New feather mite species discovered on the endangered Okinawa rail

A research group led by Dr. Tsukasa Waki of Toho University and Professor Satoshi Shimanono of Hosei University have discovered a new mite species, Metanalges agachi, which is thought to clean the feathers of the endangered Okinawa rail, endemic to t.....»»

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1,500-year-old reliquary discovered

Since the summer of 2016, archaeologists from Innsbruck have been carrying out excavations in a late antique hilltop settlement in southern Austria. Two years ago, they made a sensational discovery: a Christian reliquary was still hidden in a previou.....»»

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Species composition and succession of coral reef fishes in Huaguang Reef, Xisha Islands

Huaguang Reef, one of the expansive atolls in the Xisha Islands, is completely mature, stretching 31 kilometers from east to west and 12 kilometers from north to south. Positioned as a concealed reef in the water, only the north and south gates are c.....»»

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In a world-first, researchers map a 4,200 km transatlantic flight of the painted lady butterfly

In October 2013, Gerard Talavera, a researcher from the Botanical Institute of Barcelona at CSIC, made a surprising discovery of painted lady butterflies on the Atlantic beaches of French Guiana—a species not typically found in South America. This.....»»

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Windows WiFi vulnerability lets hackers remotely hijack your PC

A newly-discovered Windows WiFi vulnerability could potentially let hackers remotely hijack your PC, so patch it now! The post Windows WiFi vulnerability lets hackers remotely hijack your PC appeared first on Phandroid. There are always bo.....»»

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Apple"s on-device email categorization is a feature years in the making

Apple recently announced an all-new email categorization feature for iOS 18, but a newly-discovered prototype of the UI dates back to around five years ago, before the release of iOS 13.Apple's email categorization feature was originally created with.....»»

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UNESCO wants to add Stonehenge to list of endangered heritage sites

The UN's cultural organization said Monday it recommended adding Stonehenge, the renowned prehistoric site in England, to its world heritage in danger list, in what would be seen as an embarrassment for London......»»

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New tipping point discovered beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

A new and worrying way that large ice sheets can melt has been characterized by scientists for the first time. The research focuses on how relatively warm seawater can lap at the underside of ground-based ice, which can accelerate the movement of the.....»»

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What the 3.2 million-year-old Lucy fossil reveals about nudity and shame

Fifty years ago, scientists discovered a nearly complete fossilized skull and hundreds of pieces of bone of a 3.2-million-year-old female specimen of the genus Australopithecus afarensis, often described as "the mother of us all." During a celebratio.....»»

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Astronomers find three potential super-Earths around nearby star

Astronomers have discovered three potential "super-Earth" exoplanets orbiting a relatively nearby orange dwarf star. This groundbreaking find was made by an international team of researchers led by Dr. Shweta Dalal from the University of Exeter......»»

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Researchers find unexpected excitations in a kagome layered material

Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy Ames National Laboratory have discovered an unexpected chiral excitation in the kagome layered topological magnet TbMn6Sn6. This chiral excitation can be viewed as a localized magnetic swirl or vortex. T.....»»

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Why are threat actors faking data breaches?

Earlier this year Europcar discovered a hacker selling info on its 50 million customers on the dark web. The European car rental company immediately launched an investigation, only to discover that the data being sold was completely doctored, possibl.....»»

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We"ve found a way to help endangered eels overcome dams and weirs

The European eel Anguilla anguilla, a sleek, snake-like fish with a fascinating life cycle, once teemed in rivers. But their numbers have plummeted by more than 95% since the 1980s......»»

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Kangaroo teeth grow forever—and keep a record of their owner"s age and sex

How do you find out the age of a wild animal? For some Australian marsupials, we have discovered you can tell from their teeth......»»

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Unlocking broccoli"s genome: Key to enhanced health benefits

Broccoli is renowned for its health benefits, primarily due to its rich glucosinolate (GSL) content, which has anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. Despite extensive studies on Brassica species, the genetic basis for GSL diversity remains un.....»»

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Many more bacteria produce greenhouse gases than previously thought, study finds

Caltech researchers have discovered a new class of enzymes that enable a myriad of bacteria to "breathe" nitrate when in low-oxygen conditions. While this is an evolutionary advantage for bacterial survival, the process produces the greenhouse gas ni.....»»

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Exploring the roots of the Anthropocene

Understanding how tropical land use and deforestation affects the dynamics of the global Earth system and identifying potential tipping points are key to the future of our species on this planet. By exploring the long history of human societies in tr.....»»

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Finding the ecological balance while countering invasive species

In 2003, Anne Nielsen became the first doctoral student in the U.S. to study the brown marmorated stink bug, which was beginning its ascendancy as an invasive species notoriously damaging to crops......»»

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Saving the woodrats: Zoo raises endangered species for wild release

Inside a hallway of the veterinary hospital at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, a popular new program plays 24/7 on a computer screen......»»

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Insecticides contribute to drop in butterfly species across US MidWest: Study

Insecticide use is a major factor causing a decrease in the size and diversity of butterfly populations across the US Midwest, reports Braeden Van Deynze of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and colleagues in a study published June 20 in.....»»

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Scotland"s capercaillie population offered extinction lifeline

Researchers might have solved the riddle of how to save one of Scotland's most iconic protected species from eating another......»»

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