Out-of-control Australian bushfire threatens Perth homes

Australian firefighters said they expect to battle an out-of-control bushfire well into the night on Saturday, as the blaze threatens lives and homes in the west coast city of Perth......»»

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TDS Telecom Outlines Gigabit Fiber Expansion into Boise

TDS Telecom Outlines Gigabit Fiber Expansion into Boise TDS Telecom is expanding its gigabit fiber broadband service to more than 26,000 homes and businesses in Boise, Idaho, the company says. Consumers will be offered speeds up to 1 Gbps, TDS TV+ I.....»»

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5G’s arrival has great implications for the smart home’s growth

The speed and low latency of 5G networks holds a lot of potential for improving smart home devices and giving users better control overall......»»

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Hard-coded key vulnerability in Logix PLCs has severity score of 10 out of 10

Critical authentication bypass flaw affects the entire Logix product line. Enlarge (credit: Rockwell Automation) Hardware that is widely used to control equipment in factories and other industrial settings can be remotely commandeered by explo.....»»

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Using landscape connectivity to control deadly mosquito-borne viruses

A research team has developed a new method for tracking how the deadly yellow fever mosquito moves through the environment, a potentially critical tool for controlling the insect and the diseases it spreads......»»

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Pesticide imidacloprid threatens future for key pollinator

An insecticide used to control pest infestations on squash and pumpkins significantly hinders the reproduction of ground-nesting bees—valuable pollinators for many food crops, a new University of Guelph study has revealed......»»

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How Britain could keep its "crown" in finance and technology after Brexit

The United Kingdom should introduce special visas and overhaul its stock market rules to allow entrepreneurs to keep control of their companies if it wants to remain competitive in financial technology after Brexit......»»

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Zillow will now make cash offers for homes based on its "Zestimates"

On Thursday, the company announced a new feature aimed at streamlining the process for homeowners considering selling to Zillow......»»

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Facebook"s Australian Struggles Cast Shadow on Net Policy Around the World

The Social Network faced off with Australia about paying fees for news content; other countries may follow Australia’s example Facebook users in Australia last week found they couldn’t access news and government web pages. That was by desig.....»»

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Australia passes law to force Facebook and Google to pay for news

Australia's approach could become a model for other countries. Enlarge / Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. (credit: Sam Mooy/Getty Images) The Parliament of Australia has passed a final version of legislation designed to force Google a.....»»

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Rare bee found after 100 years

A widespread field search for a rare Australian native bee not recorded for almost a century has found it's been there all along—but is probably under increasing pressure to survive......»»

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Successful engine test brings Australian space launch capability a step closer

An Australian research consortium has successfully tested a next generation propulsion system that could enable high-speed flight and space launch services......»»

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Toshiba Unveils World"s First FC-MAMR HDD: 18 TB, Helium Filled

Toshiba this week announced the industry's first hard drive featuring flux-control microwave-assisted magnetic recording (FC-MAMR) technology. The new MG09-series HDDs are designed primarily for nearline and enterprise applications, they offer an 18.....»»

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YouTube to launch parental control features for families with tweens and teens

YouTube announced this morning it will soon introduce a new experience designed for teens and tweens who are now too old for the schoolager-focused YouTube Kids app, but who may not be ready to explore all of YouTube. The company says it’s prep.....»»

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Grisly find a reminder of the problem of illegal fish traps

Murdoch University researchers from the Harry Butler Institute recently made a heart-breaking discovery in a wetland in Perth's northern suburbs with five mature Southwestern Snake-necked Turtles found dead in illegal traps......»»

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Hidden pollution from shipping threatens sustainable ocean efforts

Ships are the polluting 'elephants in the room' nobody is talking about despite a global drive to make oceans cleaner, according to new research......»»

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Facebook to reverse Australia news ban after lawmakers alter bill

Australian Facebook users' News Feeds can once again have actual news in them. Enlarge / Facebook's Menlo Park, California, headquarters as seen in 2017. (credit: Jason Doiy | Getty Images) Facebook has apparently emerged victorious from its s.....»»

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Saki monkeys get screen time for more control over their lives in captivity

Technology helps humans maintain connections, get work done, and relax after a long day. How it can best improve the lives of animals, particularly those in captivity, however, has remained an open question......»»

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High-resolution, terahertz-driven atom probe tomography

Materials scientists must be able to exert ultrafast control of matter using a strong electromagnetic field on the atomic scale to understand the ionization dynamics and excitations in solids. Researchers can couple picosecond duration terahertz puls.....»»

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Filter paper can reveal species under the sea

A new study from Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, in waters off the Western Australian coast has showed floating a special kind of filter paper in seawater can reveal which species are present in an area......»»

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The bitcoin blockchain is helping keep a botnet from being taken down

Wallet transactions camouflage the IP address of the botnet's control server. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Ars Technica) When hackers corral infected computers into a botnet, they take special care to ensure they don’t lose control of th.....»»

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