Overweight dogs respond well to high-protein, high-fiber diet

A study of overweight dogs fed a reduced calorie, high-protein, high-fiber diet for 24 weeks found that the dogs' body composition and inflammatory markers changed over time in ways that parallel the positive changes seen in humans on similar diets......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgJan 24th, 2022

Climate change effect on Peruvian glaciers debated in German court

German judges and experts have arrived at the edge of a melting glacier high up in the Peruvian Andes to examine a complaint made by a local farmer who accuses energy giant RWE of threatening his home by contributing to global warming......»»

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How to Make a Microphone … From a Face Mask

The results won’t be high fidelity, but you can definitely turn sound into electric signals using an N95 and some physics knowledge......»»

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High prices make wealthy people feel entitled to unsustainable goods

High prices may not deter wealthy people from buying unsustainable goods—instead, they might actually trigger those in the upper class to buy these products, according to a new study......»»

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Researchers unravel role of cohesins in embryonic stem cell division

Chromosomes undergo precise structural changes at a molecular level during the different phases of cell division. These changes occur at a high level of accuracy to prevent genome instability. Genome instability resulting from broken, missing, or rea.....»»

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Lego Bricks + Raspberry Pi = Awesome Motorized Microscope

IBM research has released a project that allows you to build a motorized, high quality microscope from Lego bricks and a Raspberry pi for roughl $300. They call the project MicroscopPy, and they’ve shared the build notes on Github. As you can.....»»

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Sonnet introduces McFiver PCIe card with 10-gig ethernet, USB-C, SSD slots

The new Sonnet McFiver brings internal SSD storage, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gbps USB-C, and two SSD slots for high-speed storage in a single PCIe card for the Mac Pro or any Mac with an PCI-E enclosure.Sonnet has long provided systems with PCIe slots,.....»»

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The Arctic"s tricky quest for sustainable tourism

Home to polar bears, the midnight sun and the northern lights, a Norwegian archipelago perched high in the Arctic is trying to find a way to profit from its pristine wilderness without ruining it......»»

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Three chaperones coordinate the breakup of amyloid fibrils in yeast

In a finding that has important ramifications for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, RIKEN researchers have discovered how three chaperone molecules in yeast cells work together to break up beta-sheet-rich fibrillar protein aggr.....»»

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Vivo intros MediaTek-powered Vivo X80 in Taiwan

Vivo has introduced its new flagship smartphone, the Vivo X80, in the Taiwan market, targeting the high-end segment with a price tag of NT$27,990 (US$952)......»»

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Advantech expects inventory levels to return to normal in 2023

Industrial PC maker Advantech is working to adjust its high inventory levels back down to around 110 days by the end of 2022 and expects inventory to return to normal levels in 2023, according to company CEO KC Liu......»»

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Power your iPhone with this tiny light-up Macintosh

Imagine a tiny Macintosh smiling at you while charging your iPhone. Well, you don’t have to since SHARGEEK plans to launch its Retro 35 GaN Charger that can charge up to a notebook at high speed – and it’s incredibly adorable. more… The pos.....»»

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Soaring fertiliser prices force farmers to rethink

Research into replacements for nitrogen-based fertilisers has been spurred by high prices and climate concerns......»»

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You can now buy an EVGA RTX 3090 Ti below MSRP

EVGA has just discounted several of its Nvidia RTX 30 graphics cards. The high-end RTX 3090 Ti is actually selling below its retail price for the first time......»»

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Are we on the verge of an 8K resolution breakthrough in gaming?

Studies show extremely diminishing returns from pushing out even more pixels. Enlarge / A slide from TV manufacturer TCL guesses at some details for the next micro-generation of high-end game consoles. (credit: PPE) With the 2.....»»

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Tim Cook donates $100,000 to his high school"s band

Apple CEO Tim Cook has donated $100,000 to help fund the purchase of new instruments for the band at the Alabama high school he attended.Tim CookThe gift, which went to the Robertsdale High School band, was used by the Baldwin county public School sy.....»»

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Dyson Memorial Day sale: Save on cordless vacuums, fans, and more

Dyson is known for its high-quality vacuums and fans, and we've rounded up some of the best deals in the Dyson Memorial Day sale right here......»»

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Netenrich Resolution Intelligence platform allows analysts to view security status of critical assets

Netenrich disrupts legacy security ops with a major shift focused on data, taking an AI-driven approach to security operations. The company introduced its Resolution Intelligence platform to analyze real-time security data to determine which high bus.....»»

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You don’t need a gaming phone to seriously love mobile games

Mobile gaming can seem like a costly platform to get into due to high-priced gaming phones, but they aren't necessary to fall in love with the platform......»»

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StarTech Thunderbolt 4 Dock review: great for your MacBook Pro workstation

The StarTech Thunderbolt 4 Dock adds ten ports to your Mac via a single cable with three downstream Thunderbolt ports at a high price.The StarTech Thunderbolt 4 DockComputer docks come in many shapes and sizes, so choosing the right one depends on yo.....»»

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AMD Ryzen 7000 will ‘end the stalemate’ on high DDR5 prices

AMD Ryzen 7000 exclusively supports DDR5, but the company says the new generation could bring an end to the inflated prices DDR5 has experienced......»»

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