Piracy Moghul Aniwatch Rebrands to HiAnime

The massively popular anime pirate site Aniwatch has a new name. The site, which was known as just a year ago, just rebranded to HiAnime. The site's staff doesn't explain the latest brand switch but a recent 'dynamic+' site blocking order in.....»»

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Piracy Shield: Influential Consumer Union Attempts to Break AGCOM’s Silence

Telecoms regulator AGCOM has either downplayed, dismissed, or flat-out ignored even the most constructive criticism concerning the Piracy Shield system. How AGCOM will handle a demand for information filed by the National Consumers Union (UNC) remain.....»»

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U.S. Calls Out EU Member States For Piracy Failings in Trade Barriers Report

The Foreign Trade Barriers Report published by the office of the USTR outlines "significant barriers" to exports, investment, and commerce. On IP-related matters, the latest report features criticism of China, several countries in South America, Russ.....»»

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Plex Asks GitHub to Take Down ‘Reshare’ Repository Over Piracy Fears

Plex is a multi-functional streaming platform that allows users to watch, organize, and curate their favorite media entertainment. Sharing Plex libraries is also an option; one that comes with piracy concerns. In an effort to "avoid the growth of pir.....»»

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Pirate IPTV Investigations Are Expensive, Time-Consuming & Prone to Misfire

In September 2023, Swedish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance was looking forward to the upcoming trial of a man suspected of being behind a pirate IPTV service. He registered the site's domain and in 2020 received almost $190,000 in cryptocurrency fr.....»»

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Piracy Shield: AGCOM Fines ISP Assoc. For ‘Obstructing Supervisory Activities’

ASSOProvider is an association representing the interests of more than 200 small to medium-sized companies in the Italian internet and telecoms sector. It is also a vocal opponent of the 'Piracy Shield' blocking system and the law that supports it. F.....»»

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Japan’s 2 Trillion Yen Manga & Anime Piracy War Gets New Hollywood Backing

CODA's war against online piracy has received renewed backing from the Hollywood studios and Netflix. Since their partnership began in 2005, Japan-based CODA and the MPA have collaborated on thousands of cases. An agreement governing their work toget.....»»

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Cox Plans to Take Piracy Liability Battle to the Supreme Court

Cox Communications doesn't believe that ISPs should be held liable for the activities of their pirating subscribers. After a disappointing verdict from a Virginia jury and an unsatisfactory outcome at the Court of Appeals, the internet provider now i.....»»

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’10K Pirate Sites Blocked in 60 Days’: Piracy Shield Triggers Kool-Aid Crisis

Critics of Italy's Piracy Shield are still publishing fake news when they should be using information from trusted sources, AGCOM noted last weekend. This includes news that 10,000 pirate sites have been blocked already. AGCOM also says that Piracy S.....»»

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Rightsholders Seek Broad and Flexible Sports Piracy Blockades in Canada

Canada's piracy-blocking efforts continue, with rightsholders applying for a new court order aimed at preventing live sports piracy. Bell, Rogers, Fubo TV and others request new measures to block infringing IP addresses during NHL, NBA, and Premier L.....»»

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‘X’ Denies Music Companies’ Remaining Piracy Liability Claims in Court

Elon Musk's social media platform X has denied all copyright infringement claims in response to a 'piracy' complaint filed last year by a group of record labels. The Nashville federal court already dismissed several key allegations and X hopes to def.....»»

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MPA: Site-Blocking Will Stop Pirate Site Owners Who Abuse Kids & Traffick Drugs

After a wait of more than 12 years, rightsholders in the United States will again seek legislation that will provide the framework for a site-blocking regime to combat online piracy. After promoting and guiding similar regimes in dozens of countries.....»»

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BREIN Battled ISPs For Years; They’re United Against Pirate IPTV Services

Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN and local ISPs Ziggo and KPN have long been at odds over the issue of piracy. In particular, the thorny issue of whether The Pirate Bay should be blocked in the Netherlands, dragged on for years. But now, as BREIN contin.....»»

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Movie industry demands US law requiring ISPs to block piracy websites

Opponents say SOPA-like proposal would block plenty of legitimate websites. Enlarge / Motion Picture Association CEO Charles Rivkin speaks onstage during CinemaCon, a convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, at C.....»»

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As streaming prices rise, Hollywood seeks to revive failed anti-piracy law

Dramatically rising streaming prices have lead to an increase in video piracy, and major Hollywood studios are now asking Congress to pass a new law to address it. The exact same law, in fact, that it tried and failed to get passed in 2012, after.....»»

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Verimatrix Counterspy safeguards content across various devices

Verimatrix released its new Verimatrix Counterspy anti-piracy solution. Counterspy leverages technology first developed by the company’s cybersecurity team back in 2021 to offer an innovative new way to counter the rise in video piracy in an er.....»»

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IPTV Piracy Group Members Arrested For Signal Theft, Fraud, Money Laundering

Officers of the Quebec Provincial Police (Sûreté du Québec) carried out raids this week against suspected members of an IPTV piracy group operating in Canada. At least five people were arrested on suspicion of various crimes including theft of tel.....»»

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“Perfect” Piracy Shield & Propaganda: Blocking Blunders Branded “Fake News”

Just three weeks after launch, Italy's Piracy Shield blocking system is set for expansion. The news was revealed by the head of AGCOM and local anti-piracy group FAPAV, who also addressed media reports that overblocking is already affecting innocent.....»»

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Piracy Shield Cloudflare Disaster Blocks Countless Sites, Fires Up Opposition

Experts warned that a radical site-blocking program without proper checks and balances would end badly in Italy. On Saturday, at least one Cloudflare IP address was added to the Piracy Shield anti-piracy system. According to an expert, that ended up.....»»

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ISPs Request Records to Show How Piracy Fight Blocked Legitimate Sites

Internet anti-piracy system 'Piracy Shield' has been fully operational for less than a month and has already managed to block large numbers of legitimate platforms. Last Saturday saw the most significant blunder, yet official explanations are notable.....»»

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Nintendo’s Yuzu Lawsuit Aims to Pour Banana Peels Over All Emulators

Given its zero-tolerance approach to piracy, Nintendo's copyright lawsuit targeting the company behind Switch emulator 'Yuzu' isn't a big surprise. While the 41-page complaint throws almost everything at the hugely popular Switch emulation project, N.....»»

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