Nvidia RTX 3050 may be the entry-level savior gamers need

We are just days away from the launch of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050. We now know more about the GPU, including benchmarks, mining performance, and price......»»

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Facebook for iOS dark mode interface disappears for many users

The Facebook app is now missing one of the most-used system-level features of iOS. As spotted by many Facebook users and confirmed by 9to5Mac, the dark mode option in Facebook for iOS has disappeared without explanation. While this is likely a bug,.....»»

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Observation of fractional exclusion statistics in quantum critical matter

A quantum system consisting of a large number of microscopic particles obeys statistical laws at the macroscopic level. In nature, there are two kinds of microscopic quantum particles. One is the boson satisfying the Bose-Einstein statistics, and the.....»»

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Researchers unravel role of cohesins in embryonic stem cell division

Chromosomes undergo precise structural changes at a molecular level during the different phases of cell division. These changes occur at a high level of accuracy to prevent genome instability. Genome instability resulting from broken, missing, or rea.....»»

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RTX 3070 mobile GPUs being used in unauthorized mining cards in Asia

A Chinese marketplace has several unauthorized Nvidia RTX graphics cards powered by repurposed RTX 3070 mobile GPUs and is directly marketing them to cryptominers......»»

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VisEra gearing up for metalens processing nodes

TSMC subsidiary VisEra Technologies, which offers image sensor foundry, wafer-level testing and wafer-level optical film services, has said it will deepen the development of related processing nodes to manufacture metalenses for AR/VR, mobile devices.....»»

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You can now buy an EVGA RTX 3090 Ti below MSRP

EVGA has just discounted several of its Nvidia RTX 30 graphics cards. The high-end RTX 3090 Ti is actually selling below its retail price for the first time......»»

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Actron gains from new energy vehicle applications

Actron Technology's shipments of ultra low loss diodes (ULLDs) for cars in the first quarter amounted to 70% of their 2021 level, reflecting the automotive industry's swelling demand for energy-saving products, according to market sources......»»

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Against all odds, crypto mining on Nvidia GPUs is back again

Crafty hardware manufacturers started turning Nvidia's laptop GPUs into desktop models in order to bypass the LHR restriction that blocks crypto mining......»»

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Daily Deals May 26: Woot-off, 42% off 27-inch gaming monitor, Level Lock for $249, D&D book sale, more

Thursday's best deals include $350 off a Samsung 50-inch 4K TV, $180 off a eufy robot vacuum, 30% off Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, and much more.Best deals May 26AppleInsider checks online stores every day to find offers and discounts on a variety of produ.....»»

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AUO, Nvidia and Asus ROG jointly announce refresh rate 500Hz esports monitor

AU Optronics (AUO), Nvidia and Asus ROG have jointly announced the release of what they call the world's highest refresh rate panel featured in a 24.1-inch ROG Swift 500Hz esports monitor......»»

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Scientists discover a gene that plays a critical role in embryo development

A new study co-led by a Cedars-Sinai investigator has identified a gene that plays an important role in a biological pathway involved in embryo development. The gene's impact at the cellular level could explain why some babies are born with physical.....»»

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A PC monitor with a 500 Hz refresh rate is coming from Asus

Upcoming 500 Hz monitor targets PC gamers with beefed-up systems, various skill levels. Enlarge (credit: Nvidia) A 24-inch PC monitor with the ability to update its image 500 times per second will be available soon, Asus and.....»»

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Google Brings Street View History To Phones, Introduces "Street View Studio"

Today is the 15th birthday of Google Maps Street View, Google's project to take ground-level, 360-degree photographs of the entire world. To celebrate, the company is rolling out a few new features. From a report: First up, Google is bringing histori.....»»

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Basic income could cut poverty to lowest level in 60 years at no net cost

A new universal basic income model could cut poverty by more than half at no net cost, reducing it to its lowest level for 60 years, according to a report co-authored by a University of York academic......»»

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New tool measures atomic scale defects, identifies transistor limitations

A new technique for studying defects in semiconductor materials could lead to improved speed, power and performance of electronic devices by revealing the atomic-level limitations of advanced materials......»»

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Nvidia’s first CPU is here and powering next-gen cloud gaming

Nvidia has just announced its upcoming data center and server portfolio, the Grace CPU Superchip and the Grace Hopper Superchip, made for HPC......»»

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Nvidia’s new liquid-cooled GPUs are heading to data centers

Nvidia announced two new liquid-cooled GPUs at Computex 2022, but they aren't coming to high-end gaming rigs. They're headed to the data center......»»

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What does prioritizing cybersecurity at the leadership level entail?

Week after week, month after month, shareholder cyber lawsuits hit the news. Capital One settles for $190 million. A class-action lawsuit was filed against Ultimate Kronos Group for alleged negligence regarding a ransomware attack, identifying a poor.....»»

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Everything CDC wants you to know about monkeypox and the current risk level

"We do know a lot about monkeypox from many decades of studying it" Enlarge / A negative stain electron micrograph of a monkeypox virus virion in human vesicular fluid. (credit: Getty | BSIP) The US Centers for Disease Contro.....»»

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Nvidia Lovelace RTX 40 series: everything we know so far

The next generation of Nvidia GPUs is coming, so what do we know about the GeForce RTX 30 series' successor?.....»»

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