Starlink Has Been Approved in Nigeria and Mozambique

Elon Musk has announced that Starlink, the satellite internet service launched by SpaceX, has been approved in Nigeria and Mozambique. From a report: This news is coming three days after Musk answered a tweet about the service launch in Africa. "Yes,.....»»

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FCC lets Starlink offer Internet service on moving vehicles throughout US

FCC approves Starlink application for Earth stations in motion. Enlarge / A Starlink satellite dish. (credit: Starlink) SpaceX has secured US approval to provide Starlink satellite Internet service on moving vehicles, ships, a.....»»

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SpaceX gets approval to bring Starlink internet to airplanes

SpaceX gets approval to bring Starlink internet to airplanes.....»»

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Nation"s most sweeping law to phase out single-use plastics approved by California lawmakers

Striking a blow against a pernicious form of pollution, California lawmakers on Thursday passed the nation's most far-reaching restrictions on single-use plastics and packaging, with Gov. Gavin Newsom expected to sign the bill Thursday......»»

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Starlink tells customers that a Dish 5G plan would make Starlink “unusable”

Starlink wants users to protest plan to share 12 GHz band with mobile networks. Enlarge / A Starlink satellite dish. (credit: Starlink) SpaceX is asking Starlink customers to help the company win a regulatory battle against Di.....»»

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Indonesia grants Starlink"s services exclusively to Telkomsat

Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) said it has granted the anchoring rights of Starlink's satellite exclusively to local telecommunication operator Telkom Satelit Indonesia (Telkomsat), according to Voice of Indonesia......»»

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Online Privacy Bill Clears Early Hurdle in House

Bipartisan legislation to establish broad privacy rights for consumers won approval from a House subcommittee on Thursday, adding to its momentum. From a report: Lawmakers approved the bill, the American Data Privacy and Protection Act, on a voice vo.....»»

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SpaceX says 5G expansion would make Starlink "unusable" for most Americans

SpaceX, Dish Network and other 5G providers are locked in a heated battle over radio frequencies, which SpaceX says it needs for its orbital internet service, Starlink, and which Dish says it needs for its own customers......»»

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US chip production subsidies in doubt despite bipartisan support

Almost exactly a year ago, the Senate approved $52B in funding to boost US chip production, and the House likewise gave its support in February of this year. Apple also lobbied for the deal. Despite this, the subsidy now appears to be in doubt. Demo.....»»

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Delta Electronics could benefit from rising EV charging station demand in Europe

Delta Electronics is expected to benefit from increasing demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Europe, after the European Parliament in early June approved a proposed ban on selling new vehicles with combustion engines in 2035, accord.....»»

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China Approves Plan for "Healthy" Development of Fintech Sector

Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired a meeting Wednesday that approved promoting the "healthy" development of the payment and fintech sectors, a sign that a broad crackdown on tech companies like Ant Group may be easing. From a report: The meeting of.....»»

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Canada To Compel YouTube, TikTok and Streamers To Boost Domestic Content

Canada approved legislation that targets what video- and audio-sharing platforms like YouTube and TikTok can broadcast to a Canadian audience, as the country follows in Europe's footsteps in imposing a heftier regulatory burden on the digital sector......»»

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This Apple patent suggests new MacBook Pro designs could be pretty wild

Apple's latest batch of approved patents indicated what the brand could have in store for its flagship workstation laptops......»»

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SpaceX claims 5G plan could ‘render Starlink unusable for most Americans’

SpaceX says its U.S. Starlink customers will see their broadband service disrupted if Dish Network is allowed to proceed with plans for its 5G cellular network......»»

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Nigeria"s Internet Regulator Releases Draft To Regulate Google, Facebook, TikTok and Others

Nigeria has announced plans to regulate internet companies like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram (all owned by Meta), Twitter, Google and TikTok in a draft shared by the country's internet regulator. From a report: This information, released by the Nati.....»»

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The FDA just approved an Apple Watch app to track Parkinson’s disease

The Apple Watch is already one of the best health wearables on the market. Now, it's being turned into a tool for tracking Parkinson's......»»

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Nigerian Bourse To Adopt Blockchain for Settling Trades by 2023

Nigerian Exchange, plans to start a blockchain-enabled exchange platform next year to deepen trade and lure young investors to the market. From a report: The move follows the introduction of regulations to guide trade in digital assets by the Nigeria.....»»

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Apple developer lawsuit: Judge accepts $100M deal, but questions $27M lawyer’s cut

An Apple developer lawsuit filed back in 2019 has been settled after the Cupertino company agreed to pay $100M in compensation, and the court approved the deal – but the judge in the case has asked the lawyers to justify their $27M cut. The antitr.....»»

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MacOS Will Soon Block Unknown USB-C Accessories By Default

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: A new security feature in Apple's upcoming macOS 13 Ventura will automatically block new USB-C devices from communicating with the operating system until the accessory can be approved by the user......»»

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NY passes US-first moratorium on reviving fossil fuel plants to mine crypto

If signed by gov., bill would halt permits while state studies environmental impact. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Andriy Onufriyenko) New York's state legislature approved a bill that would prevent fossil fuel power plants.....»»

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Elon Musk Reveals Details of Next-Generation Starlink Satellites

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: The next generation of Starlink satellites are going to be larger, and more powerful, designed to provide internet access to remote parts of the world, according to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. The space bil.....»»

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