Jabra"s new Elite 4 earbuds offer clarity in noisy environments

Jabra has released a new pair of true wireless earbuds called Elite 4, which offer active noise cancellation and microphones.Elite 4 earbudsFollowing the entry-level Elite 3, the Jabra Elite 4 headphones have more advanced features. The essential tru.....»»

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LG updates its Tone Free earbuds with ‘pure graphene’ drivers

LG's latest wireless earbuds are claimed to offer better sound quality thanks to the use of pure graphene drivers......»»

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The genetic basis and process of inbreeding depression in an elite hybrid rice

Inbreeding depression is defined as reduced fitness or performance arising from increasing homozygosity of progenies due to successive inbreeding, whereas heterosis refers to the superiority of a hybrid over its parent resulting from the increase in.....»»

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Buy the new Google Pixel 8a and free $100 Amazon Gift Card

The Google Pixel 8a was just released, but there's already an offer for it -- a free Amazon Gift Card worth $100 if you buy it for its sticker price of $499......»»

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Last chance to save $1,300 on the 85-inch Samsung The Frame TV

The 85-inch Samsung The Frame QLED 4K TV is available from Samsung with a $1,300 discount. The offer will end soon though, so buy this unique TV immediately......»»

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Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are $80 off for a limited time

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II are excellent noise-canceling earbuds, and they're down to a more affordable $199 from Best Buy following an $80 discount......»»

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LG is having an UltraGear gaming monitor sale — here are the 5 best deals

Get an LG UltraGear gaming monitor with a massive discount from LG's ongoing sale. We've gathered our top five picks here, which offer savings of up to $500......»»

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Fast track to food safety: New test spots seafood pathogen in 30 minutes

Vibrio parahaemolyticus is a Gram-negative, halophilic bacterium prevalent in marine environments and is the primary cause of acute hepatopancreatic necrosis, also known as early death syndrome, in aquaculture......»»

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Research investigates structural evolution and high-temperature sensing performance of polymer-derived SiAlBCN ceramics

Gang Shao's group from Zhengzhou University, China recently investigated the structural evolution of pentagonal polymer-derived SiAlBCN ceramics (PDCs) and outlined PDC-based sensor technology for high-temperature extreme environments. The high-perfo.....»»

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Powerbeats Pro are $40 off at Best Buy today

The Beats Powerbeats Pro, which are fantastic wireless earbuds for your workouts, are currently on sale from Best Buy for only $160 following a $40 discount......»»

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Penske Truck Leasing to offer REE electric truck to fleet customers

REE's partnership with Penske Truck Leasing is a boon for the electric truck and chassis company at a time EV startup successes are rare......»»

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Repurposed beer yeast encapsulated in hydrogels may offer a cost-effective way to remove lead from water

Every year, beer breweries generate and discard thousands of tons of surplus yeast. Researchers from MIT and Georgia Tech have now come up with a way to repurpose that yeast to absorb lead from contaminated water......»»

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Ransomware statistics that reveal alarming rate of cyber extortion

In this article, you will find excerpts from various reports that offer statistics and insights about the current ransomware landscape. Global ransomware crisis worsens NTT Security Holdings | 2024 Global Threat Intelligence Report | May 20.....»»

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Study uncovers technologies that could unveil energy-efficient information processing and sophisticated data security

Advanced information processing technologies offer greener telecommunications and strong data security for millions, a study led by University of Maryland (UMD) researchers revealed......»»

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"Free" delivery plans can profit both retailers and customers

In March, Target became the latest mega-retailer to offer "free" delivery—for a price. For $99 a year, subscribers to Target Circle 360 can place unlimited orders without having to worry about shipping costs. Target competes with similar plans offe.....»»

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JBL earbuds sale: Save on these cheap AirPods alternatives

The JBL Vibe Buds and the JBL Tune Flex are wireless earbuds that are more affordable alternatives to Apple's AirPods, and they're even cheaper from Best Buy......»»

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The best games like Animal Crossing

Looking for more games like Animal Crossing? While each of these games offer something new, they share a lot of similarities with Nintendo's bestselling title......»»

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Comcast plans cheap Apple TV+, Netflix, Peacock bundle

Comcast is preparing to offer consumers a bundle of three streaming services, combining Apple TV+ with Peacock and Netflix in a discounted package.Comcast's bundle will combine Peacock with Apple TV+ and NetflixCord-cutting has been growing over the.....»»

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Are you meeting your cyber insurance requirements?

Cyber insurance policies are specifically designed to offer financial protection to organizations in the face of cyber attacks, data breaches, or other cybersecurity incidents. While they can provide a sense of security, it’s crucial to be awar.....»»

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Researchers complete mitochondrial genome analysis of endangered plant Primulina hunanensis

Primulina hunanensis is a perennial herb in the genus Primulina Hance of the family Gesneriaceae. It is very adaptable to low-light and barren cave environments, and is unique in its species evolution and environmental adaptation. P. hunanensis has b.....»»

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Grab the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus and a Charging Dock for only $99!

Grab this offer while it lasts. The post Grab the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus and a Charging Dock for only $99! appeared first on Phandroid. If you’re looking for an affordably-accessible tablet, Amazon’s Fire-series devices have alw.....»»

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