Jack Dorsey"s Square Changes Corporate Name To Block

Square, the financial services and digital payments company founded by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey in 2010, announced today that it is changing its name to Block. From a press release: Block will be the name for the company as a corporate entity. Th.....»»

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Alienware’s new gaming monitors come with a retractable headset stand

The Alienware 25 and Alienware 27 are the newest monitors on the block from Dell's Alienware gaming division......»»

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Apple sets new deadline for corporate employees to return to the office three days a week

After Apple employees began returning to in-person work in April of this year, the company paused the rollout of its plans due to cases of COVID-19 increasing again. On Monday, Apple set a new deadline for its corporate employees to return to the of.....»»

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Apple ups in-person work to three days a week for corporate employees

Apple has informed its corporate employees that they must return to the office three days a week starting September 5.Employees will now need to work on-site Tuesday and Thursday, as well as a third day set by individual teams, according to Bloomberg.....»»

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Bacteria fight off viruses with a protein like one of ours

Eukaryotes, archaea, and bacteria share a set of proteins that block many viruses. Enlarge (credit: KATERYNA KON) Vertebrates such as ourselves rely on a complicated, multi-layer immune system to limit the impact of pathogens......»»

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U.S. court upholds FCC reallocation of auto safety spectrum

The spectrum block was reserved in 1999 for automakers to develop technology to allow vehicles to talk to each other to avoid crashes but has so far gone largely unused......»»

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Harvestella — Everything we know so far

Harvestella is yet another role-playing game farming sim to keep you enticed for hundreds of hours, but this Square Enix product has a more involved combat system than other sims......»»

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Kioxia sees datacenter clients adjust NAND inventory

Datacenter and corporate clients have recently moved to adjust their NAND flash inventory in response to component shortages and global economic downturns, although demand for SSD is bound to surge in the medium and long term to support continuous di.....»»

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MultiVersus review: corporate-mandated fighting game fun

Despite its corporate-feeling presentation and premise, MultiVersus succeeds at being a fun game for casuals and hardcore players alike,.....»»

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Square Enix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender mobile game soft-launches today

Square Enix and Nickelodeon have announced the soft launch of Avatar: Generations in select territories on Android and iOS......»»

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FTC will begin exploring new regulations on data privacy, corporate surveillance

The Federal Trade Commission has kickstarted an effort to expand data privacy rules and regulations that could place additional restrictions on how firms collect and use personal information.Credit: InvestopediaOn Thursday, the FTC announced that it.....»»

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How to block and report spam calls and texts on iPhone

Spam calls and texts are unarguably annoying and disruptive, so it's a good idea to get acquainted with the tools and apps you can use to stop them. Here are a few on iOS.Scam call header imageFor iPhone users, there are a number of solutions you can.....»»

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Which malware delivery techniques are currently favored by attackers?

A wave of cybercriminals spreading malware families – including QakBot, IceID, Emotet, and RedLine Stealer – are shifting to shortcut (LNK) files for email malware delivery. Shortcuts are replacing Office macros – which are starting to be block.....»»

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Microsoft Clap’s Back At Sony, Accuses Its Competitor Of Paying Developers To Not Bring Their Titles To Game Pass

Microsoft has accused Sony of paying developers for "blocking rights," fees meant to actively block content from appearing on Xbox Game Pass. The post Microsoft Clap’s Back At Sony, Accuses Its Competitor Of Paying Developers To Not Bring Thei.....»»

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Women in top management teams boost corporate environmental strategies in emerging economies

Researchers from Surrey Business School examined how firms with more women within senior leadership teams performed on the adoption of environmental standards and how these women's personal attributes contributed to the adoption of these standards......»»

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WhatsApp improves three important privacy features

WhatsApp is adding more options to hide your online status, block screenshots for view-once messages, and now you can quietly leave groups without other participants knowing. WhatsApp is available for mobile and desktop......»»

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This Laser-Firing Truck Could Help Make Hot Cities More Livable

Scientists are driving around in a specialized observatory to better understand how urban heat varies not only block to block, but door to door......»»

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VeePN Agrees to Block Torrent Traffic and Pirate Sites on U.S. Servers

VPN provider "VeePN" has reached a settlement with a group of filmmakers to resolve a piracy lawsuit. Most of the agreed details remain confidential but the VPN provider will block BitTorrent traffic on US servers going forward. A statement from VeeP.....»»

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Free F1 Streaming Sites Latest Targets in French Piracy Blocking Campaign

Following in the footsteps of football leagues and boxing promotions, Canal+ has obtained a court order compelling local ISPs to block dozens of sites accused of illegally streaming Formula 1 events. The order is the latest in a long line of anti-pir.....»»

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LaLiga & Movistar Will Block IPTV Pirates, No Court Process Needed

Top-tier football league LaLiga and subscription TV platform Movistar Plus+ have won a joint lawsuit in Spain that allows them to block IPTV services until 2025 without needing permission from the courts. A second lawsuit won by Movistar Plus+ allows.....»»

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Future of work: Beyond bossware and job-killing robots

To encourage a human-centered workplace, we must rethink AI-driven automation, bossware, labor taxes and corporate R&D. To encourage a human-centered workplace, we must rethink AI-driven automation, bossware, labor taxes and corporate R&D.Read Mo.....»»

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