Microsoft & OpenAI add AI image creation tool to Bing

After integrating ChatGPT into Bing, Microsoft is adding a tool to it, that creates images from words using an advanced version of OpenAI's DALL-E model.New AI tools from BingThe company announced the integration of ChatGPT into Bing and its Edge bro.....»»

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MS Paint app’s Windows 11 renaissance continues with dark mode, other updates

Paint app also picks up more granular zoom controls, new Settings page. Enlarge / Paint's long-promised dark mode is now available to Windows Insiders. (credit: Microsoft) In the summer of 2021, Microsoft’s efforts to.....»»

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Researchers develop new tool to identify nematode pest in beech leaf disease

Beech leaf disease (BLD) is an emerging threat to North American forest ecosystems. It was first discovered in northeastern Ohio in 2012, and has already spread to 12 additional U.S. states and Canadian provinces. At first the cause of the disease wa.....»»

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MS Paint gets its long-promised dark mode, along with other improvements

Paint app also picks up more granular zoom controls, new Settings page. Enlarge / Paint's long-promised dark mode is now available to Windows Insiders. (credit: Microsoft) In the summer of 2021, Microsoft’s efforts to.....»»

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A conductive self-healing hydrogel to create flexible sensors

Recent advancements in the field of electronics have enabled the creation of smaller and increasingly sophisticated devices, including wearable technologies, biosensors, medical implants, and soft robots. Most of these technologies are based on stret.....»»

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Kia no longer just a value brand, says America CEO Sean Yoon

Kia America CEO Sean Yoon said the company has gone through a transformative image overhaul, with new emphasis on crossovers and more disciplined incentive spending to improve consumer perception......»»

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Dangerous brain abscesses spiked in US kids as COVID restrictions dropped

Cases are on the decline, but still above baseline rates. Enlarge / An MRI image of a brain with an abscess causing seizures. (credit: Getty | BSIP) As pandemic restrictions eased, pediatricians around the country saw a.....»»

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Machine learning-based protein annotation tool predicts protein function

Microbes drive key processes of life on Earth. They affect global elemental cycles—the movement of carbon, nitrogen, and other elements. They also promote plant growth and affect the development of diseases. These roles are essential in every ecosy.....»»

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Using a gene-editing tool to improve productivity in rice crops

As global food insecurity climbed to a perilous high in 2022, scientists ramped up their efforts to perfect best practices for protecting the yields of major crops that are essential in combating this issue. And, while rice makes up a small portion o.....»»

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National Eating Disorders Association takes its AI chatbot offline after complaints of "harmful" advice

An eating disorder prevention organization said it had to take its AI-powered chatbot offline after some complained the tool began offering "harmful" and "unrelated" advice to those coming to it for support......»»

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Researchers get primate embryos to start organ development in culture dishes

The start of organ development can help us understand human developmental problems. Enlarge / Computer-generated image of an early stage in embryonic development, before organ formation starts. (credit: KATERYNA KON/SCIENCE PHOTO.....»»

Category: topSource:  arstechnicaRelated NewsJun 1st, 2023 launches new brand campaign, refreshes image

The company is launching a new branding campaign and debuted a revised logo in a bid to market itself as offering broader vehicle services to consumers......»»

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Microsoft launches online community for Mac admins

An official Microsoft Mac Admins forum has been launched to support IT professionals using Microsoft 365 or Intune on Macs.Microsoft 365 contains many widely-used productivity apps. The new forums are intended to become a central location for "valuab.....»»

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ChatGPT creator seeking to eliminate chatbot ‘hallucinations’

In a bid to make its chatbot technology more reliable, OpenAI engineers say they're working to reduce ChatGPT's erroneous outputs, also known as hallucinations......»»

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AI server chips in short supply

Nvidia's A100, A800, and H100 AI server processors have been in short supply, with Google, Microsoft, and other cloud service providers given supply priority, according to industry sources......»»

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This is the first X-ray taken of a single atom

SX-STM enables detection of atom type, simultaneous measurement of its chemical state. Enlarge / An image of a ring-shaped supramolecule where only one Fe atom is present in the entire ring. (credit: Saw-Wai Hla) Atomic.....»»

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AI crop predictor aids Africa"s crisis planning

An artificial intelligence (AI) tool is using satellite remote sensing and machine learning to predict agricultural yields of key crops across Africa, to help mitigate the harms of climate change and other crises, its developers say......»»

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Modeling study: Linking carbon markets with an allowance exchange rate yields environmental, economic dividends

Carbon markets have become a critical policy tool to combat climate change. They allow firms that emit greenhouse gases to buy and sell the right to pollute, which gives the firms flexibility while also reducing carbon emissions at the lowest cost. A.....»»

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This critical exploit could let hackers bypass your Mac’s defenses

Security researchers at Microsoft have found an exploit that could let hackers bypass one of your Mac’s most important defenses -- it’s time to update now......»»

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Kali Linux 2023.2 released: New tools, a pre-built Hyper-V image, a new audio stack, and more!

Offensive Security has released Kali Linux 2023.2, the latest version of its popular penetration testing and digital forensics platform. New tools in Kali Linux 2023.2 Aside from updates for existing tools, a new Kali version usually comes with new t.....»»

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macOS exploit found by Microsoft could bypass System Integrity Protection

Apple introduced System Integrity Protection (SIP) with OS X El Capitan in 2015, and it essentially adds multiple layers of security that blocks apps from accessing and modifying system files at a root level. While users can manually disable this fe.....»»

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