Princess Peach Showtime shines a spotlight on Mario’s leading lady

Peach is ready to take on her own adventure to save the Sparkle Theater in Princess Peach Showtime! coming March 22, 2024......»»

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Report: Apple’s confidence in AI is leading Android makers to stockpile chips, prioritize AI features

For months leading up to the introduction of Apple Intelligence features at WWDC, the idea was commonly thrown around that Apple was “behind” in AI. It turns out, according to a new report, that some Android makers were even further behind, wa.....»»

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TotalEnergies Uganda oil project "devastating": conservationist

Production has yet to begin, but TotalEnergies' controversial East African oil project is already taking a dire environmental toll in Uganda's largest national parks, a leading conservationist group said Friday......»»

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Riot almost made a Smash Bros.-inspired fighting game, report says

A new report shines light on a possible Smash Bros competitor developed by Riot Games, although it was scrapped......»»

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Gen X Faces Higher Cancer Rates Than Any Previous Generation

Researchers are investigating changes in cancer risks among young people as new data predict that rising rates of leading cancers, such as colon cancer, will overtake improvements.....»»

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A new Netflix docuseries shines a spotlight on NFL receivers like never before

A new Netflix docuseries shines a spotlight on NFL receivers like never before.....»»

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Get 4 Apple AirTags for record low $74.98 ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2024

Save $25 on a 4-pack of Apple AirTags at Amazon, as Prime Day deals on Apple ramp up leading to next week's event.Save on AirTags for Amazon Prime Day.With summer travel in full swing, having a pack of Apple AirTags on hand can help you stay organize.....»»

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Amazon launches early Prime Day deals: $69 AirPods, $169 AirPods Pro, $399 AirPods Max

Amazon's early Prime Day 2024 deals continue to launch and today AirPods Pro with USB-C, AirPods Max, and AirPods 2 have dropped to record low prices. Deals start at just $69.Apple deals are plentiful leading up to Prime Day, and this morning we're f.....»»

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Global database reveals large gaps in our knowledge of four-footed animals

Researchers have developed TetrapodTraits—a global database of animals with four feet—which can now be applied for better ecology, evolution and conservation research. Mario Moura of the Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil, and Walter Jetz.....»»

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Photoenzymatic synthesis achieves efficient oxidation of fatty acids

A research team designed and built a photoenzymatic cascade by combining photochemical water oxidation/O2 reduction with P450 peroxygenase catalysis to achieve efficient visible-light-driven oxidation of a range of fatty acids (C12-C20), leading to p.....»»

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You need to check out this PS2 hidden gem that’s now on PS Plus

Ghosthunter is a hidden PS2 gem that PS Plus Premium has given a spotlight to all these years later. Anyone who loved this era of games needs to check it out......»»

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ChatGPT’s much-heralded Mac app was storing conversations as plain text

The app was updated to address the issue after it gained public attention. Enlarge / The app lets you invoke ChatGPT from anywhere in the system with a keyboard shortcut, Spotlight-style. (credit: Samuel Axon) OpenAI ann.....»»

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New probe reveals water-ice microstructures

Ice is believed to have played a crucial role in the emergence of life. One reason is that organic molecules can be excluded into the gaps between the crystal lattice by orderly arranged water molecules, leading to the concentration of organic compou.....»»

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Spirit Aero chief in spotlight as Boeing searches for new CEO

Spirit Aero chief in spotlight as Boeing searches for new CEO.....»»

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iPhone 16 Pro display brightness to be boosted by new OLED tech – report

The idea that iPhone 16 Pro display brightness will further improve on last year’s models is gaining ground, with a third report emerging today. Specifically, it says that leading display supplier Samsung will be providing its most advanced OLED.....»»

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Leading Lab-Grown Meat Company Cuts Dozens of Jobs

Upside Foods is slashing staff, citing legislative, regulatory, and funding headwinds......»»

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After The Thousand-Year Door remake, its finally time for Paper Luigi

The Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remake is a reminder of the Luigi spinoff we've been waiting two decades for......»»

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AirTag crucial to recovery of $5 million of stolen tools in Metro DC

After getting fed up with overnight thefts of tools, a Northern Virginia carpenter planted AirTags on his tools, leading police to series of storage facilities full of stolen goods.Stolen goods recovered from a tool theft ringTwice, an unnamed carpen.....»»

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Relieving a fear of public speaking

If you dread public speaking you are not alone. It is a leading social phobia, one that can cause a state of anxiety that reduces otherwise articulate people to nervous incoherence......»»

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Maybe Google hasn’t given up on Google Glass after all

Google just partnered with a leading AR glasses manufacturer, signaling that Google Glass could return with the most advanced technology available......»»

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Xbox Game Pass has its own Super Mario Odyssey, and it’s a delight

You'll probably never be able to play Super Mario Odyssey on Xbox, but Hauntii on Game Pass might be the next best thing......»»

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