NASA explains the mission to bring samples of Mars soil, rock and atmosphere back to Earth

NASA's Mars Sample Return Mission aims to bring 30 samples of rock, soil and atmosphere now being collected by the Perseverance rover back to Earth sometime in the early 2030s. The goal is to look for signs of past life and also to find out more abou.....»»

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How to use Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

This tutorial explains how you can use Amazon Prime Video Watch Party. The post How to use Amazon Prime Video Watch Party first appeared on Phandroid. Amazon Prime Video is one of the leading streaming services with a number of binge-worthy.....»»

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Subsurface water on Mars defy expectations: Physics connects seismic data to properties of rocks and sediments

A new analysis of seismic data from NASA's Mars InSight mission has revealed a couple of surprises......»»

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Goodyear to design airless tyres for future lunar vehicle

Tyre-maker Goodyear has announced it will join aerospace company Lockheed Martin and car manufacturer General Motors to develop a vehicle for NASA's next lunar landing, set for 2025. Read more Tyre-maker Goodyear has announced it will join a.....»»

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Microsoft Clap’s Back At Sony, Accuses Its Competitor Of Paying Developers To Not Bring Their Titles To Game Pass

Microsoft has accused Sony of paying developers for "blocking rights," fees meant to actively block content from appearing on Xbox Game Pass. The post Microsoft Clap’s Back At Sony, Accuses Its Competitor Of Paying Developers To Not Bring Thei.....»»

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A ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid will zoom past Earth this week

NASA expects a potentially hazardous asteroid to zoom past Earth later this week. The asteroid’s approach can be seen in more detail on the NEO Earth Close Approaches list, which NASA keeps updated. Based on observations, the asteroid is between 42.....»»

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Prehistoric Brits used rare rock crystals to mark burial sites, research finds

Distinctive and rare rock crystals were moved over long distances by Early Neolithic Brits and were used to mark their burial sites, according to groundbreaking new archaeological research......»»

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Building on the moon and Mars? You"ll need extraterrestrial cement for that

Sustained space exploration will require infrastructure that doesn't currently exist: buildings, housing, rocket landing pads......»»

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NASA"s Fermi telescope confirms star wreck as source of extreme cosmic particles

Astronomers have long sought the launch sites for some of the highest-energy protons in our galaxy. Now a study using 12 years of data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope confirms that one supernova remnant is just such a place......»»

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Putting together the Webb telescope’s mid-infrared eyes

The Mid-Infrared Instrument needs to be at 7 Kelvin to work. Enlarge / The dust in this galaxy, shaded red, required the MIRI instrument to resolve. (credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI) There is more than one reason why the Mid-Inf.....»»

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23 climate change documentaries you need to watch because this planet is NOT fine

In case you hadn’t noticed, things aren’t fine with our planet. But as Greta Thunberg would say, some of us still aren’t panicking enough. Earth is growing hotter by the year, with heat records being smashed around the globe. Extrem.....»»

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Lena Dunham"s "Catherine Called Birdy" trailer is charged with medieval girl power

You're cordially invited to Stonebridge Manor for Lena Dunham's directorial endeavour, Catherine Called Birdy. But do not, by any means, bring any form of suitor with you if you don't want a pigeon put on you.It's 1290 and Lord Rollo (Andrew Scott) s.....»»

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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Bring 360 Audio, Better Fit at $229

The new high-end wireless earbuds from Samsung are official as the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. These new Buds 2 Pro are ANC-equipped buds with “360 Audio” to give you sound that surrounds you, a more secure and comfortable fit through a new design.....»»

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NASA is sending an iPad around the moon to help test Alexa in space

NASA is about to launch its new mega moon rocket called Space Launch System. As it turns out, important cargo from Apple will be involved. SLS is sending an uncrewed spacecraft called Orion to the moon on a lengthy mission called Artemis 1. The mis.....»»

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Galaxy Buds2 Pro foreshadows Hi-Fi quality coming to AirPods Pro 2

Samsung just announced during its Unpacked event the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro. While you could think it’s just another wireless earbuds with long battery life and ANC, these earbuds bring, in fact, the next generation of audio quality, which will like.....»»

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Madrid meteor"s cometary origins unearthed

A fireball spotted over Madrid has had its astronomical ancestry unearthed. While it ended its days burning up in Earth's atmosphere on 31 July this year, the fragment began its life as part of Comet 169P/NEAT, responsible for the annual Alpha Capric.....»»

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NASA’s DART Craft Could Leave Asteroid ‘Unrecognizable’: Study

With a diameter of just 560 feet (170 meters), NASA expected DART's 500-kilogram impactor to leave a crater and affect the satellite's orbit around the larger Didymos. Not so, says the new study. The post NASA̵.....»»

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How centuries of self-isolation turned Japan into one of the most sustainable societies on Earth

At the start of the 1600s, Japan's rulers feared that Christianity—which had recently been introduced to the southern parts of the country by European missionaries—would spread. In response, they effectively sealed the islands off from the outsid.....»»

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Commonly used chemical fixation causes aggregation artifact

Researchers at Kanazawa University report in Communications Biology that using common chemicals for fixing living cell samples for microscopy studies causes membrane proteins to aggregate......»»

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Amazon rainforest growth limited by lack of phosphorus

Growth of the Amazon rainforest in our increasingly carbon-rich atmosphere could be limited by a lack of phosphorus in the soil, new research shows......»»

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Evidence that giant meteorite impacts created the continents

New Curtin research has provided the strongest evidence yet that Earth's continents were formed by giant meteorite impacts that were particularly prevalent during the first billion years or so of our planet's four-and-a-half-billion year history......»»

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