Quantum computer performs error-resistant operations with logical qubits

QuEra gets ready for error correction, runs operations with over 40 logical qubits. Enlarge / Some of the optical hardware needed to get QuEra's machine to work. (credit: QuEra) There's widespread agreement that most use.....»»

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Disney, Reliance Sign $8.5 Billion Deal to Merge India Media Operations

Disney and billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s conglomerate have signed a binding pact to merge their media operations in India, creating a sector behemoth valued at $8.5 billion. Walt Disney Co. and billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s cong.....»»

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Warehouse Organization Tips for Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Efficient warehouse organization is crucial for maintaining productivity and meeting customer demands in logistics and e-commerce. A well-organized warehouse streamlines operations, minimizes errors, reduces costs, and contributes to a positive botto.....»»

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Scientists make nanoparticles dance to unravel quantum limits

The question of where the boundary between classical and quantum physics lies is one of the longest-standing pursuits of modern scientific research, and in new research published today, scientists demonstrate a novel platform that could help us find.....»»

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iPhone error 4013: What it is and how to fix it

It may seem scary at first, but iPhone error 4013 is a fairly simple problem to fix. Here's what you need to do when it strikes your iPhone, iPad, or iPod......»»

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Time for a second monitor? Get up to 25% off top computer monitor deals at Dell

These top computer monitor deals at Dell are incredible, and it's a great time to shop for a new monitor, get another, or upgrade......»»

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How to use the Google Home app on a computer

Want to add Google Home's smart controls to your computer? While there's no desktop app, you can try one of these workarounds to get Google Home on your PC......»»

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Antimicrobial-resistant E. coli found in dogs with diarrhea

A team of Chinese veterinary researchers has found high levels of antimicrobial-resistant Escherichia coli in dogs with diarrhea. In their study, published in the open access journal PLOS ONE, the group tested fecal samples from 185 dogs with diarrhe.....»»

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Resonant tunneling: A possible way to probe the minimum length using atomic systems

A research team led by Prof. Dr. Yang Yong from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed a remarkable quantum tunneling phenomenon across double potential barriers. They found that quantum tunneling is.....»»

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CarGurus aims to tap CarOffer wholesale digital marketplace"s full potential

CarGurus now fully owns CarOffer, a wholesale digital marketplace, and the vehicle listings company plans to strengthen operations between platforms......»»

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Review: AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE GPU doesn’t quite earn its “7900” label

New $549 graphics card is the more logical successor to the RX 6800 XT. Enlarge / ASRock's take on AMD's Radeon RX 7900 GRE. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) In July 2023, AMD released a new GPU called the "Radeon RX 7900 GRE.....»»

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Exabeam introduces new features to improve security analyst workflows

Exabeam announced two pioneering cybersecurity features, Threat Center and Exabeam Copilot, to its AI-driven Exabeam Security Operations Platform. A first-to-market combination, Threat Center is a unified workbench for threat detection, investigation.....»»

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US nuclear weapons plant says open as normal after wildfires closure

A nuclear weapons plant in the US state of Texas said it would be open as usual on Wednesday after raging wildfires caused it to pause operations and led to evacuations in the area......»»

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Legato Security Ensemble helps organizations prevent breaches

Legato Security launched Ensemble, a security operations platform that is poised to redefine how organizations detect, manage, and respond to threats. Ensemble empowers organizations to optimize their security investments by unifying threat detection.....»»

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Scientists develop rapid gene-screening platform to boost disease resistance in crops

Scientists at CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, have achieved a breakthrough in molecular plant pathology, marking a technological leap forward for breeding durable disease-resistant crops......»»

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Measuring the properties of light: Scientists realize new method for determining quantum states

Scientists at Paderborn University have used a new method to determine the characteristics of optical quantum states. For the first time, they are using certain photon detectors—devices that can detect individual light particles—for so-called hom.....»»

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Subaru plants in Japan restart more than week after worker death

Subaru plants in Japan resume production after a rare worker death forced the company's main global production hub to suspend operations for more than a week......»»

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It’s time for security operations to ditch Excel

Security teams are hiding an embarrassing secret from the outside world: despite their position at the vanguard of technology, security risks and threats, their actual war plans are managed on spreadsheets. This is a far cry from the dark rooms, mult.....»»

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How to create a folder on your Windows or Mac computer

Here’s how to create a folder on the desktop for both Windows and Mac. It’s takes only seconds and then you have a handy spot for the things you use most......»»

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How to record your screen on Mac, Windows, and Chromebook

Need to record your computer screen for a project or to share gaming fun with friends? Here's how to do it on different platforms via various apps and tools......»»

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Security Bite: Jamf warns cyber hygiene among many Apple-using businesses is ‘abysmal’

Hey, Arin here. Last week was the busiest for security so far this year. We saw an unprecedented offensive on the LockBit ransomware gang; Apple moved to make iMessage future-proof with quantum computer protection, and the topic of this week, Jamf’.....»»

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