Resonant tunneling: A possible way to probe the minimum length using atomic systems

A research team led by Prof. Dr. Yang Yong from the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed a remarkable quantum tunneling phenomenon across double potential barriers. They found that quantum tunneling is.....»»

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Lakes worldwide are facing a slew of health issues that may become chronic

Like humans, lakes are living systems that can suffer from a number of health issues, including circulatory and respiratory problems, infections, nutritional imbalances, and heat-related illnesses. Without treatment, these conditions can become chron.....»»

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Manipulating the geometry of the "electron universe" in magnets

Researchers at Tohoku University and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency have developed fundamental experiments and theories to manipulate the geometry of the "electron universe," which describes the structure of electronic quantum states in a manner math.....»»

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First discovery in decades of blue whales near Seychelles

Blue whales are fascinating animals. At 24–30 meters in length (longer than a basketball court) they are the largest creatures on Earth. They are also among the rarest. Estimates suggest that there are only about 5,000 to 15,000 blue whales left in.....»»

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Magnetic with a pinch of hydrogen: Research team develops new idea to improve the properties of ultra-thin materials

Magnetic two-dimensional materials consisting of one or a few atomic layers have only recently become known and promise interesting applications, for example for the electronics of the future. So far, however, it has not been possible to control the.....»»

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Springing simulations forward with quantum computing

Though "coupled oscillations" may not sound familiar, they are everywhere in nature. The term "coupled harmonic oscillators" describes interacting systems of masses and springs, but their utility in science and engineering does not end there. They de.....»»

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Dramatic burning of royal remains reveals Maya regime change

New archaeological investigations in Guatemala reveal that ancient Maya peoples did not just passively watch their dynastic systems collapse at the end of the Classic period. They actively reworked their political systems to create new governments......»»

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Provenance plans to bring Sony & Sega console emulation to the App Store

Retro game players may soon have more options to emulate old game consoles on the iPhone, with Provenance aiming to support systems from Sony and Sega as well as Nintendo.Provenance EMUFollowing App Store rule changes allowing emulators to be submitt.....»»

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Research reveals a surprising topological reversal in quantum systems

In principle, one shouldn't compare apples to oranges. However, in topology, which is a branch of mathematics, one must do just that. Apples and oranges, it turns out, are said to be topologically the same since they both lack a hole—in contrast to.....»»

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The largest marine reptile ever could match blue whales in size

Bones from the head of a reptile suggest a body that was well over 20 meters long. Enlarge (credit: Sergey Krasovskiy) Blue whales have been considered the largest creatures to ever live on Earth. With a maximum length o.....»»

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Estimating uncertainty in atomic spectroscopy

If you repeat a measurement with the same or different instruments, you'll get slightly different numbers each time. Estimating the uncertainties associated with these numbers turns them into an informative result......»»

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Gurucul federated search provides insights into data that is not centralized

Gurucul announced enhancements to its federated search capabilities. Gurucul federated search empowers users to run queries from a single console across any data source, including data lakes, cloud object storage, databases, identity systems, threat.....»»

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Mobile genetic elements can inadvertently suppress bacterial immune systems, research reveals

Bacterial restriction-modification systems are responsible for protecting cells from foreign genetic material, for example, bacteriophages and plasmids. Immune systems require strict regulation, as bacteria, like humans, can have autoimmune reactions.....»»

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Mexico, facing U.S. pressure, will halt incentives to Chinese EV makers

Mexico's federal government, under pressure from the U.S., is keeping Chinese automakers at arm's length by refusing to offer such incentives as low-cost public land or tax cuts for investment in EV production, three Mexican officials familiar with t.....»»

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Vibrations of granular materials: Theoretical physicists shed light on an everyday scientific mystery

Coffee beans in a jar and piles of rice or sand are examples of granular matter: materials composed of large numbers of macroscopic—rather than atomic scale—particles. Although granular matter is extremely familiar in everyday life, it represents.....»»

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Level 3 automated driving brings potential benefits, safety concerns

With Level 3 automated technology reaching public roads, auto and safety experts weighed the benefits and ‘persistent challenges' of such systems Tuesday at the SAE WCX conference in Detroit......»»

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These TP-Link mesh Wi-Fi systems are up to 40% off right now

You can improve your home's internet connectivity by buying one of the TP-Link mesh Wi-Fi systems that are available on Amazon, with discounts of up to 40%......»»

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Light pollution affects coastal ecosystems, too—this underwater "canary" is warning of the impacts

In the early 20th century, canaries were used as early warning systems in coal mines to alert miners to rising levels of carbon monoxide......»»

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Type of plastic film on high tunnels can filter sunlight, influence plant growth

High-tunnel growing systems, sometimes called hoop houses, have gained popularity for their ability to enhance growth conditions and extend the growing season of horticultural crops. Now, a team led by Penn State researchers has demonstrated that gro.....»»

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Sony’s best soundbars are reborn as the Bravia Theater Bar 8, Bar 9, and Quad

Sony has reimagined and renamed its 2024 lineup of soundbars under the new Bravia Theater brand, with the Bar 8, Bar 9, and Quad sound systems......»»

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NHTSA upgrades probe into braking issues in 3 million Honda vehicles; 50 injuries reported

NHTSA said it has received 1,294 reported complaints alleging inadvertent activation resulting in “sudden vehicle deceleration.” There were 50 reported injuries and 31 crashes, NHTSA said......»»

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