Morgan Stanley hikes AAPL target to $190, because "Reality Pro" will be a $20 billion platform

Investment firm Morgan Stanley has raised its Apple price target to $190 on the expectation it will launch a category-defining AR and VR headset — and in doing so, dramatically expand the market.An Apple Store logoAhead of Apple's WWDC announcement.....»»

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Largest asteroid sample ever collected is coming down to Earth

Chunks of asteroid that could tell us about the earliest days of the 4.5 billion-year-old solar system and the possible origins of water on our planet are set to land in the Utah desert Sunday......»»

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We can"t see the first stars yet, but we can see their direct descendants

If you take a universe worth of hydrogen and helium, and let it stew for about 13 billion years, you get us. We are the descendants of the primeval elements. We are the cast-off dust of the first stars, and many generations of stars after that. So ou.....»»

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Could spent coffee grounds provide an alternative to plastic packaging?

Next to water, coffee is the most popular beverage on Earth and is the world's second most traded good, trailing only oil. It is estimated that humans drink more than 2 billion cups of coffee per day with over 60% of Americans having a cup each day......»»

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Machine-learning-boosted drug discovery with 10-fold time reduction

Boosting virtual screening with machine learning allowed for a 10-fold time reduction in the processing of 1.56 billion drug-like molecules. Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland teamed up with industry and supercomputers to carry out on.....»»

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Earth"s crust, tectonic plates gradually formed, geoscientists find

The Earth's crust continued a slow process of reworking for billions of years, rather than rapidly slowing its growth some 3 billion years ago, according to a Penn State-led research team. The new finding contradicts existing theories that suggest th.....»»

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Cisco taps new M&A firm Tidal for $28 billion Splunk acquisition deal

A new mergers and acquisitions advisory firm launched last year by former Centerview Partners dealmakers has scored a big win by advising Cisco Systems on its $28 billion acquisition of cybersecurity firm Splunk......»»

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Profiling artemisinin"s antimalarial mechanism: Research team reveals crucial target proteins

Jigang Wang and colleagues have made significant progress in unraveling the antimalarial mechanisms of artemisinin (ART) and its derivatives. Their latest research, published in the journal Engineering, sheds light on the crucial target proteins and.....»»

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Reality is an illusion in the first trailer for Awareness

Watch the trailer for Amazon Prime Video's new sci-fi film Awareness, which looks like a cross between The Matrix and a long-forgotten superhero movie......»»

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YouTube unveils a slew of new AI-powered tools for creators

YouTube on Thursday unveiled a slew of new artificial intelligence-powered tools to help creators produce videos and reach a wider audience on the platform, as companies race to incorporate buzzy generative AI technology directly into their core prod.....»»

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Black creators built TikTok. But Black employees say they experienced "toxicity and racism"

Nnete Matima said she was attracted to work at TikTok because of how the social media platform was "really built upon Black culture" and the work of Black creators......»»

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Achromatic diffractive liquid-crystal optics for virtual reality displays

As a promising candidate for the next-generation mobile platform, mixed reality (MR) such as Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro (both are passthrough virtual reality headsets) has the potential to revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with.....»»

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Unveiling the science of ultrasound-driven microbubble desorption

Injecting drugs into the bloodstream can often harm healthy tissues as well. Drug delivery systems (DDSs) are an innovative solution designed to target specific cells and minimize such side effects. One strategy for drug delivery that has steadily ga.....»»

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CyberArk and Accenture join forces to improve identity security for organizations

CyberArk announced that Accenture has expanded its deployment of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform to include CyberArk Privilege Cloud. The solution enables Accenture to control and monitor privileged access across on-premises, cloud and hybrid.....»»

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9to5Mac Daily: September 20, 2023 – Apple stock trading platform, iPhone 15 repairs

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. Sponsored by Ur.....»»

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High seas treaty moves closer to reality with first signatures

Dozens of nations on Wednesday began signing a first-ever treaty on protecting the international high seas, raising hopes that it will come into force soon and protect threatened ecosystems vital to the planet......»»

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NordVPN Sonar helps internet users detect phishing emails

NordVPN launched its first experimental project under the NordLabs platform. The AI-enabled browser extension Sonar aims to help internet users detect phishing emails and protect themselves from cybercrimes. “AI tools have facilitated the autom.....»»

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1Password introduces mobile support for passkeys

1Password customers can now create, manage, and sign in with passkeys on a growing number of websites and apps, providing cross-platform access on iOS 17 and Android 14, as well as all major web browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Later this fall, 1.....»»

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Cybellum launches Product Security Synergy Services

Cybellum launched new Product Security Synergy Services, augmenting its platform with a broad set of expert services, covering the entire product lifecycle. Device manufacturers and their suppliers, across all safety-critical industries, including au.....»»

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Legit Security raises $40 million to address AI’s threats to applications

Legit Security has successfully closed a $40 million venture capital round investment led by CRV with participation from existing investors Cyberstarts, Bessemer Venture Partners, and TCV. Legit Security’s ASPM platform continuously reduces app.....»»

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Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform enables users to achieve better business outcomes

Oracle announced the Fusion Data Intelligence Platform, a next-generation data, analytics, and AI platform that will help Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications customers achieve better business outcomes by combining data-driven insights with intelligent d.....»»

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