Lab-Grown Meat Is on Shelves Now. But There’s a Catch

A store in Singapore is selling lab-grown chicken, but it contains only 3 percent animal cells......»»

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The OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite Boasts Nice Specs, but with a Catch

Meet OnePlus' latest Nord model. The post The OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite Boasts Nice Specs, but with a Catch appeared first on Phandroid. OnePlus has once again expanded its Nord line with the launch of the Nord CE4, which packs some impressive.....»»

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More M4: When the Mac will get upgraded with the latest Apple Silicon

So far, the only Apple hardware with the M4 chip is the iPad Pro — but Macs getting upgrades is inevitable. Here's when you can expect every Mac in the lineup to catch up.More M4 Macs could launch in 2024 and early 2025In May, Apple updated the iPa.....»»

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Long-awaited pro-level video app arrives on Android, with a catch

Blackmagic, one of the top makers of cinema-grade cameras and editing software, has launched an app for Android phones, but it comes with a catch......»»

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Everything leaving Netflix in July 2024

As it is every month, Netflix is gearing up to remove another great bunch of movies and shows. Read our full list here to catch them before they go......»»

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EVs may produce more emissions during manufacturing, but they quickly catch up

There's a narrative that EVs are just as bad for the environment due to battery manufacturing. Turns out, that's not even close to true......»»

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Every summer 2024 gaming showcase: full schedule and stream recaps

Trying to catch up on summer showcases you missed in June? Here's what aired and what was shown at each......»»

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Gala apples: Cold-induced ethylene impacted by harvest maturity, AVG treatment

Gala is a major apple cultivar grown worldwide that is mostly planted as red sports (genetic mutation), such as Royal, Brookfield, Fulford, and Galaxy. The red sports tend to have similar maturation profiles, but they allow earlier harvests and strip.....»»

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Apple’s MLS Season Pass adds Catch Up feature for key plays

Apple now lets you catch up on major plays in MLS matches on MLS Season Pass with the aptly named Catch Up feature......»»

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Apple TV app adds new ‘Catch Up’ feature for live streaming sports in MLS Season Pass

Apple today announced a new ‘Catch Up’ feature as part of MLS Season Pass. When joining a live stream for a game in progress, viewers can catch up on the action by watching a series of clips of highlights that have already happened during the gam.....»»

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Madden 25: 10 Things to Do Before It Arrives

Madden 25 arrives in August and there are some steps prospective buyers, and those who have pre-ordered, should take before the game lands on shelves. The Madden 25 release date is August 16th for all platforms, a list that includes PS4, PS5, Xbox On.....»»

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Mini liver model innovations promise more effective drug testing

A laboratory-grown mini liver model uniquely created with liver cells and a synthetic nanoscaffold has shown to be effective in mimicking the liver, promising a new and more effective testing method for medicines that is more ethical than animal test.....»»

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Lab-grown burgers and cricket salads could be "norm" by 2054, says UK report

Attitudes towards healthy diets could see insect proteins, including crickets, locusts, and grasshoppers becoming part of a more "flexitarian diet" in 2054, say researchers......»»

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How to change Siri"s name in iOS 18 to anything you like with Vocal Shortcuts

You can now have Siri respond when you call it by any name you like. There's a little catch, but here's how to do it in iOS 18.First you type the trigger name you want, then you're prompted to say it aloud three timesFirst you had to say "Hey, Siri,".....»»

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Is Apple Intelligence artificial?

In the days before WWDC, it was widely believed that Apple would be playing catch-up to everyone else in the consumer tech industry by rushing to bolt a copy of ChatGPT onto its software and checking off the feature box of "Artificial Intelligence.".....»»

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Apple Crime blotter: Tracked iPad helps catch kids who stole their teacher"s car

In this week's Apple crime roundup, a woman accused of AirPods theft sues the accusing school, there was a big iPhone theft from Verizon Store, and K9 dog's iPhone recovery may have saved a man's life.The Apple Store on Walnut Street in Philadelphia.....»»

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How to Avoid Getting Sick This Summer

A microbiologist explains how to not catch summertime germs at the barbecue, in the pool, or on the trail......»»

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Wyoming mayoral candidate wants to govern by AI bot

VIC, the bot, will make decisions for the "meat puppet" who shows up at meetings. Enlarge (credit: dakuq via Getty) Victor Miller is running for mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming, with an unusual campaign promise: If elected, h.....»»

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Greater gender equality associated with men eating meat more frequently than women, study finds

Men tend to eat meat more frequently than women and the extent of the differences in meat consumption frequency between both genders tend to be greater within countries with higher levels of gender equality and social and economic development, accord.....»»

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Scientists propose distance-based visual miRNA biosensor

Point-of-care testing (POCT) devices show great advantages over conventional diagnostic tests in being accessible to patients and providing timely diagnostic information. The global POCT market has grown remarkably over the past few decades. Distance.....»»

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Analyses show ancient Syrian diets resembled the modern "Mediterranean diet"

Thousands of years ago, people in ancient Syria likely ate mostly grains, grapes, olives and a small amount of dairy and meat—similar to today's "Mediterranean diet," according to a study published June 12 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Ben.....»»

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