Reassessing what we can expect from peptides in disease detection

Based on blood tests, it is possible to detect rare genetic diseases, recognize cancer, or determine the inflammation level in the body. Moreover, due to the rapid development of medical diagnostics based on biofluid analysis, many efforts are being.....»»

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Suppliers, competing with UAW raises, expect higher labor costs in 2024

During quarterly earnings calls with analysts and investors in February, suppliers frequently highlighted one area in which cost increases are expected to persist this year: labor......»»

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Apple"s 2024 iPad & iPhone chip plan has been detailed in a new leak

A low-profile leaker with a very good track record has spelled out what they believe to be Apple's entire iPad chip plan and what chips they expect to see in the iPhone 16.Using iPad Pro and Apple PencilThe data spans multiple posts and products. Det.....»»

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Gastrointestinal disease explodes in Ala. elementary school; 773 kids out

Highly contagious norovirus is the leading suspect; four other area schools affected. Enlarge / An electron micrograph of norovirus. (credit: Getty| BSIP) Officials in Alabama have shut down an elementary school for the.....»»

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Two new Apple Watch ads highlight real-world life-saving features

Apple has shared two new videos of true stories where the Apple Watch has saved a wearer's life via heart monitoring and crash detection.Image Credit: AppleThe first ad, published by Apple Australia is "Lexie's Heart." It tells the story of Lexie Nor.....»»

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EA College Football 25 Release Date & Features: 10 Things to Know

EA College Football is making a comeback though there’s no firm release date scheduled yet. Here’s everything we know about EA College Football 25 based on official information, traditions, rumors, and what we expect to see down the road......»»

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Study finds link between marijuana use and cardiovascular disease

Researchers call for more studies to understand why they're linked. Enlarge / A cannabis flower is seen at East End Flower Farm, in Mattituck, New York, on November 16, 2023. (credit: Getty | CECILIA SANCHEZ) Survey da.....»»

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When Will Samsung Release the Galaxy S25?

Not interested in buying a Samsung Galaxy S24? More interested in waiting for the next Galaxy S? In this guide we’ll outline what prospective buyers can expect from the Galaxy S25 release date. We’re just weeks removed from the Galaxy S24.....»»

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Unlocking the secrets of geraniol: A key to enhanced disease resistance in tea plants

Geraniol contributes to the floral scent of tea (Camellia sinensis) and is abundant in tea plants, yet its biosynthesis and role in stress responses remain unclear......»»

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New discovery speeds scientists" push for Huanglongbing-tolerant citrus

It's one thing for a hybrid citrus tree to tolerate citrus greening disease (a.k.a. Huanglongbing) and quite another if it also produces orange-like fruit—especially if the juice makes for a delicious breakfast beverage. Now, that holy grail of tra.....»»

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An Apple Pencil update is coming soon -- what you need to know

Beyond the sideways path that the Apple Pencil with USB-C took, the Apple Pencil hasn't seen an upgrade since the second generation launched in 2018. Here's what to expect from the Apple Pencil 3, with new iPads coming up fast.A new Apple Pencil is i.....»»

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Exabeam introduces new features to improve security analyst workflows

Exabeam announced two pioneering cybersecurity features, Threat Center and Exabeam Copilot, to its AI-driven Exabeam Security Operations Platform. A first-to-market combination, Threat Center is a unified workbench for threat detection, investigation.....»»

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Blocking fertilization of parasite-causing malaria opens new doors in eradication efforts

More than 400 people develop malaria every minute, and it can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated at the first sign of symptoms. Eliminating the disease will require interventions that stop the transmission of the parasite from mosquitoes to humans.....»»

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Automotive crash testing just got harder in 2024—which OEMs did well?

Headlights, pedestrian detection, and backseat safety all get more scrutiny. Enlarge / The Tesla Model Y has earned an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ for 2024. (credit: IIHS) The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has toughen.....»»

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Instagram Friends Map may clone Snapchat’s Snap Map feature [U: Meta confirms]

Update: Meta has confirmed that it’s working on this feature, but has not revealed when we can expect it to launch. There are signs that an Instagram Friends Map may be in development, seemingly replicating the Snap Map location sharing feature.....»»

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Legato Security Ensemble helps organizations prevent breaches

Legato Security launched Ensemble, a security operations platform that is poised to redefine how organizations detect, manage, and respond to threats. Ensemble empowers organizations to optimize their security investments by unifying threat detection.....»»

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A Barbie phone really is coming this summer, but it’s not what you expect

A partnership between HMD Global, maker of Nokia phones, and Mattel will see a Barbie Flip Phone launch this year. And we spoke to the company about it......»»

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Unlocking the heat in mosquito modeling: Exploring disease transmission under climate change

Thermal adaptation is the ability of organisms to adjust their life history traits as the temperature changes. In the case of mosquitoes, these traits can determine their risk of transmitting mosquito-borne diseases and how this risk might change in.....»»

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Scientists develop rapid gene-screening platform to boost disease resistance in crops

Scientists at CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, have achieved a breakthrough in molecular plant pathology, marking a technological leap forward for breeding durable disease-resistant crops......»»

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NetSTAR PhishCompass combats phishing threats

NetSTAR announced an advancement in phish detection technology with the introduction of PhishCompass. This innovative AI-supported solution marks a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against phishing threats and attacks, tailored for a wide.....»»

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Using CRISPR gene editing to prevent pigs from getting blue-ear pig disease

A team of bio-scientists affiliated with a host of institutions across the U.S. has developed a gene editing technique to produce newborn pigs immune to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, also known as blue-ear pig disease. The paper is p.....»»

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