The Sandman season 2 unveils more of The Endless (and confirms Death’s return)

Dream's family is growing as Netflix announced three new additions to the The Sandman season 2 cast......»»

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If you"re buying a new iPad Pro, your old magnetic stand won"t work

Don't even try using an old iPad Pro magnetic stand with the new models because they won't work, the iPad will slip, and so you could even damage your new device.An older iPad Pro firmly gripped by magnets in a standIt isn't as if the risk of damage.....»»

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What’s New in Android 15 Beta 2: The Fun Stuff!

Since we’re in Android 15 Beta 2, it’s probably safe for you to go ahead and flash this to your Pixel phone, assuming you are OK with the small list of bugs that Google shared. Google certainly thinks this build is stable enough, plus it showcase.....»»

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This Microsoft Office alternative is now just £20 for life

Get a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office and Google Suite with this lifetime access discount. TL;DR: Through May 22, you can get the OfficeSuite Lifetime License personal plan for only £19.70 for life. Family access plans are also on.....»»

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Why Earthlings are safe when huge solar storms strike our planet

When solar storms and coronal mass ejections hit Earth and create the Northern Lights, people are physically protected from radiation by Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere. From time to time, the sun discharges billions of tons of solar matt.....»»

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The best laptops under $500 that are actually worth buying

Find the best laptop under $500 for college, work, or personal use. Compare the best cheap laptops from Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, and more. When you're on the hunt for the best laptops under 500 bucks, there are two important words to keep in mind.....»»

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Is LastPass safe? Here’s what we know about its security history

Wondering if you should use LastPass to keep your passwords secure? Let’s look at its current security measures and previous incidents so you can decide......»»

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Water, water everywhere ... most is now safe to drink in an English village after parasite outbreak

Most residents living near a scenic fishing village in southwestern England where a parasite in the water sickened more than 45 people were told Saturday that they could safely drink the water again......»»

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Cameras reveal wombat burrows can be safe havens after fire and waterholes after rain

Australia's unprecedented Black Summer bushfires in 2019–20 created ideal conditions for misinformation to spread, from the insidious to the absurd......»»

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Apple to increase trade-in value of older iPhones in new promotion

With the iPhone 16 on the horizon, Apple is reportedly taking steps to clear out stocks of the iPhone 15 family of devices.iPhones older than the 13 models will be worth more in trade-in soon.Starting on May 20th, Apple will allegedly boost the amoun.....»»

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Why so many animals, including our pets, have a third eyelid—yet humans don"t

Our family dog used to have a rather noticeable extra eyelid that became especially apparent when he dozed off, usually upturned on the rug. This is the fleshy curtain seen at the corner of each eye, closest to the nose. It's also commonly called the.....»»

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3 Hulu movies you need to stream this weekend (May 17-19)

Get a touch of mystery, family-friendly misadventures, and psychological horror with the three Hulu movies you need to stream this weekend......»»

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Usually $1,500, this HP gaming PC with an RTX 4070 is $800 today

Buying a budget gaming PC can be quite difficult, but this $700 discount on the Omen 40L with an RTX 4060 is a solid choice with some good upgrade options......»»

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Nearly 80% of consumers would consider buying an EV in four years, Cox says

EV skeptics would consider an EV if it costs the same as a gasoline-powered alternative and if more public charging becomes available......»»

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Researchers discover new family of bacteria with high pharmaceutical potential

Most antibiotics used in human medicine originate from natural products derived from bacteria and other microbes. Novel microorganisms are therefore a promising source of new active compounds, also for the treatment of diseases such as cancer or vira.....»»

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Get this Shark cordless vacuum while it’s discounted from $399 to $169

Feel good about buying a vacuum cleaner again with this great deal that takes 50% off of the price......»»

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