Scientists discover electric eels hunting in a group

Deep in the Brazilian Amazon River basin, scientists led by the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History fish research associate C. David de Santana discovered a small, river-fed lake filled with more than 100 adult electric eels, many of whi.....»»

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Indian stock exchanges approve $3.4B Reliance and Future deal in setback for Amazon

Indian stock exchanges approved the $3.4 billion deal between retail giants Reliance Retail and Future Group on late Wednesday in yet another setback for Amazon, which has invested over $6.5 billion in the world’s second largest internet market and.....»»

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A Chinese Hacking Group Is Stealing Airline Passenger Details

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: A suspected Chinese hacking group has been attacking the airline industry for the past few years with the goal of obtaining passenger data in order to track the movement of persons of interest. The intr.....»»

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Kia Will Lead Apple Car Project Work Under Hyundai Motor, Report Says

Hyundai Motor, the parent automaker of Hyundai and Kia, will task the Kia division with Apple Car work. The brand also said on Wednesday it's looking at cooperation with foreign firms surrounding self-driving and electric vehicles. CNET reports: Kia.....»»

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Security firm Malwarebytes was infected by same hackers who hit SolarWinds

Group backed by a nation-state rifles through company's email servers. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Security firm Malwarebytes said it was breached by the same nation-state-sponsored hackers who compromised a dozen or more US government agen.....»»

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New metamaterial offers reprogrammable properties

Over the past 20 years, scientists have been developing metamaterials, or materials that don't occur naturally and whose mechanical properties result from their designed structure rather than their chemical composition. They allow researchers to crea.....»»

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This electric lawn mower deal will save you over $100 at Walmart

If you want to try working with an electric lawn mower, Walmart is selling the Costway GT3414 at $110 off, lowering its price to an even more affordable $90......»»

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Porsche adds a cheaper, lighter Taycan to its electric lineup

At almost $20,000 less than an entry-level 911, it seems like a bargain. As we expected, Porsche has introduced a single-motor, rear-wheel drive version of the Taycan electric vehicle to its li.....»»

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New StoreDot battery promises electric vehicles that can fully recharge in five minutes

It seems like every time we get news of improved battery technology, it's always something experimental that researchers are playing with in a lab setting and may never see the light of day. For example, IBM claimed in 2019 that it had developed a ch.....»»

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LG is considering leaving the smartphone business

LG shipped 6.5 million smartphones in Q3 2020, down 7.2 million compared to the same quarter a year earlier. With the group losing about 5 trillion won ($4.5 billion) across the last five years and holding just a two percent global market share, CEO.....»»

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Scientists fire volcanic missiles to help Auckland prepare for threats

University of Canterbury scientists are unleashing volcanic ballistics onto Kiwi roofs hoping to help Aucklanders understand and manage their volcanic hazards......»»

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Scientists gain an unprecedented view of irradiated nuclear fuel

In a feat requiring perseverance, world-leading technology, and no small amount of caution, scientists have used intense X-rays to inspect irradiated nuclear fuel. The imaging, led by researchers at Purdue University and conducted at the U.S. Departm.....»»

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Saturn"s tilt caused by its moons

Two scientists from CNRS and Sorbonne University working at the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris Calculation (Paris Observatory—PSL/CNRS) have just shown that the influence of Saturn's satellites can explain the tilt of the rotation a.....»»

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Gold nanoparticles more stable by putting rings on them

Hokkaido University scientists have found a way to prevent gold nanoparticles from clumping, which could help towards their use as an anti-cancer therapy......»»

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Kia says it"s looking at EV projects with multiple firms after Apple report

A Korean online publication reported that Hyundai Motor Group decided Kia would be in charge of proposed cooperation with Apple on EVs. The report cited unnamed industry sources......»»

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Mass. dealership group to pay $1 million in unemployment scheme settlement

The state's attorney general alleges Colonial Automotive Group furloughed sales employees last spring and then asked them to complete some unpaid work while they received unemployment benefits......»»

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The Medium PC specs and new trailer have dropped

The trailer explains that protagonist Marianne has heightened senses that allow her to discover hidden objects, such as a switch hidden behind a wall. She can also examine items to learn about a place or event from the past......»»

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Taiwan makers regain orders for EV motor components from Tesla

Taiwan's automotive components makers are expected to expand their presence in the supply chain of Tesla, as some of them reportedly have regained orders for electric motor components from the EV vendor, according to industry sources......»»

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Low-temperature operating problem for EV-use batteries solvable, says Digitimes Research

Electric vehicle (EV)-use lithium batteries suffer large decreases in operating efficiency when exposed to working environment of very low temperatures, but the problem can be solved by a few methods, according to Digitimes Research's findings......»»

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Breakthrough in understanding "tummy bug" bacteria

Scientists have discovered how bacteria commonly responsible for seafood-related stomach upsets can go dormant and then "wake up"......»»

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Global Sales of Electric Cars Accelerate Fast In 2020 Despite Pandemic

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Global sales of electric cars accelerated fast in 2020, rising by 43% to more than 3 million, despite overall car sales slumping by a fifth during the coronavirus pandemic. Tesla was the brand se.....»»

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