Seven principles for designing low-carbon skyscrapers

Despite growing concerns about the carbon emissions associated with their construction and operation, skyscrapers continue to spring up around the globe. Here, Philip Oldfield sets out seven ways to design tall buildings that are more sustainable. Re.....»»

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Ending native forest logging would help Australia"s climate goals much more than planting trees

Australia contains some of the world's most biologically diverse and carbon-dense native forests. Eucalypts in wet temperate forests are the tallest flowering plants in the world and home to an array of unique tree-dwelling marsupials, rare birds, in.....»»

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Researchers harvest acid from seawater to feed beneficial algae

From the air you breathe to the seafood you eat, marine algae have some involvement—they consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen through photosynthesis and feed fish and shellfish. One day, marine algae could also be used to make widely available.....»»

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Scientists unravel drivers of the global zinc cycle in our oceans, with implications for a changing climate

The important role of the Southern Ocean in global biological processes and the carbon cycle has been confirmed anew by a study published in Science that, for the first time based on field evidence, reveals the underappreciated role of inorganic zinc.....»»

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Giant deep-sea vent tubeworm symbionts use two carbon fixation pathways to grow at record speeds

In the deep-sea environment of the East Pacific Rise, where sunlight does not penetrate and the surroundings are known for their extreme temperatures, skull-crushing pressures, and toxic compounds, lives Riftia pachyptila, a giant hydrothermal vent t.....»»

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Discovery of microfossil in China from the 518-million-year-old Qingjiang biota sheds light on adaptive evolution

Microbial sulfate reduction dating back to the Paleoarchean plays a crucial role in driving global carbon and sulfur cycles in ancient and modern Earth. Over 150 species of sulfate reducers from bacterial and archaeal phyla have been identified acros.....»»

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Silicon carbide/carbon microspheres maintain performance in harsh environments

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, electromagnetic wave absorption materials play a crucial role in military applications such as electromagnetic protection and stealth devices, as well as in the defense industry......»»

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Team develops predictive tool for designing complex metal alloys that can withstand extreme environments

Cooks love stainless steel for its durability, rust resistance and even cooking when heated. But few know the secret that makes stainless steel so popular. It's the metal chromium in stainless steel, which reacts with oxygen in the air to form a stab.....»»

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Study finds human-caused nitrous oxide emissions grew 40% from 1980–2020, greatly accelerating climate change

Emissions of nitrous oxide—a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide or methane—continued unabated between 1980 and 2020, a year when more than 10-million metric tons were released into the atmosphere primarily through farming practices, a.....»»

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Scientists engineer yellow-seeded camelina with high oil output

Efforts to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from transportation fuels are increasing demand for oil produced by nonfood crops. These plants use sunlight to power the conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide into oil, which accumulates in seeds. Crop.....»»

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Unlocking the future of sustainable mining through carbon sequestration

As the world transitions to greener sources of energy, demand for the metals used in these new technologies is increasing. But how do you grow the mining industry while still holding the line on carbon emissions?.....»»

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Enhancing energy conversion: Pt-Co@NCS catalyst demonstrates synergy for enhanced alkaline hydrogen evolution

A study published in the journal Materials Futures introduces the Pt-Co@NCS catalyst, showcasing a remarkable synergy between Pt nanoparticles and Co single atoms on a nitrogen-doped carbon scaffold. This innovative design overcomes the hurdle of slo.....»»

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A chain of copper and carbon atoms may be the thinnest metallic wire

Researchers from the Laboratory for Theory and Simulation of Materials at EPFL in Lausanne, part of the NCCR MARVEL, have used computational methods to identify what could be the thinnest possible metallic wire, as well as several other unidimensiona.....»»

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Tibetan Plateau shows unique stable carbon isotope characteristics of carbonaceous aerosol endmembers

Carbonaceous aerosols not only alter the atmospheric radiation budget, but also accelerate glacier melt by reducing the albedo of ice and snow surfaces. However, due to the heterogeneity of carbonaceous aerosols, the identification of their sources a.....»»

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New study helps disentangle role of soil microbes in the global carbon cycle

When soil microbes eat plant matter, the digested food follows one of two pathways. Either the microbe uses the food to build its own body, or it respires its meal as carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere......»»

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Income inequality and carbon dioxide emissions have a complex relationship

Income inequality and carbon dioxide emissions for high-income nations such as the United States, Denmark and Canada are intrinsically linked—but a new study from Drexel University has taken a deeper look at the connection and found this relationsh.....»»

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Mapping soil health: New index enhances soil organic carbon prediction

A cutting-edge machine learning model has been developed to predict soil organic carbon (SOC) levels, a critical factor for soil health and crop productivity. The innovative approach utilizes hyperspectral data to identify key spectral bands, offerin.....»»

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New insights on the role of nucleon exchange in nuclear fusion

Low-energy nuclear fusion reactions can potentially provide clean energy. In stars, low-energy fusion reactions during the stages of carbon and oxygen burning are critical to stellar evolution. These reactions also offer valuable insights into the ex.....»»

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Legislation would block carbon dioxide pipelines in Illinois for up to two years

With the prospect of vast networks of carbon dioxide pipelines looming in Illinois and other Midwestern states, the state legislature has taken steps to protect landowners, taxpayers and the environment......»»

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The impact of carbon impurities on the quality of gallium nitride crystals

The wide availability of light-emitting devices (LEDs) for consumer use has led to a dramatic decrease in the cost of lighting our homes and other buildings. This is owing to the much higher efficiency of LEDs in converting electrical energy into lig.....»»

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How transcription delivers epigenetic silencing

Two new studies which appear in Molecular Cell reveal core principles of how chromatin and transcription interconnect to regulate gene expression......»»

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