Research revives 1800s photos

Researchers from Western University developed techniques for creating images from old, badly tarnished photographs. These techniques could also be used to study other historic artifacts and fossils and prevent corrosion in modern materials......»»

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When the first warm-blooded dinosaurs roamed Earth

Scientists once thought of dinosaurs as sluggish, cold-blooded creatures. Then research suggested that some could control their body temperature, but when and how that shift came about remained a mystery......»»

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Stunning images of Jupiter’s moon Europa show it has a floating icy shell

NASA's Juno mission has imaged Jupiter's intriguing moon Europa, a top target of habitability research due to its liquid water ocean beneath a thick icy crust......»»

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Researchers realize multiphoton electron emission with non-classical light

Strong field quantum optics is a rapidly emerging research topic, which merges elements of non-linear photoemission rooted in strong field physics with the well-established realm of quantum optics. While the distribution of light particles (i.e., pho.....»»

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Research: Technology is changing how companies do business

In the fast-paced world of modern business, technology plays a crucial role in shaping how companies operate. One area where this impact is particularly significant is in the organization of production chains—specifically the way goods are made and.....»»

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New feather mite species discovered on the endangered Okinawa rail

A research group led by Dr. Tsukasa Waki of Toho University and Professor Satoshi Shimanono of Hosei University have discovered a new mite species, Metanalges agachi, which is thought to clean the feathers of the endangered Okinawa rail, endemic to t.....»»

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Horse remains show Pagan-Christian trade networks supplied horses from overseas for the last horse sacrifices in Europe

Horses crossed the Baltic Sea in ships during the Late Viking Age and were sacrificed for funeral rituals, according to research from Cardiff University......»»

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NASA conducts ‘moonwalks’ in the Arizona desert for Artemis lunar mission

Being an astronaut isn't always glamorous, with years of training and research carried out on terra firma prior to a crewed mission......»»

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Serious iOS 17.5 Bug Reportedly Gets Worse

We’ve seen numerous complaints about iOS 17.5-related bugs and performance issues, but the bug reportedly impacting people’s photos rises above the rest. Earlier this week, we saw a report on Reddit about a bug resurfacing old photos that.....»»

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Comparative research on resilience-related policies and local practices in five cities worldwide

In the context of urban studies and urban planning, future cities' development and prosperity is highly related to their capacity to adapt and recover from shocks and changes caused by diverse types of hazards. Hence, resilience has emerged as a fund.....»»

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Accelerated discovery research unveils 21 novel materials for advanced organic solid-state laser technology

Organic solid-state lasers (OSLs) hold immense promise for a wide range of applications due to their flexibility, color tunability, and efficiency. However, they are difficult to make, and with over 150,000 possible experiments required to conduct to.....»»

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Swipe right or left? How dating apps are impacting modern masculinity

What it means to be a man is changing. Critical men or masculinity studies is an emerging robust research field that explores how men and masculinity are being transformed by shifting socio-economic, sexual and political conditions in our post-indust.....»»

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Research reveals key genetic factors in snap bean pod traits

Snap beans, the vegetable form of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), are cultivated for their tender, immature pods. They boast a diverse array of pod shapes and sizes. Pod morphology, including shape, thickness, length, and color, plays a crucial.....»»

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Ambitious goal to sequence RNA could boost US economy

A chemist who leads the University of Cincinnati's Office of Research is playing a role in a scientific undertaking to unlock the secrets of RNA......»»

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New research reveals just how few LGBTQI+ people play sports

The topic of homophobia in sport has recently made headlines in Australia, with a series of homophobic incidents involving men's AFL players......»»

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Wegovy Can Keep Weight Off for at Least 4 Years, Research Shows

Users receiving weekly injections saw their weight fall, plateau, and stabilize over the course of a four-year trial—but it’s still unclear how long these effects last after stopping taking the drug......»»

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Seafloor life devastated near explosive volcanic eruption in Pacific, research shows

A University of Rhode Island oceanographer leading her first research cruise in the southern Pacific uncovered a surprise when her vessel looked below the waters in the Polynesian nation of Tonga......»»

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Research identifies mechanism behind drug resistance in malaria parasite

Collaborating researchers have discovered a link between malaria parasites' ability to develop resistance to antimalarial drugs—specifically artemisinin (ART)—through a cellular process called transfer ribonucleic acid (tRNA) modification. tRNA m.....»»

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NASA researchers bid farewell to "flying laboratory" at Ames Research Center

For many NASA scientists, flying aboard a decked-out Douglas DC-8 plane provided them some unique glimpses of Earth: the Moai on Easter Island, Central Park in New York and Mount Vesuvius in Italy......»»

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iOS 17.5 is reportedly resurfacing once deleted photos for some users

A new iPhone bug is reportedly resurfacing images for some users......»»

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Heating proteins to body temperature reveals new drug targets

Some proteins shift their shape when exposed to different temperatures, revealing previously unknown binding sites for medications, new research has found......»»

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