Princess Peach Showtime shines a spotlight on Mario’s leading lady

Peach is ready to take on her own adventure to save the Sparkle Theater in Princess Peach Showtime! coming March 22, 2024......»»

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Apple AI coming to Spotlight search, new Sports app, iPhone 15 battery re-rated

The Apple news cycle continues apace this week, with the company launching a brand new app, Sports, for sports scores. The iPhone 15 battery is now rated for twice as many charge cycles, along with a redesigned Battery UI in iOS 17.4. Apple is report.....»»

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Thursday’s best deals: AirPods Max hit $324 (Reg. $549), 24-inch M3 iMac $150 off, more

Thursday’s best deals have a collection of new all-time lows up for grabs. Leading the way, AirPods Max are down to just $324 to go alongside a $150 discount that delivers Apple’s M3 iMac for the best price ever at $1,149. The very first discount.....»»

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Strava partners with Fi Smart Collar for pup-tivity tracking

Strava, a leading digital community for athletes with over 120 million members, today announced its new partnership with Fi – a smart connected dog collar and health platform. Head below to learn more. more….....»»

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In a doughnut in Japan, unlocking the power of the Sun

With its tangle of pipes and pumps leading to a metal pot the size of a five-storey building, Japan's JT-60SA machine looks to the untrained eye like a contraption from 1970s sci-fi......»»

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Why Europe’s Efforts to Gain AI Autonomy Might Be Too Little Too Late

Some experts warn that smaller economies may be better off sharing AI power with those that are already leading This week Microsoft announced that it would invest €3.2 billion ($3.5 billion) in Germany over the next two years......»»

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In "Princess Peach: Showtime," there"s seemingly nothing Peach can"t do

Nintendo is finally giving Princess Peach another starring role, and this time she's got a ton of costume changes to go with it. Princess Peach has done a lot over the years. When she's not being kidnapped by Bowser, she can usually be found pl.....»»

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The best cheap VPNs in February 2024

The best cheap VPNs deals, including popular services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. The best VPNs aren't necessarily the most expensive. Some leading VPNs are actually really affordable, which is great news for anyone looking to secu.....»»

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Net zero policy risks are making the poor poorer, says UK report

The poorest 40% of U.K. households will be most impacted by existing net zero policies, leading to further deprivation and exclusion, new research reveals......»»

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Nintendo Switch is 13% off today

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which was just released for the Nintendo Switch a few months ago, is already available from Amazon for a discounted price of $52......»»

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Why are fish getting smaller as waters warm? It"s not their gills, finds study

A collaborative team of scientists led by the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently found that there is no physiological evidence supporting a leading theory—which involves the surface area of fish gills—as to why many fish species are "sh.....»»

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Everything coming to Hulu in March 2024

What's coming to Hulu in March 2024? Returning shows like Grey's Anatomy and The Cleaning Lady, as well as the original limited series We Were the Lucky Ones......»»

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Princess Peach: Showtime! gives an icon the spotlight she deserves

We've played an hour of Princess Peach: Showtime! and have a much better sense of how the leading lady's unique solo adventure works......»»

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Princess Peach: Showtime! already has a superfan in Brie Larson

Nintendo superfan Brie Larson tells us why she's excited about Princess Peach: Showtime! and offers up her take on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom......»»

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Widefield diamond quantum sensing with neuromorphic vision sensors

A collaborative project has made a breakthrough in enhancing the speed and resolution of widefield quantum sensing, leading to new opportunities in scientific research and practical applications......»»

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Economists have proposed a $100 billion-a-year fossil fuel tax: A debate Australia should embrace

Leading Australian economists Ross Garnaut and Rod Sims this week sought to shake up the carbon policy debate in Australia, by proposing a tax on the nation's fossil fuel production. They claim it could raise A$100 billion in its first year and posit.....»»

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Q&A: Machine-learning model tracks trends in public finance research

What are the leading topics in public finance and budgeting, how have they changed, and what future topics should be more closely researched by professionals and practitioners?.....»»

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Apple testing more powerful version of Spotlight Search powered by LLMs

In a report describing new AI coding and testing features coming to Xcode later this year, Bloomberg also shares some interesting details about ways Apple is considering using AI to supercharge Spotlight. The report describes a version of Spotlight t.....»»

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Trapping sulfate to benefit health, industry and waterways

Scientists have developed a new method to measure and remove sulfate from water, potentially leading to cleaner waterways and more effective nuclear waste treatments......»»

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Zuckerberg says Meta Quest 3 is better than Apple Vision Pro ‘for the vast majority of things’

After years of rumors, Apple has finally joined the AR/VR headset market with Vision Pro – which immediately gained the spotlight due to its super advanced hardware and $3,499 price tag. We’ve already seen many reviews of Apple Vision Pro, but no.....»»

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Rightsholders Brand Vietnam an Online Piracy Haven & Demand Action

The IIPA, which represents the MPA, RIAA, and other entertainment industry groups, views Vietnam as a haven for online piracy. The Southeast Asian country is considered the leading global exporter of piracy services, 'home' to popular brands such as.....»»

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