MediaTek’s real-time AI engine generates images as you type

At this year’s MWC in Barcelona, chip maker MediaTek showed off its new AI image generator. At this year’s MWC in Barcelona, chip maker MediaTek showed off the SDXL Turbo. The AI image generator can dynamically create images in re.....»»

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New 11-inch iPad Pro could be supply constrained due to OLED display shipments

Apple will announce new iPad models next month, and this includes a new generation iPad Pro powered by the M3 chip and featuring OLED displays for the first time. However, the 11-inch version may face supply problems due to OLED display shipments, wh.....»»

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Forcepoint DSPM safeguards sensitive information by examining data context and content

Forcepoint has launched Forcepoint Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), driven by AI to deliver real-time visibility, ease privacy compliance and minimize risks for data stored in multi-clouds and networks, including endpoints. Forcepoint DSPM ha.....»»

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iOS 17.5 Release Date & Time Narrows

The iOS 17.5 release date timing for iPhone has narrowed thanks to an announcement from Apple. Apple today pushed a new version of the iOS 17.5 beta to testers. It’s the third version of the beta which means the software is progressing toward a.....»»

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How to Get Ready for the Fallout 4 Next Gen Update

We’re just a couple of days away from Bethesda’s highly anticipated Fallout 4 next gen update which means it’s a great time to start prepping for its release. Earlier this month, the company announced plans to deploy the patch on Ap.....»»

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Linux can finally run your car’s safety systems and driver-assistance features

Increasingly, our cars will be controlled by a small number of powerful computers. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) There's a new Linux distro on the scene today, and it's a bit specialized. Its development was led by the.....»»

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Grindr users seek payouts after dating app shared HIV status with vendors

Grindr admitted sharing HIV status with software firms in 2018, said it stopped. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Thomas Trutschel) Grindr is facing a class action lawsuit from hundreds of users over the sharing of HIV st.....»»

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Microsoft’s Phi-3 shows the surprising power of small, locally run AI language models

Microsoft’s 3.8B parameter Phi-3 may rival GPT-3.5, signaling a new era of “small language models." Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new, freely available lightweight AI language model.....»»

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Hackers infect users of antivirus service that delivered updates over HTTP

eScan AV updates were delivered over HTTP for five years. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Hackers abused an antivirus service for five years in order to infect end users with malware. The attack worked because the service.....»»

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Why canned wine can smell like rotten eggs while beer and Coke are fine

Sulfur dioxide in the wine reacts with the aluminum to make hydrogen sulfide. Enlarge (credit: BackyardProduction/Getty Images) True wine aficionados might turn up their noses, but canned wines are growing in popularity.....»»

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The spam came from inside the house: How a smart TV can choke a Windows PC

The curious case of a living room screen making Windows' Settings app disappear. Enlarge / I have hundreds of UUIDs and I must scream. (credit: Getty Images) The modern "smart" TV asks a lot of us. In exchange for connec.....»»

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Star bars show universe"s early galaxies evolved much faster than previously thought

The universe's early galaxies were less chaotic and developed much faster than previously thought, according to new research looking back more than ten billion years in time. An international team of astronomers led by Durham University, UK, has used.....»»

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Beyond higher temperatures: Preparing for national security risks posed by climate change

When talk turns to climate change, certain images pop to mind—maybe polar bears on ever-shrinking ice floes, coral reefs drained of color, or more powerful hurricanes hitting the coast......»»

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From the coast to the deep sea, changing oxygen levels affect marine life in different ways

Earth's atmosphere maintains a constant level of oxygen, whether it is a wintry, rainy day or hot summer. Across the ocean, oxygen concentrations vary enormously between different places and over time. Sometimes oxygen levels change within the course.....»»

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The big quantum chill: Scientists modify common lab refrigerator to cool faster with less energy

By modifying a refrigerator commonly used in both research and industry, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have drastically reduced the time and energy required to cool materials to within a few degrees above ab.....»»

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Study shines light on properties and promise of hexagonal boron nitride, used in electronic and photonics technologies

Single-photon emitters (SPEs) are akin to microscopic lightbulbs that emit only one photon (a quantum of light) at a time. These tiny structures hold immense importance for the development of quantum technology, particularly in applications such as s.....»»

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Hurry! The Razer Blade 17 gaming laptop is 44% off today

Razer has a huge sale going on right now with a Razer Blade 17 laptop reduced by 44% for a limited time. Here's why you need it in your life......»»

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How to delete Slack messages on desktop and mobile

If you type a message in the wrong channel or add something to a conversation you don’t mean to, you can delete messages on Slack in just a few steps......»»

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How to do a hanging indent in Microsoft Word

Adding a hanging indent in Microsoft Word takes no time at all. Here’s a guide to help you implement this layout element......»»

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The 2024 Porsche Macan EV has character, pace, and the right badge

The new electric Porsche Macan starts at $78,800, deliveries begin later this year. Enlarge / The third-generation Porsche Macan drops the internal combustion engine—this one is only available as a battery electric vehicle. (cr.....»»

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This LIMITED TIME deal saves you 38% on this Ring doorbell bundle!

Amazon’s got a pretty awesome deal for a Ring bundle that includes the video doorbell and the flood light, so check it out! The post This LIMITED TIME deal saves you 38% on this Ring doorbell bundle! appeared first on Phandroid. If you w.....»»

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