Jaguar Land Rover"s search for battery manfacturing signals more losses for UK

Unless battery investment picks up, experts say, automakers may only accelerate their exodus from what was once the world's second-biggest auto manufacturing base......»»

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Researchers seem to stumble across an electrolyte for a sodium battery

Sodium is cheap and plentiful, but its use in batteries brings some challenges. Enlarge / Sodium metal will react with something in just about any environment it encounters on Earth. Here, a fresh cut shows how extensive its reactions.....»»

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VinFast partners with ProLogium on solid-state EV batteries

Vietnamese automaker VinFast has signed a deal with Taiwanese solid-state battery maker ProLogium to secure EV batteries starting from 2024. VinFast expects to launch its first EVs in the U.S. this year......»»

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Connecting the spots: First comprehensive review of national jaguar protection laws

Conservationists have conducted the first comprehensive review of national laws across the range of the jaguar (Panthera onca) to show opportunities for strengthening legal protections of the largest cat species found in the Americas......»»

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These coding languages will land you the best-paying jobs

Stack Overflow has published an in-depth study that details the latest trends in programming, including the most popular and highest-paying coding platforms......»»

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Switzerland"s 20 Million kWh "Water Battery" Is Now Operational

A 900 MW 'water battery' that cost Switzerland 2 billion euros and was under construction for 14 years, is now operational, Euronews reported. The battery is located nearly 2,000 feet (600 m) underground in the Swiss Alps. Interesting Engineering rep.....»»

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Coastal fishing and farming at risk from climate change

Coastal communities could face losses of food from both fisheries and agriculture as a result of climate change, a study of five Indo-Pacific countries suggests. The research is published in Nature Communications......»»

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Two new rotating radio transients discovered by astronomers

Using the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory (PRAO), Russian astronomers have carried out a search for rotating radio transients (RRATs). In a recently published paper on the arXiv pre-print server, they report the detection of two new RRATs as pa.....»»

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Could we eavesdrop on communications that pass through our solar system?

Communications across the vastness of interstellar space could be enhanced by taking advantage of a star's ability to focus and magnify communication signals. A team of graduate students at Penn State is looking for just these sorts of communication.....»»

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Apple interview questions range from the technical to the philosophical

A piece on how to land a job with the most desirable tech company in the world provides some interesting examples of Apple interview questions. It outlines the soft skills the company looks for, warns what not to do on your resume, walks you through.....»»

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Attackers are using deepfakes to snag remote IT jobs

Malicious individuals are using stolen personally identifiable information (PII) and voice and video deepfakes to try to land remote IT, programming, database and software-related jobs, the FBI has warned last week. The increasing malicious use of de.....»»

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Giant African Land Snails Have Invaded a County in Florida

Beyond posing a risk to native agriculture, giant African land snails sometimes carry a parasite called rat lungworm, which can cause meningitis in humans. The post Giant African Land Snails Have Invaded a County i.....»»

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New advances in the search for molecular magnets

Scientists from the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and the University of Stuttgart (Germany) have managed to synthesize and extensively characterize a series of cobalt molecules that exhibit the properties of molecular magnets, an encouraging result.....»»

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Have power anytime, anywhere with the new EcoFlow Power Kits

Whether it's for an RV, off-grid setup, or something else, the new EcoFlow modular Power Kits make it easy to set up a custom battery and solar power system......»»

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Unu Motors to roll out economical e-scooter and battery subscription in big European cities

E-mobility can be life-changing, especially when you live in big cities and getting stuck in traffic is your daily routine. Unu Motors (styled as unu) is providing a life-changing, time-saving solution to Europeans, starting in Berlin, Germany......»»

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NASA explains the mission to bring samples of Mars soil, rock and atmosphere back to Earth

NASA's Mars Sample Return Mission aims to bring 30 samples of rock, soil and atmosphere now being collected by the Perseverance rover back to Earth sometime in the early 2030s. The goal is to look for signs of past life and also to find out more abou.....»»

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NASA says its plan to bring Mars samples back to Earth is safe, but some people are worried

Since September, the Perseverance rover has been picking along an ancient river delta on Mars, its robotic arms reaching out with whirling steel drill bits to core rocks, scoop soil and suck small amounts of the red planet's atmosphere into titanium.....»»

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NASA satellite breaks from orbit around Earth, heads to moon

A satellite the size of a microwave oven successfully broke free from its orbit around Earth on Monday and is headed toward the moon, the latest step in NASA's plan to land astronauts on the lunar surface again......»»

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How the Yurok Tribe is bringing back the California Condor

Birds' reintroduction offered insight into importance of parenting in species. Enlarge / The California condor is a New World vulture, the largest North American land bird. This condor became extinct in the wild in 1987, but the specie.....»»

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Nuclear waste, diamonds, and how they can revolutionize smartphone batteries

Using nuclear waste for a smartphone battery might sound crazy, but it's actually very real (and very impressive)......»»

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Jaguar Land Rover"s Bespoke ordering program boosts profit, satisfaction at Land Rover Princeton

The New Jersey dealership has grown its Bespoke orders to about 5 percent of sales of Range Rovers. Sales staff begin the process about six months before leases end......»»

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