PSA: It’s a good time to turn on ADP; Apple study reveals 2.6B personal records stolen in data breaches

Following up on last year’s report “The Rising Threat to Consumer Data in the Cloud”, Apple has shared a new study from MIT’s Dr. Madnick that looks at how cyber threats are growing worldwide. Read on for a look at the state of online securit.....»»

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What ended the "dark ages" in the early universe? New Webb data just brought us closer to solving the mystery

About 400,000 years after the Big Bang, the cosmos was a very dark place. The glow of the universe's explosive birth had cooled, and space was filled with dense gas —mostly hydrogen—with no sources of light......»»

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Like Netflix’s Spaceman with Adam Sandler? Then watch these three great sci-fi movies now

If you're looking for similar movies to Netflix's Spaceman, consider watching these three films, including a drama with Brad Pitt and a time-traveling saga......»»

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Unreleased Black iPod Hi-Fi photos reveals an alternative color scheme

Photographs of an unreleased black version of the iPod Hi-Fi have surfaced, showing what consumers could've bought had Apple not discontinued the audio accessory.A black edition of the iPod Hi-Fi [X/@Jose_Cong]Apple launched the iPod Hi-Fi as a boomb.....»»

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New study sheds light on 2020 extreme weather event that brought fires and snow to western US

The same weather system that led to the spread of the devastating Labor Day wildfires in 2020 brought record-breaking cold and early-season snowfall to parts of the Rocky Mountains. Now, new research from Portland State is shedding light on the meteo.....»»

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Saturday Citations: Will they or won"t they? A black hole binary refuses to merge. Plus: Vestigial eyeballs

It's been a long, eight-day leap week, and this weekend, I'm spending my free time working on the manuscript for my style guide for science writers, "How to Effectively Split an Infinitive.".....»»

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One feature will make the Apple smart ring worth waiting for

It may still be a while before we see an Apple smart ring. However, one critical feature could make it well worth the wait......»»

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With EA’s Star Wars shooter canceled, it’s time to revisit a classic

EA's planned Star Wars shooter is no more, but you can revisit this remaster of one of the series' classic games right now......»»

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How to D-pad on your Apple TV Remote app

The Apple TV Remote app works really well on an iPhone and iPad, but it's not perfect. Here's how to switch from a trackpad to directional buttons......»»

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Researchers create AI worms that can spread from one system to another

Worms could potentially steal data and deploy malware. Enlarge (credit: Jacqui VanLiew; Getty Images) As generative AI systems like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini become more advanced, they are increasingly being p.....»»

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Record Labels: ‘Hisses & Crackles’ Are No License to Copy & Digitize Old Records

Record labels have responded to Internet Archive's motion to dismiss 'expired' ‘Great 78 Project‘ copyright infringement claims. The music companies, including UMG and Sony, counter the statute of limitations argument. In addition, they stress th.....»»

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ISPs Request Records to Show How Piracy Fight Blocked Legitimate Sites

Internet anti-piracy system 'Piracy Shield' has been fully operational for less than a month and has already managed to block large numbers of legitimate platforms. Last Saturday saw the most significant blunder, yet official explanations are notable.....»»

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Video of New ‘Masters of the Air’ Episode Leaks on Pirate Sites

Unreleased footage of the Apple TV+ hit series "Masters of the Air" appears to have accidentally leaked online. The video track of the eighth episode, which is scheduled to be released next week, showed up on pirate sites as the latest release of ano.....»»

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YouTube Content ID Copyright Claims Increased 25% in a Year

YouTube has released a dedicated website for its copyright transparency report. The latest data show that automated copyright claims remain in favor and are rising rapidly. In the first half of 2023, YouTube processed 980 million Content ID claims, a.....»»

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Apple’s Scrapped Car Project Means AI and Headset Bets Are More Urgent

Apple told employees Tuesday it was abandoning plans for a self-driving car and reassigned some of the staff to its AI efforts. In abandoning plans for a self-driving car, Apple Inc. is giving up on billions in potential revenue and.....»»

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New Study Estimates as Much as $75 Billion in Global Victims’ Losses to Pig-Butchering Scam

“These are large criminal organized networks, and they’re operating largely unscathed,” said the lead author of the study, which tracked the flow of funds through crypto exchanges. Pig-butchering scammers have likely stolen mo.....»»

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Career Paths in Data Science: Opportunities and Specializations

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, data science has emerged as a pivotal field, offering a plethora of career opportunities and specializations. From analyzing massive datasets to extracting valuable insights, professionals in.....»»

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Maximizing Security and Efficiency in Your Business with Linux

In the bustling digital marketplace of today, businesses are like ships navigating through a sea of data, facing storms of cyber threats and waves of technological challenges. At the heart of these vessels, ensuring a smooth and secure voyage, lies t.....»»

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near-mint iPad refurb with accessories for $160

Save 36% on a refurbished 6th gen iPad, Wi-Fi only, plus a bundle of accessories including an iPad case and screen protector. TL;DR: As of February 29, get a 6th gen Apple iPad for only $159.99 — a 36% discount.Brand new isn't the only wa.....»»

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Study for IT certifications with this $60 CompTIA bundle

Study for CompTIA certification with this $59.97 course bundle. TL;DR: As of February 29, get this CompTIA Certification course bundle for just $59.97 — that's a savings of 89%.IT certifications are one way to help you stand out from the.....»»

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The best waterproof fitness trackers

We've lined up a selection of top waterproof fitness trackers, including models from top brands like Garmin, Fitbit, and Apple. This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.It's not exa.....»»

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