Maker Faire Vienna 2023 Brings Together Maker Pioneers and Visionaries

Technology, art, science & crafts - Austria's largest DIY festival! The maker community will meet at the Maker Faire Vienna on June 3rd and 4th. Visitors can look forward to an extensive program with workshops and lectures. There is something for ev.....»»

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Robert Bollinger hands CEO reins of his EV maker to GM vet James Taylor

With production of the company's first commercial EV month away, Bollinger Motors appoints a new CEO......»»

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Fly Me to the Moon review: charming, bubbly fun

Scarlett Johansson brings her full star power to the sparkly, crowd-pleasing new screwball space movie, Fly Me to the Moon......»»

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2023 Rolling Hills Estates landslide likely began the winter before

Californians are familiar with landslides that occur around storms, when saturated soil and rock loses its grip and slips from its perch on the substrate. These types of landslides can be triggered by intense rainfall, and incoming storms can be a wa.....»»

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Dust in the air eased slightly in 2023: UN

The amount of dust in the air eased slightly in 2023, the United Nations said Friday, warning that poor environmental management was fueling sand and dust storms......»»

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Apple brings back classic Beats ‘Dude’ campaign to promote new Beats Pill speaker

Apple recently reintroduced the with a new, redesigned and improved model. And to promote the product’s comeback, the company also brought back the classic Beats campaign starring the Beats Pill Characters, also known as the “Beats Pill Dude.”.....»»

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Apple Pencil with USB-C now sold refurbished, but there are better deals

Customers seeking a lower-priced Apple Pencil with USB-C can now buy one from the official refurbished store in the US and Canada, but new models can be found at a similar price.Apple Pencil with USB-CApple Pencil with USB-C launched in November 2023.....»»

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Grab the Motorola Edge (2023) for $80 LESS!

It's an older phone, but it checks out. The post Grab the Motorola Edge (2023) for $80 LESS! appeared first on Phandroid. Motorola’s Edge series phones are undoubtedly some of the best-looking Android devices on the market, and they.....»»

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Unusual rainfall brings winter flowers to Chile"s Atacama desert

Large swaths of the Atacama desert, the driest on the planet, have been covered with purple and white flowers after unusual rainfall patterns in northern Chile......»»

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MacBooks are turning the tide for laptops

After a disappointing year in 2023, Apple MacBooks are bouncing back with a 20% increase in sales during Q2......»»

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Dutch winter bee mortality rate above 20%, finds annual survey

In the winter of 2023–2024, 21.2% of the Dutch population of honeybee colonies died. While this mortality rate is lower than that of the previous winter, it still represents a worryingly high number of bee colonies that did not survive this winter.....»»

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Prime Day coffee maker deals: $130 Bella Pro discounted to $30

Coffee lovers, you wouldn't want to miss the discounts that this year's Prime Day coffee maker deals bring. Here are our top picks, plus some shopping advice......»»

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Detroit 3 fall behind international automakers in U.S. vehicle production

International automakers produced more light vehicles in the U.S. than the Detroit 3 for the first time in 2023, according to a report from Autos Drive America and the American International Automobile Dealers Association released July 9......»»

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Hands-on: This 3-in-1 iPhone Qi2 charger brings MagSafe benefits for home or travel use

ESR first came on to my radar with their excellent , and the company makes some of the best iPhone chargers too. I’ve recently become a big fan of ESR’s 3-in-1 travel charger for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, which I’ve found fits in jus.....»»

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More Climate Lawsuits Than Ever Are Trying to Hold Companies and Countries to Account

At least 230 new climate cases were filed in 2023, but researchers noted the growth of such cases was slower than in prior years.....»»

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HomeKit Weekly: Starling Home Hub now allows direct video streaming to HomeKit for Nest cameras, bypassing Google’s cloud

Even as an Apple user, I can appreciate some of the work Google has done with its . I use the Google Nest doorbell and the in my house, and I am very happy with them. I use the Starling Home Hub. The latest Starling firmware brings support for somet.....»»

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iOS 18 beta 3: Here’s everything new

iOS 18 beta 3 has officially been released for developers. The update brings some notable changes to Home Screen customization, various design and interface tweaks, and more. Head below for the full roundup of everything new in iOS 18 beta 3. mo.....»»

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File comparison app Kaleidoscope updated with deeper Git Repositories integration

Kaleidoscope is a popular and powerful Mac app for users who constantly need to compare the differences between files and folders. The developers behind the app released Kaleidoscope 5 on Tuesday, which brings an important improvement to the app: int.....»»

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Apple probably isn"t taking a seat on OpenAI"s board after all

Microsoft has resigned its observer seat on ChatGPT maker OpenAI's board, and Apple is expected to pull out too, despite incorporating the AI technology in Apple Intelligence.Apple will no longer receive a board observer role at ChatGPT maker OpenAIA.....»»

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Apple is ramping up for a big iPhone 16 sales boost thanks to Apple Intelligence

Apple is hoping for a great second half of 2024, with the company reportedly having expectations that iPhone 16 shipments will be about 10% higher than its 2023 figures.A render of the iPhone 16Apple's presentation of Apple Intelligence at WWDC may h.....»»

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Moving from the visible to the infrared: Developing high quality nanocrystals

Awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, quantum dots have a wide variety of applications ranging from displays and LED lights to chemical reaction catalysis and bioimaging. These semiconductor nanocrystals are so small—on the order of nanometers.....»»

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