Smartphone shipments to China slip over 10% sequentially in 1Q23, but to stay flat in 2Q23, says DIGITIMES Research

Smartphones shipped to the China market shrank to only 62 million units in the first quarter of 2023, down 12.4% sequentially and 7.2% on year, but the volumes in the second quarter are expected to stay at about the same level as in the first, accord.....»»

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Cybersecurity jobs available right now: July 24, 2024

Applied Cryptographer Quantstamp | EMEA | Remote – View job details As an Applied Cryptographer, you will research about various cryptographic protocols and have knowledge of cryptographic primitives or concepts, like elliptic curve c.....»»

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This Galaxy Z Flip 6 durability test will make you wince

A popular tech YouTuber has just put Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip 6 smartphone through its paces, and it's not pretty......»»

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Consortium offers perspectives on large cellular models and the future of AI-driven biological research

In a move to advance the frontiers of artificial intelligence, the Quantitative Biology journal has published a commentary titled "Current Opinions on Large Cellular Models," highlighting the cutting-edge developments in the field of large cellular m.....»»

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Research team develops new antimalarial agent for combating drug-resistant parasites

Malaria remains a serious health issue globally, especially in Africa. The disease is caused by protozoan parasites in the Plasmodium genus. In 2021, there were 247 million cases of malaria and 619,000 deaths reported worldwide......»»

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The silent spreader: Reassessing the role of mice in leptospirosis risk

Emerging research highlights mice as a critical yet underestimated source of leptospirosis, emphasizing the need for improved strategies to control the spread of the infectious disease......»»

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New research proposes better carbon storage with stacked geology

The overarching goal of all carbon capture and storage projects is the same: Keep carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions out of the atmosphere by storing them in the subsurface for good......»»

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Streaming with more diversity? Study compares representation of minorities in broadcasting vs. streaming services

The representation of women, ethnic minorities, seniors and sexual minorities on streaming services and mainstream broadcasters falls short. This is shown in research conducted by communication scientist Serena Daalmans of Radboud University. "Progre.....»»

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Researchers develop novel procedure for isolating primary mouse hepatocytes with holographic acoustic tweezers

Recently, a research team established a comprehensive procedure for isolating primary mouse hepatocytes and maintaining them in long-term culture with significant amplification in a two-dimensional (2D) environment. The team was led by Prof. Li Fei a.....»»

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Butterflies accumulate enough static electricity to attract pollen without contact, research finds

Butterflies and moths collect so much static electricity while in flight, that pollen grains from flowers can be pulled by static electricity across air gaps of several millimeters or centimeters......»»

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Windrose plans truck assembly in U.S. in rare move by a Chinese EV maker

Windrose's U.S. factory, to be built in Georgia, will piece together chassis and other vehicle parts manufactured in China to serve U.S. customers, the company's CEO says......»»

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This Deal Slashes $50 OFF the OnePlus Nord N30!

OnePlus' midranger is a no-nonsense device with all the basics. The post This Deal Slashes $50 OFF the OnePlus Nord N30! appeared first on Phandroid. Most smartphone enthusiasts will know OnePlus from its premium smartphones, although the.....»»

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Appeals Court denies stay to states trying to block EPA’s carbon limits

The EPA's plan to cut carbon emissions from power plants can go ahead. Enlarge (credit: Bernhardt Lang) On Friday, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit denied a request to put a hold on recently formulated rules th.....»»

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4 Reasons Not to Install the iOS 18 Beta & 13 Reasons You Should

Installing the iOS 18 beta might be tempting, but many iPhone users should stay put on iOS 17. iOS 18, Apple’s upcoming operating system for iPhone, is loaded with new features and you don’t have to wait until the official release this fall t.....»»

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One elephant can sustain more than 2 million dung beetles in east African savannas, study finds

How many dung beetles are there in East Africa? That question inspired a research project more than 20 years ago when Frank Krell was a research entomologist with the Natural History Museum London. Throughout a three-year-long project along with his.....»»

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Smart guide RNAs: Researchers use logic gate-based decision-making to construct circuits that control genes

Researchers have transformed guide RNAs, which direct enzymes, into a smart RNA capable of controlling networks in response to various signals. A research team consisting of Professor Jongmin Kim and Ph.D. candidates Hansol Kang and Dongwon Park fro.....»»

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Nature-inspired novel catalyst paves the way for efficient hydrocarbon decomposition

A research team affiliated with UNIST has developed a novel catalyst that mimics the ability of a natural enzyme to break down harmful hydrocarbons, paving the way for a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient approach to reducing pollutio.....»»

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Dual action antibiotic could make bacterial resistance nearly impossible

A new antibiotic that works by disrupting two different cellular targets would make it 100 million times more difficult for bacteria to evolve resistance, according to new research from the University of Illinois Chicago......»»

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3D printing method reveals light emission from nanowires for the first time

Dr. Jaeyeon Pyo's team at the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) has become the first in the world to reveal light emission patterns from 3D-printed nanowires, which has been published as a cover article in the journal ACS Nano......»»

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Chemists develop test to track crucial edits to RNA

A research team's new technique could help scientists worldwide identify novel targets for cancer therapies......»»

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Electrothermal mineralization process offers more environmentally friendly, cost-effective method for soil remediation

Rice University chemist James Tour has led a research team to develop a rapid electrothermal mineralization (REM) process, which in seconds can remediate the accumulation of synthetic chemicals that can contaminate soil and the environment. The study.....»»

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