Jack Dorsey"s Square Changes Corporate Name To Block

Square, the financial services and digital payments company founded by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey in 2010, announced today that it is changing its name to Block. From a press release: Block will be the name for the company as a corporate entity. Th.....»»

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Four attorneys general sue Google for "deceptive" location tracking

A bipartisan group of attorneys general sued Google on Monday, alleging that the technology giant has used "dark patterns" and deceptive practices to track users' physical location even when those users have made efforts to block Google from doing so.....»»

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Apple About to Ditch Another Useful Port: The Lightning Port

Apple Inc has removed multiple useful ports from its MacBooks and iPhones over the years. Now, the iPhone’s lightning port is next on the chopping block, according to a report from Bloomberg. In 2015, the company removed all ports from its MacBooks.....»»

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Why Investors Are Paying Real Money For Virtual Land

A blank square of pixels in a virtual metaverse world like The Sandbox can cost as much as a home in the real world. But investors are buying in A version of this article was published in TIME’s newsletter Into the Metaverse. Subscr.....»»

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Bill Murray delights with a surprise musical performance in NYC park

Bill Murray strikes again. Known for his public shenanigans, actor Bill Murray gave an impromptu musical performance in New York City's Washington Square Park on Wednesday afternoon......»»

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Console scalper says we should think about the young people making a good living from the practice

Jack Bayliss runs Aftermarket Arbitrage, a subscription service where members pay £30 (~$40) per month to be notified when high-demand items such as the PS5 and XBSX are back in stock. The 24-year-old told Sky News he earns around $61,000 each month.....»»

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Meta reportedly working on ways to integrate NFTs into Facebook and Instagram

Meta/Facebook’s controversy-filled history shows it has never been one to shy away from a hot-button topic, but while the likes of Ubisoft, Square Enix, Konami, and voiceover artist Troy Baker have all loudly declared their love for NFTs—and rece.....»»

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"Lab on a chip" can measure protein-DNA interactions

New nanophotonic tweezers developed by Cornell researchers can fit on a chip less than one-inch square, making it easier and more efficient to manipulate single molecules using light in order to investigate biological systems......»»

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VPN Provider Agrees To Block Torrent Traffic and The Pirate Bay On US Servers

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TorrentFreak: Over the past few years we have seen copyright holders take several ISPs to court, accusing them of failing to disconnect repeat copyright infringers. These lawsuits have expanded recently, with.....»»

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Get the COVID-19 booster shot, Apple reportedly tells staff

Apple has reportedly told its store and corporate employees to get the COVID-19 booster shot when eligible or face frequent tests for the virus......»»

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1.7 Million People Live for a Week on 100% Renewable Energy

1.77 million people live in South Australia, speading across 984,321 square kilometres (or 380,048 square miles), according to Wikipedia. Today the Sydney Morning Herald announced that South Australia "sourced an average of just over 100 per cent of.....»»

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Apple to require employee proof of Covid-19 booster

Apple Inc will require retail and corporate employees to provide proof of a Covid-19 booster shot, The Verge reported on Saturday, citing an internal email......»»

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Block confirms plans to build an open Bitcoin mining system

Block has confirmed plans to move forward with the project. Thomas Templeton, Block’s general manager for hardware, reiterated the importance of making mining more distributed and efficient seeing as it goes far beyond the creation of new coins......»»

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This Samsung folding laptop idea is unlike any you’ve seen

Samsung has patented a flexible screen laptop that's unlike any other, where the laptop can fold into a compact block......»»

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Jack Dorsey Announces Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund

Former Twitter CEO and Block founder Jack Dorsey has announced plans to create a "Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund" with Chaincode Labs co-founder Alex Morcos and Martin White, who appears to be an academic at the University of Sussex. CoinTelegraph report.....»»

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World"s Largest Fish Breeding Grounds Found Under the Antarctic Ice

sciencehabit shares a report from The most extensive and densely populated breeding colony of fish anywhere lurks deep underneath the ice of the Weddell Sea, scientists aboard an Antarctic research cruise have discovered. The 240 square.....»»

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T-Mobile says it isn’t widely blocking iCloud Private Relay [Updated]

T-Mobile says block should only affect customers who enabled content filters. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | SOPA Images ) T-Mobile has responded to complaints that it is blocking iCloud Private Relay on iPhones, saying that.....»»

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Germany Raises Prospect of Shutting Telegram Over Hate Threats

Germany raised the prospect of closing down the Telegram messaging service over concerns about its use as a platform for extremist groups. Bloomberg reports: The country could seek to block the service if the government reaches the conclusion that it.....»»

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Sony brings a compact, flagship smartphone to the US

Sony's small phone has a headphone jack and a microSD slot. Enlarge / The Sony Xperia 5 III, in green. (credit: Sony) Sony is bringing a $1,000 flagship smartphone, the Xperia 5 III, to the US market. Calling the device "new.....»»

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Chrome Will Limit Access To Private Networks, Citing Security Reasons

Google says that its Chrome browser will soon block internet websites from querying and interacting with devices and servers located inside local private networks, citing security reasons and past abuse from malware operations. From a report: The cha.....»»

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Vietnam-based MoMo raises US$200 million in Series E funding round

The largest Vietnam-based e-wallet and e-payment service provider, MoMo, raised US$200 million in Series E funding round in December 2021, leading to an appraised corporate value of over NT$2 billion to become one of a few unicorns in Vietnam, accord.....»»

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