Parental stress is a contributing factor linking maternal depression to child anxiety and depressive symptoms

A secondary analysis of the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study (Fragile Families) found a bi-directional relationship where a mother's mental health symptoms impacted the child's mental health symptoms and vice versa, according to researchers.....»»

Category: biomedSource:  sciencedailyDec 1st, 2021

The cutting of the child tax credit expansion could leave many families without enough food on the table

The discontinuation of the Biden administration's monthly payments of the child tax credit could leave millions of American families without enough food on the table, according to our new study in JAMA Network Open. The first missed payment on Jan. 1.....»»

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Mark Cuban on His Online Pharmacy: "Our KPI is How Much We Can Reduce the Stress of Our Patients"

Mark Cuban's announcement over the weekend of an online pharmacy selling over a hundred generic drugs at near cost was totally unexpected but will likely be welcomed by millions who struggle to afford medication. The billionaire told TechCrunch that.....»»

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New research highlights the costs of fathers taking parental leave

By distinguishing between the initial paternity leave taken by the majority of fathers, and subsequent solo paternal leave taken by fewer fathers, we have developed competing hypotheses about why low- or high-wage fathers may be penalized more for ta.....»»

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Bring the band into harmony with a good drum set

Studies show that playing the drums is a great workout of the brain, and it reduces stress and anxiety. For some, it may just be noise pollution! Choosing the right drum set can be a complicated process because of all the different factors to conside.....»»

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Orange M&M is now a Gen Z icon because of its extreme anxiety

Remember the orange M&M? Apparently, he's a Gen Z icon now. In an effort to make the M&M brand more inclusive, Mars has redesigned its beloved M&M characters for a "more dynamic, progressive world," reports CBS News. The 2022 updates include a signif.....»»

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Transcriptional regulation mechanism of hard clams against heat and hypoxia stress

Temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO) can affect a series of physiological and biochemical responses and drive the expression of regulatory genes. When water temperature increases, the solubility of oxygen decreases, leading to hypoxia......»»

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"Havana Syndrome" Unlikely Caused By Hostile Foreign Power, CIA Says

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: An initial CIA investigation into the mysterious set of symptoms known as Havana syndrome has found that it is unlikely to be the result of a worldwide campaign of attacks by a foreign power agai.....»»

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Latest COVID Surge Pushes Parents to Next-Level Stress

The new normal this winter is longer drives for kids’ tests, multiday waits for results, drug-store restock alerts and social media tips -- Read more on»»

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Industry watch: Number of US$10 billion Taiwan IT firms up to 17, contributing 2/3 of total industry revenue

At present, there are 801 publicly listed IT companies in Taiwan, with 395 in the main board of the stock exchange market and 406 in over-the-counter market. Since most of the major players have been raising operating funds through the open market, w.....»»

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Snapchat announces new parental controls to limit friend suggestions for teenagers

Snapchat on Tuesday announced that new parental controls are coming soon to the social network. According to the company, there will be options to limit friend suggestions for teen users so that adult strangers won’t find these accounts easily.....»»

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Nocebo responses explain up to 76% of COVID vaccine side effects

Some vaccine side effects are very real, but many may be anxiety and misattribution. Enlarge / A drive-up COVID-19 vaccination site from Renown Health on December 17, 2020, in Reno, Nevada. (credit: Getty | Patrick Fallon) Ev.....»»

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Cultural similarities may play key role in successful immigrations

People immigrate to new places for many reasons, but new research found that the culture of an immigrant's new home may be a key factor in whether the move is successful and they ultimately remain in their new home......»»

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How do oceanic anoxic events affect oxygen fugacity of convergent margin magmas?

Granitoids are classified into magnetite-series and ilmenite-series, and the former have higher oxygen fugacity than the latter. Magmatic oxygen fugacity is a key factor in controlling the mineralization type......»»

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Controlling how "odd couple" surfaces and liquids interact

The wettability of a surface—whether drops of water or another liquid bead up or spread out when they come into contact with it—is a crucial factor in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, such as how efficiently boilers and c.....»»

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Astronomers Find Growing Number of Starlink Satellite Tracks

A team of astronomers has used archival images from a survey telescope to look for Starlink tracks over the past two years. Over that time, the number of images affected rose by a factor of 35, and the researchers estimate that by the time the planne.....»»

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Report indicates moving rapidly from financial stress to financial comfort may be possible

If a new report from the Financial Wellness Lab of Canada at Western University is any indication, moving from a financially stressed situation to a more comfortable level in a relatively short period of time may not be an impossible feat......»»

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Law Enforcement Agencies Recruit Rare People Who are "Super-Recognizers" of Faces

An anonymous reader shared this report on "Super-Recognizers" from a series of articles in the Guardian called "Meet the Superhumans." As a child, Yenny Seo often surprised her mother by pointing out a stranger in the grocery store, remarking it was.....»»

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Old Climate Clues Shed New Light on History

Historians are reexamining eras of social turmoil and linking them to volcanic eruptions, prolonged droughts, and other disturbances in the natural world......»»

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Archaeologists discover ancient highways in Arabia

Archeologists from The University of Western Australia have discovered people who lived in north-west Arabia in the Early to Middle Bronze Age built 'funerary avenues'—long-distance corridors linking oases and pastures, bordered by thousands of ela.....»»

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Copper-based chemicals may be contributing to ozone depletion

Copper released into the environment from fungicides, brake pads, antifouling paints on boats and other sources may be contributing significantly to stratospheric ozone depletion, according to a new study from the University of California, Berkeley......»»

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