New F1 Sprint Race Format is a Terrible Idea

Formula 1 is introducing an awful new sprint race format that nobody asked for The post New F1 Sprint Race Format is a Terrible Idea appeared first on The News Wheel......»»

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Historians race to find Great Lakes shipwrecks before quagga mussels destroy the sites

The Great Lakes' frigid fresh water used to keep shipwrecks so well preserved that divers could see dishes in the cupboards. Downed planes that spent decades underwater were left so pristine they could practically fly again when archaeologists finall.....»»

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Biologists in slow and steady race to help North America"s largest and rarest tortoise species

While the average lifespan of North America's largest and most rare tortoise species is unknown, biologists have said it could span upward of a century......»»

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Apple updates iWork with iOS 17, macOS Sonoma features

Newly updated iWork 13.2 with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for the Mac, iPad, and iPad, has now been launched to take advantage of Apple's new operating system updates.Image Credit: AppleAll three iWork apps have added support for USDZ format, which.....»»

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YouTube drop tests are a terrible indication of iPhone durability

YouTubers have already flocked to Australia and other territories to perform drop tests on the new iPhone 15 — but given that there is usually zero scientific rigor in the testing, they're just done for entertainment.When dropped from a height, an.....»»

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Inside the Race to Stop a Deadly Viral Outbreak in India

Quick thinking and medical sleuthing allowed Kerala to contain a potentially disastrous Nipah virus outbreak this month—but with viral spillovers happening more frequently, containment is a fragile shield......»»

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Understanding compound events in a changing climate

Climate change has made extreme weather events more frequent and intense worldwide. Some examples of climate-related disasters in recent years include the serious flooding in Venice, Italy in 2019, the terrible heat waves and wildfires in Australia i.....»»

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YouTube unveils a slew of new AI-powered tools for creators

YouTube on Thursday unveiled a slew of new artificial intelligence-powered tools to help creators produce videos and reach a wider audience on the platform, as companies race to incorporate buzzy generative AI technology directly into their core prod.....»»

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First contact could turn out well for humanity

You've heard this story before. An advanced alien race comes to Earth. They offer peace and prosperity, but they hold a dark secret. One that could destroy humanity. That dark secret has varied over the years, from stealing our water, books on culina.....»»

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Idea of green growth losing traction among climate policy researchers, survey of nearly 800 academics reveals

When she took to the floor to give her State of the Union speech on 13 September, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen largely stood by the script. Describing her vision of an economically buoyant and sustainable Europe in the era of cl.....»»

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New Mars gravity analysis improves understanding of possible ancient ocean

The first use of a novel method of analyzing Mars' gravitational force supports the idea that the planet once had an extensive northern ocean......»»

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High-energy-density chemical fuel powers bug-sized robots to leap, lift and race

Cornell researchers combined soft microactuators with high-energy-density chemical fuel to create an insect-scale quadrupedal robot that is powered by combustion and can outrace, outlift, outflex and outleap its electric-driven competitors......»»

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Malibu Triathlon at risk of cancelation: An endangered fish is in the way

For decades, thousands of athletes have gathered each fall at Malibu's Zuma Beach to swim, then bike and run along the coast in a race that has raised millions for local charities, including Children's Hospital Los Angeles......»»

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Meet Fitbit’s Newly-Redesigned Smartphone App

With that said, Fitbit finally took off the wraps on its new app, giving users an idea of what they can expect in managing and tracking their health and fitness. The post Meet Fitbit’s Newly-Redesigned Smartphone App appeared first on Phandroid.....»»

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An ambitious new technology might be needed to see other Earths

The race is on to discover truly habitable Earth-like worlds. While we are starting to observe the atmospheres of large potentially habitable planets such as Hycean worlds with the telescopes we currently have, the most significant breakthroughs will.....»»

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A water carrier just won the hardest cycling race on the planet

The cycling drama came to a head on top of the most demanding mountain in Europe. Enlarge / Cyclist Sepp Kuss, center, on the podium of the 21st stage of the Vuelta a España with Jonas Vingegaard, left, and Primoz Roglic, right......»»

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I bought Nvidia’s worst-value GPU, but I don’t regret it

The Nvidia graphics card I ended up buying isa terrible value, but I still wouldn't have chosen AMD if I had to make the same decision again......»»

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US TikTok ban still subject of negotiation; app fined for misusing children’s data

Although the previous White House incumbent threatened a US TikTok ban and then quietly dropped it, the idea never quite went away. A new report says that fresh meetings have taken place between Bytedance, the Chinese owner of the app, and US governm.....»»

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We finally know when Hades II will enter early access

Supergiant Games finally gave us a better idea of when we'll be able to play the early access version of Hades 2......»»

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iCloud+ gets larger storage tiers, but the lowest tier is still terrible

Apple didn't expand the default and awful iCloud storage tier, but iCloud+ is getting significant boosts on the high-end.iCloud+ gains new storage optionsiCloud+ got a last-second mention during the Wonderlust keynote, but very little information was.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy A25 Specs Pop up Online

The phone was spotted via a Geekbench listing online, which gives us an idea of what hardware it will come with. The post Samsung Galaxy A25 Specs Pop up Online appeared first on Phandroid. Another day, another new Samsung phone – it.....»»

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