Perth has distinct dolphin communities and they each need different protections

Research out of Murdoch University has identified distinct ecological communities of dolphins living in Perth waters requiring separate protection measures from anthropogenic threats......»»

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C Spire Turns Up 5G on Mississippi Gulf Coast

C Spire Turns Up 5G on Mississippi Gulf Coast C Spire has turned up 5G service this year on 54 cell sites in Harrison and Jackson counties on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The sites serve 21 communities, including the cities of Biloxi, D’lber.....»»

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Despite sea-level rise risks, migration to some threatened coastal areas may increase

In coming decades as coastal communities around the world are expected to encounter sea-level rise, the general expectation has been that people's migration toward the coast will slow or reverse in many places......»»

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Members face "Catch-22" challenges joining online communities

People who seek support online from social media groups may end up not getting the help they need due to privacy concerns, according to a new study by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and Gutenberg University in Sweden......»»

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We tested tiger snake scales to measure wetland pollution in Perth. The news is worse than expected

Australia's wetlands are home to a huge range of stunning flora and fauna, with large snakes often at the top of the food chain......»»

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Classic milpa maize intercrop can help feed communities forgotten by development

The traditional milpa intercrop in which maize is grown together with beans, squash or other vegetable crops can provide food and nutrients for marginalized, resource-poor communities in the Americas, according to a study published last week in Natur.....»»

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Want to invest in Nothing? Carl Pei opens investment opportunity to community

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, knows a thing or two about communities. At the Chinese smartphone maker, Pei fielded product and feature ideas from fans and held frequent gatherings to hear their feedback. At his new venture, Nothing, Pei is going a.....»»

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Epidemic possibly caused population collapse in Central Africa 1400-1600 years ago

A new study published in the journal Science Advances shows that Bantu-speaking communities in the Congo rainforest underwent a major population collapse from 1600 to 1400 years ago, probably due to a prolonged disease epidemic, and that significant.....»»

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Amazon wages legal battle with New York attorney general over pandemic safety response

Amazon is waging a legal battle with New York's attorney general over the company's Covid-19 protections for workers, filing a federal lawsuit to preempt the state's demands for more safety measures......»»

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Ancient Amazonian farmers fortified valuable land they had spent years making fertile to protect it

Ancient Amazonian communities fortified valuable land they had spent years making fertile to protect it from conflict, excavations show......»»

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Uncovering how some corals resist bleaching

Coral reefs are beautiful and diverse ecosystems that power the economies of many coastal communities. They're also facing threats that are driving their decline, including the planet's warming waters......»»

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Firefighters contain Australian blaze with rain forecast

Australian firefighters have managed to contain a bushfire burning near Perth, authorities said Saturday, allowing them to downgrade the blaze which has destroyed 86 homes......»»

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Covid-19: Facebook rejects businessman"s jab advert

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones wanted to raise awareness in the black and Asian communities about the Covid-19 jab......»»

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FGM safeguarding policies are alienating UK"s African diaspora communities

Ahead of tomorrow's International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, by the United Nations, FORWARD, the leading African women-led organization working to end violence against women and girls, and the University of Huddersfield have.....»»

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Zoombombing countermeasures are ineffective in the vast majority of cases

Password-protecting meetings is among the most ineffective protections. Enlarge As the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools, colleges, and businesses to limit in-person meetings, the world quickly adopted video conferencing from services such as.....»»

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Firefighters hold off bushfire near Australia"s Perth

A mammoth effort by Australian firefighters saved homes from an out-of-control bushfire near Perth overnight, authorities said Thursday, but warned strong winds and rough terrain posed an ongoing challenge......»»

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Wildfire in west Australia burns more homes in dry wind

More than 70 homes have been lost in a wildfire outside Australia's western city of Perth that is expected to continue burning for days......»»

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Untangling drivers of ancient hurricane activity

Forecasts of hurricane frequency in a warming world remain unclear. Although scientists believe climate change will increase storm intensity, the data are murkier about whether climate will drive more hurricanes in the future. For coastal communities.....»»

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Australia"s Perth battles bushfire amid virus lockdown

A wildfire on the fringes of Australia's fourth-largest city Perth has destroyed several homes and forced emergency evacuations, authorities said Tuesday, just days after the west coast city entered a coronavirus lockdown......»»

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Former Asana employees want to take on Discord with a positive platform for creator communities

In a creator-economy world, if you’re only as good as your last YouTube video, then your next YouTube video had better be bigger and louder than the last. Vibely, a new startup co-founded by Asana alumni Teri Yu and Theresa Lee, wants to turn the c.....»»

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