Microsoft Surface Pro X webcams quit working last week—flawed workaround issued

Microsoft working with OEMs on permanent driver fix for Windows-on-Arm devices. Enlarge / The Microsoft Surface Pro X. (credit: Jeff Dunn) Microsoft has issued a workaround for broken Surface Pro X cameras following use.....»»

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Microsoft clarifies Windows 11 23H2 update isn’t arriving next week

While the Copilot AI is about to arrive, the big annual update for 2023 won’t be along until later in Q4......»»

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Saturday Citations: Cutting the middleman out of spider silk synthesis; hungry black holes; Osiris-Rex is back!

This week, we reported on spider silk synthesis without spiders, and how policymakers are pursuing a wish-based approach to a global economy under climate change—what the kids call "manifesting" a green-growth future. Plus, black holes could be hun.....»»

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Crowdfunding conservation: A Pacific island"s plan to protect its waters

For a little under $150, you can now directly sponsor marine conservation across one square kilometer of the Pacific Ocean, through a novel scheme announced this week by the tiny island of Niue......»»

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Dealers alert to strike impact on showroom, service

Dealers said new-car inventory remains mostly stable in the second week of the UAW strike. But some are readying for a wider range of vehicles to become unavailable if the strike persists and expands to other assembly plants......»»

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UAW strike cost the economy $1.6B in first week, expected to grow exponentially

So far, the losses have been concentrated in Michigan, Indiana, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri and Ohio, where plants are shuttered over the strike......»»

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Unity exec tells Ars he’s on a mission to earn back developer trust

Interview: "It was not our intent to nickel-and-dime it, but it came across that way." Enlarge (credit: Unity) Unity executive Marc Whitten tells Ars the company has learned a lot over the last week. (credit: LinkedIn)If.....»»

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Microsoft unveils new Surface laptops, AI-powered Windows Copilot

At an event mainly intended to promote an artificial intelligence tool into the next Windows 11 update, Microsoft has refreshed its Surface laptop lineup with a spec bump and a new Intel Neural Processing Unit.Microsoft revealed new products at its S.....»»

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Apple releases macOS Ventura 13.6, iOS & iPadOS 16.7, watchOS 9.6.3, macOS Monterey 12.7

In a flurry of other releases on Thursday, Apple has also issued updates to macOS Ventura 13.6, iOS & iPadOS 16.7, watchOS 9.6.3, and even macOS Monterey 12.7.The newest version of macOS Ventura is now availableThe updates are very close to the last.....»»

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Depredations and depravities reign in this week’s Wheel of Time

Recap: The shadow rises, the Seanchan strengthen, and our characters face desperation. Enlarge / Still no safeword in Tel'aran'rhiod, Rand. (credit: Amazon Studios) Andrew Cunningham and Lee Hutchinson have spent decades.....»»

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Study explores supergiant iceberg"s huge impact on surrounding ocean surface

The melting of the supergiant iceberg A-68 had a huge impact on the ocean around South Georgia, in sub-Antarctica, and significantly changed the Southern Ocean's temperature and saltiness, with potentially major consequences for this ecologically sig.....»»

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Surface Laptop Go 3 vs. Surface Pro 7+

The Surface Laptop Go 3 is Microsoft's new affordable Surface laptop, but is it better than the still-affordable Surface Pro 7+ for business? Let's find out......»»

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Microsoft is finally on the verge of closing its Activision deal

Provisional CMA approval sets stage for clearing final regulatory hurdle. Enlarge / Taking a close look... (credit: Aurich Lawson / Ars Technica) The UK's Competition and Markets Authority has given its provisional appro.....»»

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A possible explanation for an increasing trend in the cyclone Genesis Potential Index in the Arabian Sea

A team of Earth scientists and oceanographers affiliated with several institutions in India, working with a colleague from the U.S., has developed possible explanations for some of the factors involved in the observed increasing trend in the cyclone.....»»

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Everything Microsoft didn’t announce at its 2023 Surface event

Microsoft has just unveiled lots of new products, from Surface laptops to the AI-powered Copilot -- but some products were missing from the lineup......»»

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Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition is about to clear its final hurdle

In a positive development for Microsoft, the U.K. is now open to approving its Activision Blizzard acquisition......»»

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Britain set to approve amended Microsoft-Activision deal

Microsoft's proposed multibillion-dollar purchase of Activision Blizzard took a step closer to fruition on Friday as UK regulators said an amended version of the deal is likely to resolve their concerns over the acquisition......»»

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Suppliers look to limit layoffs as UAW strike enters second week

Suppliers impacted by the UAW strike are hoping to avoid laying off workers for as long as they can, fearing that those workers will find other jobs by the time automakers resume production......»»

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Rocket Report: Two small launchers fail in flight; Soyuz crew flies to ISS

This wasn't a great week for small launch vehicles. Enlarge / NASA Astronaut Loral O'Hara, Russian commander Oleg Kononenko, and cosmonaut Nikolai Chub prepare for launch September 15 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. (cr.....»»

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Microsoft"s new Call of Duty deal set for UK approval

The revised offer "opens the door" to the deal being cleared, the UK competition watchdog says......»»

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Britain says may clear restructured Microsoft-Activision deal

Microsoft's restructuring of its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard "opens the door" to the deal being cleared, Britain's antitrust regulator said Friday......»»

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