Not as simple as thought: How bacteria form membrane vesicles

Researchers from the University of Tsukuba identified a novel mechanism by which bacteria form membrane vesicles, which bacteria employ to communicate with each other or to defend themselves against antibiotics. By studying mycolic acid-containing ba.....»»

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On the origins of money: Ancient European hoards full of standardized bronze objects

In the Early Bronze Age of Europe, ancient people used bronze objects as an early form of money, even going so far as to standardize the shape and weight of their currency, according to a study published January 20, 2020 in the open-access journal PL.....»»

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Lessons that insurrection selfies hold for legitimate enterprises

The pro-Trump rioters who invaded the Capitol on January 6 came with smartphones to record and celebrate what they thought was a righteous effort to prevent president-elect Joe Biden from taking office two weeks later.Now those electronic devices,.....»»

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New antifungal compound from ant farms

Attine ants are farmers, and they grow fungus as food. Pseudonocardia and Streptomyces bacteria are their farmhands, producing metabolites that protect the crop from pathogens. Surprisingly, these metabolites lack common structural features across ba.....»»

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Red yeast from deep-sea sediment shows anticancer and antibacterial properties

Numerous natural products are awaiting discovery in all kinds of natural habitats. Especially microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi are able to produce diverse natural products with high biomedical application potential in particular as antibiotic.....»»

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3-D printing highly stretchable hydrogel with diverse UV curable polymers

Hydrogel-polymer hybrids are widely used across a variety of applications to form biomedical devices and flexible electronics. However, the technologies are presently limited to hydrogel-polymer hybrid laminates containing silicone rubbers. This can.....»»

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Breakthrough in understanding "tummy bug" bacteria

Scientists have discovered how bacteria commonly responsible for seafood-related stomach upsets can go dormant and then "wake up"......»»

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Testing the waters: Analyzing different solid states of water on other planets and moons

Just like on Earth, water on other planets, satellites, and even comets comes in a variety of forms depending on multiple factors such as pressure and temperature. Aside from the gaseous, liquid, and solid states we are accustomed to, water can form.....»»

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Researchers create new form of cultivated meat

McMaster researchers have developed a new form of cultivated meat using a method that promises more natural flavor and texture than other alternatives to traditional meat from animals......»»

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Scientists present novel approach for monitoring freshwater health

Researchers have used the world's smallest, smartphone-sized DNA sequencing device to monitor hundreds of different bacteria in a river ecosystem......»»

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CRISPR technology shown to dial down gene activity in bacteria

In a series of experiments with laboratory-cultured bacteria, Johns Hopkins scientists have found evidence that there is a second role for the widely used gene-cutting system CRISPR-Cas9—as a genetic dimmer switch for CRISPR-Cas9 genes. Its role of.....»»

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Multidimensional coherent spectroscopy reveals triplet state coherences in cesium lead-halide perovskite nanocrystals

Advanced optoelectronics require materials with newly engineered characteristics. Examples include a class of materials named metal-halide perovskites that have tremendous significance to form perovskite solar cells with photovoltaic efficiencies. Re.....»»

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CES 2021: Smart sport kit put to the test

Can a virtual reality cricket bat and bluetooth-connected baseball improve your form?.....»»

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Nuvyyo Tablo Dual HDMI OTA DVR review: Simple and direct

This is Nuvyyo's first OTA DVR to connect directly to TVs......»»

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E-scooter rider given ban for drink-driving on Isle of Wight

Kyah Jordan is thought to be the first person convicted of drink-driving on an e-scooter in the UK......»»

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A "super-puff" planet like no other

The core mass of the giant exoplanet WASP-107b is much lower than what was thought necessary to build up the immense gas envelope surrounding giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn, astronomers at Université de Montréal have found......»»

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New mathematical model: How dangerous bacteria form colonies

It can be observed every time you take a shower: Small droplets of water join together to form larger and larger drops—until they are so heavy that they run down the wall. Scientists call this daily-life phenomenon coalescence—which surprisingly.....»»

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Artificial intelligence helps in the search for new antibiotics

With the search for new antibiotics becoming increasingly urgent, artificial intelligence offers valuable help. Smart software developed by Leiden Ph.D. candidate Alexander Kloosterman searched genomes of bacteria and found clusters of DNA that code.....»»

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Phase diagram for infinite layer nickel superconductors

NUS physicists have developed a method to induce the transition of a rare-earth nickelate from their native perovskite form to infinite-layer structures. This allowed them to build a complete phase diagram of this nickelate superconductor......»»

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Cosmic beasts and where to find them

Two giant radio galaxies have been discovered with South Africa's powerful MeerKAT telescope. These galaxies are thought to be amongst the largest single objects in the Universe. The discovery has been published today in Monthly Notices of the Royal.....»»

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Our galaxy is lonelier than we thought, New Horizons data shows

It was previously thought that there were trillions of galaxies in our universe, but new research using NASA's Deep Horizons mission questions that figure......»»

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